Why Do We Need Authentication of Documents

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Information about Why Do We Need Authentication of Documents

Published on April 8, 2017

Author: authmydoc

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Slide 1: Presented by Auth My Doc Why Do We Need Authentication of Documents www.authmydoc.com Education Industry: Education Industry Experienced Major Enhancement In The Processes Of; Registration Admission Enrollment Examination Result declaration Record Maintenance, etc. www.authmydoc.com Documents: Documents These are issued to the students from the school and college authorities and considered to mark their personal and performance attributes. www.authmydoc.com Checking and Validating the Documents: Checking and Validating the Documents The issued set of documents by the authorities, urge to the development of precise services assuring optimum certificate verification. A varied range of offline and online document verification tools have been introduced to serve the purpose. www.authmydoc.com Secure Codes: Secure Codes A sequential flow is required to confirm the true authentication of the issued documents. Most of the certificate issuing authorities will mark some special codes on each of the forms. The encrypted codes marked on the documents will be in accordance with corresponding personal details of that candidate. www.authmydoc.com How to Check the Marked Special Codes?: How to Check the Marked Special Codes? For authentication of the document the verification authorities will make use of the tools that would help them to decrypt the information that is marked in the form of special code. As soon as, a particular document is verified an instant trigger is shared with the concerned verification authority. www.authmydoc.com Benefits of Document Security Solutions: Benefits of Document Security Solutions To help in maintaining the security of the student’s information The featured approach to check the authenticate the produced set of documents Special codes will be encrypted on your documents that are hard to crack and copy Confirms the data security Minimal possibility of tampering www.authmydoc.com List of Documents that can be Verified: List of Documents that can be Verified Mark Sheets Passing Certificates Migration Proof Expérience Certificates , etc. www.authmydoc.com Slide 9: Presented by Auth My Doc www.authmydoc.com Auth My Doc is the best solution to have smart document verification and certificate authentication of the issued set of documents.

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