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Published on September 17, 2019

Author: SilverShineUSA

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slide 1: Why do several couples prefer fashion rings for engagements Several couples prefer fashion rings for engagement as they have a mutual understanding that they will save up and buy good wedding rings and not buy precious metal fashion rings for their engagement. The thing is it is the society that has dictated the people and made some ridiculous rules like 3 months pay needs to go into a ring in which the diamond rock must be atleast a 2 carat diamond ring. This puts unnecessary pressure on a guy and he might just end up saving for months and months before he proposes whilst the girl is waiting unnecessarily for months for a proposal to marry. This arrangement in my opinion puts unnecessary pressure on a couple’s life and instead of getting married and spending their money in the right manner i.e. on their married life they end up saving plentiful waiting plentiful trying to fulfil these meaningless customs. Several young couples today are much more pragmatic and understand that they need to get away from all such desires and help each other develop and put the money into good use rather than spending it away on wedding rings. Young couples today would rather invest into landscaping a garden for their future children or probably renovate the house that they’d live in or probably a fresh coat of paint or maybe a new family car. slide 2: Young couples today even casually don’t wear precious metal rings since they find fashion rings far more affordable attractive and see it as an opportunity for an easy replacement. When it comes to fashion rings for weddings materials like brass pewter and nickel are certainly some of the most durable materials stay stable under normal atmospheric conditions and are rust free alloys and hence do not corrode. May it be couple rings or any other kinds of fashion necessities the younger generation is far more sensible at managing and spending money in a direction that they truly want to instead of spending it on societal pressures. W o men ’s fashion rings and mens fashion rings are easily accessible online at a far more discounted price than that of any physical store. Fashion rings online can be easily accessed from the comfort of your home. Today several web-stores that sell w o me n ’s fashion rings and mens fashion rings online but I certainly have one of my favourite ones but more on that later. Online web-stores are able to provide such low prices on women and mens fashion rings only because they are an online web-store that are present only virtually. Imagine incurring costs for establishing a new fashion jewelry physical store That the amount of expenses beginning from paying an expensive rent for a store on a busy street creating an inventory room to store cool w o men ’s and mens fashion rings. This list is endless. Glass doors glass shelves to display the w o men ’s and mens fashion rings. Buying several expensive ceiling lights to make the w o men ’s and mens fashion rings shine and having limited access to only the people within the same city unlike an online business enterprise. It is due to these reasons that online web-stores are easily able to provide such prices and why wouldn’t those couple that can’t afford two expensive rings plan on buying a fashion ring for their engagement. Young couples also get an opportunity to buy multiple w o men ’ s and mens fashion rings without having to spend much. Also instead of buying expensive w o men ’s and mens fashion rings they can also invest in a better band or a dj and have a larger than life wedding. They can probably also donate some to charity if they feel like it. Today educated couples make educated decisions and clearly don’t care about pleasing the society and that is exactly how it should be. Fashion engagement rings w o men ’ s and mens fashion rings are a far more practical decision that putting ones hard earned money and investing it into rings. Source: https://silverjewellery.joomla.com/8-fashion/12-why-do-several-couples-prefer-fashion- rings-for-engagements

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