Why Customers Value LeadGnome

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Information about Why Customers Value LeadGnome

Published on October 7, 2016

Author: LeadGnome

Source: slideshare.net

1. www.LeadGnome.com | info@leadgnome.com “LeadGnome is a killer web service that uncovers new contacts within target accounts. A must-have for marketers.” Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation, Host Analytics “Great new way to generate new leads, gain business intelligence, and penetrate target accounts.” Jonathan Summey, Head of Digital Marketing, Ipswitch “LeadGnome solves a huge problem. How do you mine info from campaign reply emails generated by your marketing automation system? Right now you are sitting on a gold mine of contact and trigger event info that is being totally wasted.” Steve Richard, CRO, ExecVision “It sounds like an eco-friendly solution for the digital space -- taking wasted stuff [reply emails] and turning it into something useful.” Jonathan Green, co-host of the B2B Growth Show. “LeadGnome gives our clients a unique and valuable way to take advantage of content returned in automatic email replies.” Jessica Kao, Marketo Champion, and Director of Client Services for Digital Pi. “Our acquisition costs are significantly less for LeadGnome leads, and our ability to close and upgrade opportunities has been steadily increasing as well.” Andy Brewer, VP Business Development & Customer Success, DiscoverOrg WHY CUSTOMERS VALUE LEADGNOME “I’m very impressed with the account-based intelligence uncovered by the LeadGnome web service. With just a single campaign, we identified 83 trigger events for our sales team to follow up on. That same campaign generated hundreds of new contacts within our targeted accounts. It’s amazing how something as simple as a reply email can provide so much valuable intel.” Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO of Terminus, and author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies.

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