Why Coworking Is Awesome: A Look At NYC

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Weleet



One third of the US workforce is currently comprised of Independent Workers - those who work for themselves (usually from home or coffee shops) as freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, and more. Experts predict that by the year 2020 over 50% of the US workforce will be Independent Workers. This begs the question, where will all of these Independent Workers work from? And that's where a whole new world and professional lifestyle - in fact a movement - called "coworking" comes in. Here's a look at NYC, one of the most dynamic hubs it's taking root in, and a fresh and fun new way for people to begin to connect and cowork for themselves.

TOGETHER WE WORK BETTER ™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT? • What is coworking? •  Why is coworking awesome for independent workers? •  Where’s a coworker to cowork? •  Spotlight on 25 dedicated coworking spaces in Manhattan •  Why should everybody, not just designated coworking spaces, embrace the coworking movement? •  Company’s can cowork, too! •  Spotlight on 5 DIY coworking spaces in Manhattan •  How can I make my coworking experience better? •  Coworking sounds awesome. Now what? Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

COWORKING & YOU “Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment and independent activity. Unlike a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.” – Wikipedia   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   WHY IS COWORKING AWESOME FOR YOU? • Connects people, builds communities, combats isolation • Working with and/or around people increases productivity • Sparks innovation by connecting like and unlike-minded people • Offers a stable place to work with plugs and wi-fi – unlike coffee shops • Creates curated networking and business opportunities • More friendly for the environment and the pocketbook

DEDICATED COWORKING SPACES Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   Coworking is a rapidly growing global trend. There are more than 50 dedicated coworking spaces in Manhattan alone. Here’s a look at 25 of them…

Alley NYC Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  HUSTLERS  AND  HACKERS   DETAILS:   §   High-­‐speed  Internet   §   Coffee   §   AcFviFes,  e.g.  yoga   §   Speakers  and  workshops   §   Over  100  desks  and  24  offices   PRICING:   §   $450/month:  shared  desk   §   $650/month:  private  desk   §   $2,400+/month:  private  offices   §   Minimum  2  Month  Commitment  and   Month-­‐to-­‐Month  aRer  that   LOCATION:   500  7th  Avenue,  17th  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10001   CONTACT:   @alleynyc  

BluePrint Health Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  HEALTHCARE  TECHIES   LOCATION:   483  Broadway,  2nd  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10013   DETAILS:   §   24/7     §   High  speed  Internet,  printers,  copiers   §   12,00  sq.  R.  loR,  houses  250  members   §   Conference  rooms  &  phone  booths   §   Shares  floor  with  accelerator   §   Ping-­‐Pong  table   §   Weekly  classes  and  talks  on  healthcare   §   Group  events,  e.g.  soccer  and  bar  night   PRICING:   §   $250/month:  shared  desk   §   $400/month:  private  desk   §   $1,250+/month:  dedicated  seaFng  for   4  people   CONTACT:   @bphealth  

Centre for Social Innovation Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  DO-­‐GOODERS   LOCATION:   601  West  26th  Street,  Suite  325   New  York,  New  York  10001   DETAILS:   §   24/7  access   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Copiers,  printers,  A/V  equipment   §   Workspaces,  lounges,  meeFng  rooms,   kitchen,  and  classrooms   §   300  coworking  spaces,  50  private   desks  and  32  private  offices   PRICING:   §   $30/month:  membership  fee     §   $125-­‐275/month:  hot  desk   §   $450/month:  dedicated  desk   §   $950/month:  team  cluster  for  6  people   §   $1,200/month:  private  office   CONTACT:   @csiSL  

Collab Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  CRAFTSTERS   DETAILS:   §   24/7/365  access   §   Fully-­‐equipped  woodshop,  laser  cuber   and  industrial  sewing  machine   §   3D  printer   §   Curated  membership  to  ensure  those   from  different  careers  work  in  close   proximity   PRICING:   §   $600/month:  dedicated  desk     §   $1,500/month:  private  studios   §   Members  pay  monthly  operaFons  fee   LOCATION:   304  Hudson  Street,  6th  floor   New  York,  New  York  10013   CONTACT:   @collabnyc   www.collab-­‐  

Con Artist Shared Workspace Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  RECLUSIVE  ARTISTS   DETAILS:   §   Silk  screen  presses,  sewing  machines   and  a  photo  studio     §   Abached  to  public  art  gallery   §   Members  voted  in   §   Storage  space  available  for  rent   PRICING:   §   $50/annual  membership     §   $14/hourly   §   $39/daily   §   $99/weekly   §   $129-­‐$179/month  part-­‐Fme  access   § $299/monthly  fee  for  access  to  space   LOCATION:   119  Ludlow  St   New  York,  New  York  10021   PRICING:   @ConArFstNYC  

Cowork rs Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  NEW,  COOL  KIDS   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet   §   24/7  access     §   Coffee,  beer,  snacks,  microwave   §   Conf.  rooms,  private  phone  booths   §   Lounge  w/  TV,  Ping-­‐Pong,  foosball   §   Event  space  and  quiet  areas   §   Mail  service,  3D  printers,  copiers,  etc.   PRICING:   §   $30/daily:  desk   §   $50/hour:  conference  room     §   $350/month:  shared  desk   §   $750/month:  private  desk   §   $2,800/month:  private  window  office   LOCATION:   115  E  23rd  Street,  3rd  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10001   CONTACT:   @coworkrs  

The Farm Spaces Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  BEEN-­‐THERE-­‐DONE-­‐THAT-­‐ERS   DETAILS:   §   From  the  former  members  of  General   Assembly     §   Airy,  light-­‐filled  3,500  square  foot  loR   PRICING:   §   $25/day:  daily  rate   §   $150/every  10  visits   §   $300/month:  shared  desk   §   $500/month:  dedicated  desk   LOCATION:   95  Spring  Street,  2nd  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10012   CONTACT:  

Fueled Collective Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  STARTUPS   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet   §   24/7   §   Coffee  and  snacks   §   Conference  rooms   §   Ping-­‐pong  table     PRICING:   §   $700/month:  desk   §   3  month  minimum       LOCATION:   568  Broadway,  11th  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10012   CONTACT:   @fueled­‐space-­‐nyc/  

Green Spaces Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  TREE  HUGGERS   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet   §   24/7   §   Coffee   §   Conference  &  event  space     §   75%  of  members  are  social  enterprise   ventures   PRICING:   §   $35/day:  daily  rate   §   $125/month:  4  days  of  use   §   $350/month:  24/7  laptop  lounge   §   $550/month:  private  desk   §   $35-­‐$50/hour:  conference  rooms   §   $25  fee  to  use  projector   LOCATION:   394  Broadway,  5th  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10013   CONTACT:   @GreenSpacesHome  

Grind Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  CONQUERORS   DETAILS:   §   Members-­‐only  referral  system  to   create  a  Fght-­‐knit  community   §   8AM  –  Midnight     §   OpFonal  aRer-­‐hours  available   PRICING:   §   $35/day:  daily  rate   §   $500/month:  dedicated  desk  at  a   parFcular  Grind  locaFon   §   $550/month:  dedicated  desk  at  any   Grind  locaFon   §   $65  -­‐  $120/hour:  conference  rooms   LOCATION:   419  Park  Avenue  South,  2nd  Floor,  NY  NY  10016   1412  Broadway,  22nd  Floor,  NY  NY  10018   CONTACT:   @grindspaces  

Hive at 55 Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  PARTNERS   DETAILS:   §   Part  of  Alliance  for  Downtown  NY   Business  IniFaFve   §   Mon  –  Fri,  9AM  –  6PM   §   Coffee  and  tea   §   Mail  service   §   Lockers   §   Conference  rooms   PRICING:   §   $30/day:  daily  rate   §   $300/month:  shared  desk   §   $1,400  -­‐  1,800/month:  private  office   §   $175  -­‐  $225/month:  8-­‐12  visits   LOCATION:   55  Broad  Street,  13th  Floor   New  York,  New  York    10004   CONTACT:   @hiveat55  

Regus Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  GRANDFATHERS   DETAILS:   §   LocaFons  worldwide   §   Private  offices  and  coworking  spaces   §   Conference  rooms   PRICING:   §   Hourly,  daily,  monthly  rates   §   Dependent  on  locaFon     LOCATION:   MulFple  locaFons  throughout  Manhaban  with   more  coming  soon   CONTACT:   @RegusUSA  

SoTechie WELEET  TESTED™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  UTILITARIANS   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet     §   Coffee  and  tea   §   Microwave   §   Bicycle  storage   PRICING:   §   $50/month:  virtual  office   §   $100/5  days:  shared  desk   §   $275/month:  shared  desk  9-­‐5   §   $250/month:  shared  desk  off  hours   §   $399/month:  24/7  access     §   Freebie  Fridays   LOCATION:   28  West  39th  Street,  4th  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10018   CONTACT:   @sotechie  

Sunshine Suites NICHE:  THE  PROFESSIONALS   LOCATION:   Noho-­‐  419  Lafayebe  St,  New  York,  NY  10003   TriBeCa-­‐  12  Desbrosses  St,  New  York,  NY  10013   Bronx  locaFon  with  different  pricing  structure   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   DETAILS:   §   T3  Internet   §   More  than  2,000  members   §   Partnerships  for  mentorship/educaFon   (e.g.,  NYCEDC,  Baruch  College)   §   Package  and  mail  receiving     PRICING:   §   $99+  start-­‐up  fee      $30/day:  daily  rate   §  §   $99/month:  virtual  office     §   $275/month:  shared  desk   §   $525+/month:  private  desk   §   Other  fees:  phone  ($35/month),  b&w   copies  ($100/month),  conference  room   ($50/hour)   CONTACT:   @SunshineNY  

WeWork Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  NEW  CORPORATES   LOCATION:   Eight  locaFons  throughout  Manhaban   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Conference  rooms   §   Affordable  health  insurance  plans   §   Subsidized  credit  card  processing  fees   §   AmeniFes  vary  by  locaFon   §   Holiday  parFes,  product  launches   §   4-­‐day  summer  camp  in  the  Adirondacks   PRICING:   §   $45/month  for  membership   §   $350  -­‐  $600/month:  shared  desks   §   $700  -­‐  $4,350/month:  private  offices     CONTACT:   @wework  

Wix Lounge WELEET  TESTED™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  SOCIALISTS   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Mon  –  Fri,  9AM  –  5PM   §   Coffee,  tea,  espresso     §   Microwave   §   Curated  art  space   §   On-­‐site  tech  support  for  users   PRICING:   §   Free,  no  strings  abached   §   Event  space  available  to  users   LOCATION:   235  W  23rd  St,  8th  Floor   New  York,  NY  10011   CONTACT:   @WixLounge  

WorkHouse NYC Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  CONSULTANTS   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Coffee  and  snack  bar   §   Plenty  of  whiteboard  spaces  for  ideas   §   Landscaped  rooRop  and  terraces   §   Lounge  and  break  out  areas   §   Private  phone  booths   §   Event  and  networking  opportuniFes   PRICING:   §   $150/month  for  membership   §   $450/month:  shared  desk   §   $1,500  -­‐  $8,500/month:  private  offices   LOCATION:   21  West  46th  Street   New  York,  New  York  10036   CONTACT:   @WorkHouseNYC  

The Yard Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  HIPSTERS   DETAILS:   §   High  speed  Internet   §   24/7,  80  private  offices   §   Coffee  and  tea   §   Kitchen   §   Street  level  café   §   RecepFonist,  video  security     §   Daily  housekeeping  and  mail  service   §   Printers  and  copiers   PRICING*:   §   $95/month:  virtual  office     §   $195+/month:  shared  desk   §   $1,195+/month:  private  office      *Prices  based  on  Brooklyn  locaFon   LOCATION:   85  Delancey  St,  New  York,  New  York  10002   New  locaFon  on  5th  Ave,  locaFon  in  Brooklyn     CONTACT:   @WorkAtTheYard  

500 Startups Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  FUNDED   DETAILS:   §   NYC  branch  of  the  Silicon  Valley-­‐based   seed  fund  and  accelerator   PRICING:   §   35  seats  for  its  porsolio  companies   and  35  open  to  area  startups     LOCATION:   386  Park  Avenue  South  and  27th  St,  10th  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10016   CONTACT:   @500Startups  

Other dedicated coworking spaces in NYC include (1 of 2) Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NeueHouse   In  Good  Company   Micro  Office  SoluKons   NICHE:    THE  FEMINISTS   LOCATION:  16  W.  23rd  Street,  4th  Fl.   New  York,  New  York  10010     PRICING:   §   $400-­‐$900/year  membership  fees   §   $150/month:  virtual  office   §   $450/month:  shared  desk   §   $150-­‐$250/month:  part-­‐Fme   §   $600-­‐$1,600/month:  private  space     CONTACT:   @ingoodcmpny   NICHE:  THE  PAMPERED   NICHE:  THE  NO  FRILLSERS   LOCATION:  110  East  25th  Street   LOCATION:  5  locaFons   New  York,  New  York  10010   throughout  NYC         PRICING:   PRICING:   §   $99-­‐$149/month:  virtual  office     §   $600+/month:  shared  space   §   $1,400+/month:  private  space   §   $395-­‐$700/month:  24/7  desk   §   $1000+/month:  private  office   §   $25-­‐$35/hour:  conf.  rooms   §   +$110/month:  phone  &  Internet         CONTACT:   CONTACT:   @Neuehouse   @MicroOfficeNYC  

Other dedicated coworking spaces in NYC include (2 of 2) Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   New  Work  City   The  ProducKve   ProjecKve  Space   NICHE:  THE  SELF  HELPERS   LOCATION:  412  Broadway,  2nd  Fl.   New  York,  New  York  10013     PRICING:   §   $35/month  for  membership   §   $35/day:  daily  rate   §   $120/month:  part  Fme  access   §   $375/month:  full  Fme  access       CONTACT:   @nwc   NICHE:  THE  FLEXIBLES     LOCATION:  40  W.  38th  St,  5th  Fl.   New  York,  New  York  10018     PRICING:   §   $100/one-­‐Fme  iniFaFon  fee   §   $90/month:  virtual  office   §   $170-­‐$270/month:  open  space   §   $370/month:  dedicated  desk   §   $130/month:  off  hours     CONTACT:   @ProducFveNYC   NICHE:  THE  PRODUCTIVES   LOCATION:  LES  (larger  teams).   Soho  (smaller  teams)     PRICING:   §   $350/month:  shared  desk   §   $450/month:  private  desk       CONTACT:   @projecFvenyc  

WHY IS COWORKING FOR ALL? AWESOME Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHY DO SMART COMPANIES LOVE COWORKING? COWORKING & CO. “The type of company – and people – that will thrive in this new environment will embrace collaboration and teamwork. I call them Betas. The old-fashioned Alpha way of doing business – top down, command-andcontrol – will no longer be viable.” – Fast Company   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   • Boosts the energy in an office space • Increases innovation in businesses • Allows you to work with people based on your hiring needs like never before • Keeps employee morale up • Provides the opportunity for new and different people to spread the word about your business • Companies who embrace it are first movers and leaders in their industry • Being part of a community is the future of business

DIY COWORKING SPACES Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   Coworking is a movement, and anyone can join it. You don’t need dedicated office space to make coworking work for you. All you need is spare seats, fast wi-fi, and an interest in gathering great people.

DIY COWORKING SPACES Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   HERE’S A LOOK AT 5 DO-IT-YOURSELF COWORKING SPACES IN NYC…

Apartment WELEET  TESTED™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  YOGIS   DETAILS:   §   Cozy  apartment  with  lots  of  space  and   natural  light   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Full  Kitchen   §   Flat  screen  TV,  blue  tooth  equipped     §   Projector  screen     §   Yoga  classes  before  and  aRer  work   PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free   §   DonaFons  for  yoga  classes  welcomed!   §   DonaFons  for  homemade  community   lunches  &  dinners  welcomed!   LOCATION:   East  118th  Street   Harlem   CONTACT:   @weleetweet  

Bryant Park WELEET  TESTED™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  OUTDOORSIES   DETAILS:   §   BeauFful,  centrally  located  park   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Cafés  on  premises   §   Free  yoga,  movies,  and  other  events     PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free   §   Classes  and  Events:  Free   LOCATION:   CONTACT:   Between  40th  &  42nd  Streets  and  5th  &  6th  Avenues   @weleetweet   New  York,  New  York  10018  

Goodpenny Media WELEET  TESTED™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  EDITORS   DETAILS:   §   BeauFful  and  spacious  Chelsea  loR   §   Full  kitchen  complete  with  stove   §   Coffee,  tea,  espresso,  and  snacks   §   High-­‐energy  staff   §   InteresFng  clients     PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free   §   Event  space:  $2000+/event   §   EdiFng  and  sound  equipment  available   LOCATION:   152  West  25th  Street,  11th  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10001   CONTACT:   @weleetweet  

New York City Public Library WELEET  TESTED™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  SCHOLARS   DETAILS:   §   Gorgeous  reading  room   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Quiet  space   §   Access  to  library  books  and  events   §   Café  on  first  floor   PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free   §   Classes  and  Events:  Free   LOCATION:   5th  Ave  at  42nd  St   New  York,  New  York  10018   CONTACT:   @weleetweet  

Sound Distillery WELEET  TESTED™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   NICHE:  THE  GROUPIES   DETAILS:   §   BeauFfully  decorated,  cozy  space   §   High  speed  Internet   §   Kitchen  and  microwave   §   Coffee,  tea,  espresso   §   Friendly  staff   §   InteresFng  clients   PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free     §   Event  space:  $1000  -­‐  $2000/event   §   Sound  ediFng  equipment  available   LOCATION:   251  W  30th  St,  10th  Floor   New  York,  New  York  10001   CONTACT:   @weleetweet  

WHY WELEET ? ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   WHY IS WELEET™ AWESOME FOR COWORKERS? • Working from home alone is lonely • Coffee shops are crowded • Coworking spaces are expensive

WHAT WELEET™ DOES: WHY WELEET ? ™ Weleet™ helps you find the right people, in the right space, at the right time, working on the right things to help you work better and be better at what you do. Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHY WELEET ? ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   WHY IS WELEET™ AWESOME FOR COMPANIES? • Ability to curate who works from your space based on your hiring needs • Increased word-of-mouth marketing for your business • Chance to be an industry leader instead of being left behind

IN OTHER WORDS: WHY WELEET ? ™ Free coworking for curated Independent Workers equals free networking and word of mouth marketing for your business. Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

“Belonging to a dynamic community WHY WELEET ? ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   makes you feel supported and it helps to create important short-term and long-term bonds that lead to greater influence and more exploration.” - Jennifer Gore, Weleet

FREELANCERS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

INDEPENDENT WORKERS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

CONTRACTORS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

SOLOPRENEURS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

CONSULTANTS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! Sign-­‐up  to  meet  other  coworkers     and  trade  and  share  space  today  at   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! On  LinkedIn­‐inc-­‐   On  Facebook   On  Twiber:   @Weleetweet   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! Join  our  community  today  by     clicking  here   A  Slide  Share  brought  to  you  by   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

A  community  of  independent   workers  who  trade  and  share  space.   TOGETHER WE WORK BETTER ™   A  Slide  Share  brought  to  you  by   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  NYC.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

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