Why Coworking Is Awesome: A Look At Austin

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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: Weleet

Source: slideshare.net


One third of the US workforce is currently comprised of Independent Workers - those who work for themselves (usually from home or coffee shops) as freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, and more. Experts predict that by the year 2020 over 50% of the US workforce will be Independent Workers. This begs the question, where will all of these Independent Workers work from? And that's where a whole new world and professional lifestyle - in fact a movement - called "coworking" comes in. Here's a look at Austin, a city where its quickly taking root in, and a fresh and fun new way for people to begin to connect and cowork for themselves. Just in time for SXSW!

TOGETHER WE WORK BETTER™   “AUSTIN,TX!” Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT? • What is coworking? •  Why is coworking awesome for independent workers? •  Where’s a coworker to cowork? •  Spotlight on 11 dedicated coworking spaces in Austin •  Why should everybody, not just designated coworking spaces, embrace the coworking movement? •  Companies can cowork, too! •  Spotlight on 3 DIY coworking spaces in Austin •  How can I make my coworking experience better? •  Coworking sounds awesome. Now what? Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHY IS COWORKING AWESOME FOR YOU? • Connects people, builds communities, combats isolation • Working with and/or around people increases productivity • Sparks innovation by connecting like and unlike-minded people • Offers a stable place to work with plugs and wi-fi – unlike coffee shops • Creates curated networking and business opportunities • More friendly for the environment and the pocketbook COWORKING & YOU “Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment and independent activity. Unlike a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.” – Wikipedia   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Coworking is a rapidly growing global trend. Coworking spaces are popping up across Austin. Here’s a look at 11 of them… DEDICATED COWORKING SPACES Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Capital Factory DETAILS:   §   24/7  access   §   Cafeteria  with  coffee  and  snacks   §   Conference  rooms  and  common  areas   §   Mail  services   §   Meet-­‐ups  and  programming   §   Capital  Factory  Incubator  and   Accelerator  on-­‐site   PRICING:   §   $20/month  or  $200/year  membership     §   $150/month:  15  half  day  visits   §   $350/month:  shared  desk   §   $650/month:  private  office   §   $750/month:  private  desk   LOCATION:   701  Brazos  Street,  Suite  1601   Aus6n,  Texas  78701   CONTACT:   @CapitalFactory   www.capitalfactory.com   NICHE:  THE  INCUBATED   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Center 61 DETAILS:   §   Coffee   §   Parking   §   Conference  rooms   §   24/7  access:  $25/month   §   Mail  service:  $50/month   PRICING:   §   $25/month  membership  fee   §   $300/month:  dedicated  desk*   §   $600/month:  private  office*   §   $25/hour:  conference  board  room   *  Require  6  month  contracts   LOCATION:   2921  E  17th  St  #4   Aus6n,  Texas  78702   CONTACT:   @Center61ATX   www.center61.com   NICHE:  THE  DO-­‐GOODERS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Conjunctured DETAILS:   §   First  day  of  coworking  is  free   §   Internet   §   Coffee   §   Kitcheneae  with  fridge  &  microwave   §   Mail  services   §   Pet  friendly   §   Phone  rooms   §   Bike  racks  and  lockers     PRICING:   §   $25/day:  daily  rate   §   $275/month:  24/7  access   §   Packages  for  once  and  twice/week   LOCATION:   1309  E.  7th  Street   Aus6n,  Texas  78702   CONTACT:   @conjunctured   www.conjunctured.com   NICHE:  THE  CONSULTANTS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

GoLab DETAILS:   §   9-­‐5,  M-­‐F  (24-­‐7  access  available)   §   Open-­‐mesh  Wi-­‐Fi  access,  high-­‐speed   Internet  connec6on,  and  hosted  VoIP   §   Color  laser  printer   §   Coffee   §   Private  offices  and  conference  rooms   §   Community  events  e.g.,  Aus6n  Startup   Week,  lunch-­‐and-­‐learn  series   PRICING:   §   $250/month:  9-­‐5  shared  desk   §   $350/month:  24/7  shared  desk   §   $100/half  day:  conference  room   §   $50/month:  cloud  membership   LOCATION:   621  E  6th  Street     Aus6n,  TX  78702   CONTACT:   @thegolab   golabaus6n.com   NICHE:  THE  BOOTSTRAPPERS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Link Coworking DETAILS:   §   Fast  Internet   §   Beverages  and  snacks   §   Quiet  spaces  and  phone  booths   §   Mail  services   PRICING:   §   $200/year  membership  fee     §   $300-­‐$550/month:  coworking   §   $400  for  10  visits  in  3  months   §   $150-­‐$500:  conference  rooms   §   $1,500/day:  event  space  (weekends)   §   $500/2  hours:  event  space  (evenings)   LOCATION:   2700  West  Anderson  Lane,  Suites  205  &  305   Aus6n,  Texas  78757   CONTACT:   @LinkCoworking     www.linkcoworking.com   NICHE:  THE  EXPERTS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Opportunity Space DETAILS:   §   100%  dedicated  offices   §   24/7     §   Internet   §   Coffee,  snacks,  filtered  water   §   Printer,  scanner,  shredder   §   Mailing  address   §   Conference  rooms   PRICING:   §   Monthly  rates  based  on  size  of  room   §   Contact:  hello@opportunityspace.com   for  details     LOCATION:   2125  E.  Cesar  Chavez  Street   Aus6n,  Texas  78702   CONTACT:   @OpptySpace   opportunityspace.com   NICHE:  THE  FAMILY   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Perch Coworking DETAILS:   §   9-­‐5,  M-­‐F  (24/7  access  addi6onal)   §   Secure  high-­‐speed  Internet   §   Coffee,  boaled  water  and  snacks   §   Light-­‐usage  printer/copier/scan/fax   §   Video  projector  and  whiteboard   §   Personal  lockers     §   Ergonomic  chairs   §   Mail  service   PRICING:   §   Free  one  day  trial  by  appointment   §   $25/day:  daily  rate     §   $175/month:  shared  desk     LOCATION:   2235  East  6th  Street,  Unit  107   Aus6n,  TX  78702   CONTACT:   @PerchCoWorking   www.perchcoworking.com   NICHE:  THE  PRODUCTIVES   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Posh Coworking DETAILS:   §   Women  only   §   9-­‐5,  M-­‐F   §   High-­‐speed  Internet   §   Coffee,  tea,  and  snacks   §   Private  mee6ng  rooms  and  classroom   PRICING:   §   $125-­‐$250/month:  9-­‐5  coworking   §   $400/month:  24/7  coworking   §   $35/hour:  mee6ng  room  for  4   LOCATION:   3027  North  Lamar  Blvd.,  Suite  202   Aus6n,  Texas  78705   CONTACT:   @Poshcoworking   www.poshcoworking.com   NICHE:  THE  GLITTERATI   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Soma Vida DETAILS:   §   Wireless  high  speed  Internet   §   Coffee   §   Printer,  copier,  scanner,  fax   PRICING:   §   $15/day:  shared  space   §   $90:  5  visits   §   $150:  10  visits   §   $25-­‐40/hour:  conference  room   §   $60-­‐125/hour:  events   LOCATION:   1210  Rosewood  Ave     Aus6n,  Texas  78702   CONTACT:   @SomaVida   www.somavida.net/workspace/   NICHE:  THE  YOGIS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Space 12 DETAILS:   §   10-­‐5,  T-­‐F   §   Internet   §   Ping-­‐pong   §   Gallery,  yoga,  and  rental  space   PRICING:   §   $10/day  or  by  dona6on:  shared  desk   §   Contact  for  group  rates   LOCATION:   3121  East  12th  Street   Aus6n,  Texas  78702   CONTACT:   @space12   www.space12.org/coworking/   NICHE:  THE  SOCIALISTS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Vuka DETAILS:   §   9-­‐6,  M-­‐F   §   Internet   §   Coffee   §   Kitchen   §   Lounge  areas,  private  conference   rooms,  and  an  art  sta6on   §   Classes,  e.g.,  daily  yoga,  ac6ng   §   Events,  e.g.  potlucks,  happy  hours   PRICING:   §   $15/day:  daily  rate   §   $175/month:  shared  desk   §   $350/month:  dedicated  desk   §   $25-­‐$75/hour:  conference  rooms   LOCATION:   411  West  Monroe   Aus6n,  Texas  78704   CONTACT:   @VukaAus6n   www.vukaaus6n.com   NICHE:  THE  HIPSTERS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

YETspaceATX DETAILS:   §   Internet   §   Prime  loca6on  a  block  from  the  Capital   §   Lockers  and  white  boards   §   Mailing  services   §   Desks  and  lounge  spaces   §   A/V  equipment     §   Art  installa6on  and  event  space   §   Great  for  coworkers  passing  through   Aus6n   PRICING:   §   $25/day:  daily  rate   §   $600/month:  dedicated  desk  space   §   Members  get  20%  off  of  event  space   LOCATION:   912  Congress  Avenue   Aus6n,  Texas  78701   CONTACT:   @weleetweet   Weleet.co   NICHE:  THE  YETIS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   WELEET  TESTED™  

WHY IS COWORKING AWESOME FOR ALL? Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHY DO SMART COMPANIES LOVE COWORKING? • Boosts the energy in an office space • Increases innovation in businesses • Allows you to work with people based on your hiring needs like never before • Keeps employee morale up • Provides the opportunity for new and different people to spread the word about your business • Companies who embrace it are first movers and leaders in their industry • Being part of a community is the future of business COWORKING & CO. “The type of company – and people – that will thrive in this new environment will embrace collaboration and teamwork. I call them Betas.The old-fashioned Alpha way of doing business – top down, command-and- control – will no longer be viable.” – Fast Company   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

DIY COWORKING SPACES Coworking is a movement, and anyone can join it. You don’t need dedicated office space to make coworking work for you. All you need is spare seats, fast wi-fi, and an interest in gathering great people. Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

DIY COWORKING SPACES HERE’S A LOOK AT 3 DO-IT-YOURSELF COWORKING SPACES IN AUSTIN… Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Perry-Casteneda Library DETAILS:   §   Collabora6ve  Commons  work  space   (5th  floor,  length  of  a  football  field)   §     7AM-­‐2AM,  M-­‐T;  7AM-­‐11PM  F;   9AM-­‐11PM  Sat;  noon-­‐2AM  Sun   §   Internet  and  plenty  of  outlets   §   Mul6-­‐screen  media  areas  to  prac6ce   presenta6ons   §   Comfortable  furniture   §   Books  and  librarians   PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free   §   Public  space,  but  bring  an  ID    LOCATION:   101  E  21st  Street   Aus6n,  Texas  78712   CONTACT:   @utlibraries   www.lib.utexas.edu/pcl   NICHE:  THE  COLLABORATORS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

Java Austin DETAILS:   §   7AM-­‐10PM  M-­‐F;  8AM-­‐10PM  weekends   §   Internet   §   Accept  credit  cards   §   Wheelchair  accessible   PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free     LOCATION:   The  Original:  1206  Parkway  @  12th  &  Lamar   5  addi6onal  loca6ons  across  Aus6n   CONTACT:   @Aus6nJava   www.aus6njava.com   NICHE:  THE  CAFFEINATED   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.   WELEET  TESTED™  

UT Austin: Flawn Academic Center DETAILS:   §   State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  technology  and   collabora6on  facility   §   6AM-­‐midnight,  M-­‐T;  6AM-­‐10PM  F;   10AM-­‐10PM  weekends   §   Internet   §   Robo6c  barista   §   Flexible  study  spaces,  mul6media   services,  and  computer  labs   §   Bright  ligh6ng  and  cozy  furniture   PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free   §   Public  space,  but  bring  an  ID   LOCATION:   2400  Inner  Campus  Drive   Aus6n,  Texas  78712     CONTACT:   @UTAus6n   www.utexas.edu/its/fac   NICHE:  THE  SCHOLARS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.       WELEET  TESTED™  

Austin apartment DETAILS:   §   Internet   §   Comfy  space   §   Interest  in  mee6ng  new  people   §   Desire  to  be  produc6ve,  but  not  alone   PRICING:   §   Coworking:  Free   LOCATION:   Aus6n,  Texas       CONTACT:   @weleetweet   Weleet.co   NICHE:  THE  DIY-­‐ERS   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHY IS WELEET AWESOME FOR COWORKERS? • Working from home alone is lonely • Coffee shops are crowded • Coworking spaces are expensive WHY WELEET ? ™ ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHAT WELEET DOES: Weleet™ helps you find the right people, in the right space, at the right time, working on the right things to help you work better and be better at what you do. WHY WELEET ? ™ ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

WHY IS WELEET AWESOME FOR COMPANIES? • Ability to curate who works from your space based on your hiring needs • Increased word-of-mouth marketing for your business • Chance to be an industry leader instead of being left behind WHY WELEET ? ™ ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

IN OTHER WORDS: Free coworking for curated Independent Workers equals free networking and word of mouth marketing for your business. WHY WELEET ? ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

“Belonging to a dynamic community makes you feel supported and it helps to create important short-term and long-term bonds that lead to greater influence and more exploration.” - Jennifer Gore, Weleet WHY WELEET ? ™ Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

FREELANCERS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

INDEPENDENT WORKERS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

CONTRACTORS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

SOLOPRENEURS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

CONSULTANTS! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! Sign-­‐up  to  meet  other  coworkers     and  trade  and  share  space  today  at     Weleet.co   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! On  Twiaer:   @Weleetweet   On  Facebook   Facebook.com/WeleetInc   On  LinkedIn   Linkedin.com/company/weleet-­‐inc-­‐   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

UNITE! Join  our  community  today  by     clicking  here   A  Slide  Share  brought  to  you  by  Weleet.co   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

A  community  of  independent   workers  who  trade  and  share  space.   A  Slide  Share  brought  to  you  by  Weleet.co   TOGETHER WE WORK BETTER™   Why  Coworking  is  Awesome:  A  Look  at  Aus6n.  ©  2014  Weleet,  Inc.  

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