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Published on January 28, 2008

Author: RichardButler

Source: slideshare.net


dedicated hosting could be a great option...read this to know why!

What is Dedicated Hosting? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT IS DEDICATED HOSTING? If you have a site that is going to be getting a lot of traffic or is getting a lot of traffic, sooner rather than later you’ll get a call from your hosting company telling you that you need to upgrade to a dedicated server. This is a good thing – it means you’re getting places! A dedicated server is a server that you and only you uses. You don’t share it, thus you can have as many sites with as much traffic as you require. Many people don’t get this far as it is quite expensive and can be overkill for many (I know I had one back in the early years and I never made my money back on it!) Let’s say you launch one major product a year and you will have video, and audio on your site, plus downloading of the product. You may want to think about moving all your sites to a dedicated server. A dedicated server may cost you $2000 plus per year but at least you know that no one else is going to cause you any problems with their sites, (read the article on shared hosting for more info). You do need to be careful though. As sometimes companies will give you the server and access to it and that’s it. You have to configure it, install any control panels you want etc. Not only that, but you will have to maintain the server, apply any patches and upgrades that are needed etc. Also asked if the server is managed – this means the hosting company will look after the server for you. Yes this may be more expensive but it is worth it, to have a professional looking after your server. If you’re not quite ready to make the jump you can also buy a semi dedicated server. This varies from company to company, but in general there may be as few as four customers sharing the one server. Of course you want to make sure that each customer is not hosting 500 sites each, otherwise you’re nearly back to the same problems as with shared hosting. Whether you need a dedicated hosting solution is up to you and your budget. I would recommend that you first look at shared hosting and keep that going until you out grow it, and then look to see whether you business needs justify a dedicated solution Rich Butler specialises in creating websites for practitioners in the complimentary and alternative health areas. As a certified life and business coach and Practitioner of Reiki, Rich knows what you need. Rich provides full training to show you how easy it is to put up, modify and market your website Contact him at Richard@ebits.ie www.ebits.ie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (C) Richard Butler www.richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com

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