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Published on November 6, 2018

Author: JandAtiling

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Why Choose Brick Slips?: Why Choose Brick Slips? Slide2: Brick slip manufacturing techniques differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and thus resulting into differed pricing window. Brick slips are available in all sizes, shapes & colours along with wide range of cost to choose when you’re are on budget. Brick slip installation  is easy and durable, you can hire a tile fitter or just get your hands-on DIY brick slips if you think you have the passion and are quite adventurous. Brick slips offer a creative exposure to the architects and renovators, who make our living room dreams come true ! Slide3: Ease to Install Brick slips are easy to install & can be installed by any tile fitter or by a DIY adventure doer. Availability of Colours and Sizes Brick slips are available in extensive choice of colours and available in all shapes and sizes differing in height, weight or thickness. Quality Parameter/ Durability Strength is the basic function, hence once the brick slips are installed with the perfect adhesive are highly durable, having a flexibility to be effortlessly drilled. Low maintenance The primary reason to choose brick slips is extremely low at maintenance, just cleaning it once a while is what an effort you need to put in. Contact Us: Contact Us Call: 01702 233003 Mail Id: info@jandatiling.co.uk Website: www.jandatiling.co.uk Address: Highlands Farm, Highlands Road, Rawreth , Essex SS11 8TL

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