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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: yourlandlinks

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Why would anyone want to buy land? Here is why.

Why Buy Land? • At LandLinks properties this is why we invest in land www.yourlandlinks.com

Is land really worth investing in? • Yes, here is why. • It is an extremely valuable resource with limited quantities available, they really aren’t making any more land, unless you live in Dubai. www.yourlandlinks.com

What is the buying process like? • Very simple to buy, a buyer finds a property and contact the seller, make an agreement satisfies both parties involved. • Perform due diligent and close sale. www.yourlandlinks.com

No Maintenance! • Forget construction! Forget renovations! • No tenants, toilets, bugs, mold, lawn care, leaking roofs, bursting pipes, broken furnaces, and the hundreds of other issues that come with owning buildings. www.yourlandlinks.com

No Maintenance! • Vacant land doesn’t involve ANY of those things. • Once you buy it… it sits there, it behaves itself, and nothing happens. www.yourlandlinks.com

Competition • There is virtually no competition with raw land. • Most investors have their minds stuck on: “houses”, “apartments”, “commercial property”. www.yourlandlinks.com

Competition • The fact that most investors don’t understand the superior benefits of land will definitely play to your advantage. www.yourlandlinks.com

Land expenses. • • • • No mortgage payments to make. No utility bills to pay. Nominal cost of property insurance. Cheap property taxes. www.yourlandlinks.com

Investment Benefit • Long-term, tangible asset that doesn’t wear out. • Holds value and appreciates over time. • It is not breakable. Cannot be stolen or destroyed. • Put all of these benefits together you have peace of mind www.yourlandlinks.com

Buy land with us • • • • • www.yourlandlinks.com Land@yourlandlinks.com Facebook.com/yourlandlinks Twitter.com land@yourlandlinks.com

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