Why Brands must Get Ready for Virtual Reality

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Information about Why Brands must Get Ready for Virtual Reality

Published on January 4, 2017

Author: rhiannonmonks

Source: slideshare.net


2. The VR hardware market alone will be worth 85 billion by 2025

3. Digital technology and media is now advanced enough to support VR

4. Large companies that did not embrace the social media movement lost market share to competitors that experimented with the new medium

5. Facebook, Google, Samsung and Sony all have VR divisions

6. The top 10 Global technology companies generate their primary revenue from products and services that did not even exist 15 years ago

7. What does this MEAN for brands and enterprise organisations today?

8. VR is a new medium to reach consumers

9. 360 Video VR Applications Companies must invest in creating VR content to stay ahead of competitors Mixed Media

10. OLD WORLD Tradtional Media Linear TV Clutter / Distraction NEW WORLD Immersive Media Interactive Cinematic 100% Engagement Key Verticals #newinsights Travel Automotive Beauty Medicine Entertainment

11. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT Immersive 360 storytelling & VR Film Production TV companion VR content Virtual 360 site tours Room scale event / conference activations Product launches in VR   Experiential VR NEW CALEDONIA TOURISM VR APPLICATIONS Startgate CMS CGI Animation Bespoke VR application development Immersive learning & education Off-plan visualisation VR PUBLISHING Startgate White Label App User Analytics / Heatmap Video 360 Video Paid Distribution START VR UK VR SERVICES

12. Real Estate Visualisation 360 Video Qantas Startgate VR Custom UX Our Work CGI VR Animation

13. “Anyone with an iPhone or Android phone can take a virtual tour of Kakadu National Park, for instance, then book a flight directly from the app and see it in person.” Our aim with the new virtual reality app is to connect with travellers by showcasing parts of Australia they may not be familiar with. Customers loved our trial of VR headsets last year, but we wanted to take it to another level and make it more accessible. Olivia Wirth Qantas Group Executive, Qantas

14. “We presented to Start VR the challenge of creating a VR experience which showcased a range of diverse industries, and leveraged the VR experience within the process”. They responded by producing a suite of videos that integrated a variety of VR projects into a stylish and cohesive experience, that not only succinctly highlighted the strength of VR within a range of industries, but also presented the content in a manner that optimised the unique attributes of VR itself and showcased the depth of capability in our VR partner ecosystem. The response of internal Samsung stakeholders as well as our strategic B2B partners to this project has been extremely positive. The Samsung VR B2B Showcase has achieved its objective of raising the profile and industry awareness around the benefits of VR as a commercially driven platform, and Start VR has driven this project’s success. Martin Brown Head of Alliances & Partner Solutions, Samsung

15. VR is now mass market

16. It’s a technology platform looking for content

17. The need for interactive cinematic content has arrived

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