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Published on February 5, 2008

Author: Sibilla

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Why bother with University?:  Why bother with University? Why come to University?:  Why come to University? Get a degree – get qualifications Enjoy studying Better employment prospects Earn more money in life Get with boys / girls Meet new friends Social Life / Scene Want a city / country experience Independence Not sure what to do next Get away from home life / background Don’t want to get a job yet Want a new direction in life Name some of the reasons why people choose to go to university Time for a quick quiz!:  Time for a quick quiz! QUIZ QUESTION 1:  QUIZ QUESTION 1 330 Here’s some of them: Aberdeen Liverpool Westminster Manchester Anglia Polytechnic Glasgow Belfast How many universities are there in the UK? Exeter De Montfort Brighton Cardiff Durham QUIZ QUESTION 2:  QUIZ QUESTION 2 How many universities are in the North West? 13 They are: Bolton Institute of HE Chester Edge Hill Lancaster Liverpool Hope Liverpool John Moores Manchester Metropolitan Central Lancashire Liverpool Manchester UMIST (Manchester) Salford The Open University LOADS OF CHOICE NEAR HOME! QUIZ QUESTION 3:  QUIZ QUESTION 3 How many universities courses are there in total across the UK? 55,000+ ! That’s a lot of choice. There are nearly 330,000 places on university courses in the UK. Some courses are more popular than others such as Medicine, Psychology and Law. WHICH COURSES ARE REAL?:  WHICH COURSES ARE REAL? Air Conditioning Golf Course Design Astrophysics Laser Technology Livestock Management Sonic Art French History Football Studies Biomolecular Science Podiatry American Studies Beauty Science Special Effects Video Game Design Turf Management Upholstery Teaching ANSWER?.... ALL OF THEM! CLUBS & SOCIETIES:  CLUBS & SOCIETIES At Liverpool University there are over 100 different societies…. here are some of them…. D8ing Rock Music Break Dancing Dance Music Young Conservatives Cheerleading Juggling Green Group Student Theatre Mountaineering Many Sports Clubs Debating Real Ale Appreciation Catholic SLAGS (Scouts & Guides) Welsh Win Tsun Kung Fu Sky Diving Socialist Workers Geography Snowboarding STUDY MORE, EARN MORE!:  STUDY MORE, EARN MORE! If you go to university and get a degree, you are likely to earn around: £350,000 more than if you left school at 16 or 18! If you study a maths or science based degree, expect to pick up 10% more! THAT TRANSLATES TO….. Slide10:  175,000 EXTRA pints of lager! 2900 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes 16 ½ NEW Audi TT 1.8 Turbo Coupes 350 Round the World tickets 1029 Christian Dior Saddlebags 833 EFC or 619 LFC Season Tickets! STUDYING:  STUDYING Its much more relaxed than the school atmosphere There are no detentions, essays or lines You are expected to take responsibility for your own learning…an adult approach No one tells you what to do, the successful student will work well on their own Libraries typically have over 1 million books! You will be expected to learn many things outside of lecture times Your timetable will be much different……… TIMETABLE:  TIMETABLE Your school timetable probably looks a little bit like this St. RUDOLF’S HIGH SCHOOL But the typical university timetable looks like this…………. UNIVERSITY TIMETABLE:  UNIVERSITY TIMETABLE B.A. Politics Semester 1 Whole days off! Wednesday afternoons off! Hardly any early starts! Hours free between lectures! UNIVERSITY FACILITIES:  UNIVERSITY FACILITIES Libraries have 1-2 million books and millions of journal articles 1000’s of computers with net access Sports, Careers & Armed Forces networks Religious conveniences International Exchange Programmes Access to renowned intellectuals. WHERE WOULD YOU LIVE?:  WHERE WOULD YOU LIVE? Living away from home for the first time can seem quite daunting but most students love the freedom Some students live at home with their parents. This is often cheaper than living away. Take a look at these - these are where some students live ALL THESE PEOPLE WENT TO UNIVERSITY – WHY CAN’T U?:  ALL THESE PEOPLE WENT TO UNIVERSITY – WHY CAN’T U? START THINKING!:  START THINKING! University is a real option for ALL of you! Start thinking NOW about all your options for the future Get as much as you can out of the visit to the university as possible Ask our Student Advocates as many questions as you can about university Good Luck!

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Why bother with University?: Why bother with University? Why come to University?: Why come to University? Get a degree – get qualifications Enjoy ...
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