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Published on December 19, 2008

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Slide 1: 1 Leveraging Geospatial Technology to Enable Enterprise Asset Management Slide 2: 2 Why Asset Management? Design assets in the most cost effective and operation efficient way Do asset maintenance only when needed for required performance Achieve a Return on Assets higher than target rates Have asset classes reflecting needs rather than reporting requirements Know asset life cycle operational & maintenance costs Have a central asset planning and control data repository Manage as an End-to-End Process The Asset Lifecycle… : 3 Manage as an End-to-End Process The Asset Lifecycle… Asset & Work Standards Asset & Work Standards Slide 4: 4 How do we Identify Assets? Determine which objects are critical to the financial operation of the organization. Identify the elements needed to perform specific operational tasks. Determine what information requires tracking (i.e. installation cost, replacement cost, etc.). Determine the level of detail required. Determine where source data will reside (I.E. GIS, Work Mgmt. System, Outage Mgmt. System, etc.) Slide 5: 5 Existing Delivery Information SystemsLife cycle cost information for delivery assets (if captured) is extremely disjointed. Asset information resides in separate systems and can only be used by another system via development of specific system interfaces. GIS Financials Outage Management Planning External Interfaces Work Management Procurement Asset Valuation Maintenance Project Management Contract Management Customer Contact Slide 6: 6 How is Asset Information Utilized? This would be the Common Information Model (CIM) for these three abstract components Slide 7: 7 The “intersection data” in the CIM depicts the interface between different systems: Slide 8: 8 How is Asset Information Stored? GIS/OMS Work Mgmt. General Ledger Asset Because the Asset information is a composite of various systems, a variety of analysis can be performed. Slide 9: 9 Asset Repository Asset Data from GIS WMS Capital Asset Acctg. Modeling Failure Reporting Life Cycle Asset Info Asset Age Asset Location Asset Condition Asset Performance Asset Value Asset Criticality Asset Connectivity What to Expect: One Stop Shopping Key Concept – An Asset Data Warehouse provides everyone access to relevant data, analysis tools, work management and information systems in a one-stop shop approach (single sign-on, common management system and common user access) Slide 10: 10 ADW Report Example: Detail Work Mgmt. System GIS Gen. Ledger Work Mgmt. System Slide 11: 11 ADW Report Example: GIS Detail OH Transformer Location

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