Why are you here?, workshop 5, Judge Matharu, London, 23 June 2016

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Information about Why are you here?, workshop 5, Judge Matharu, London, 23 June 2016

Published on July 4, 2016

Author: assocpm

Source: slideshare.net

1. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com 23rd June 2016 Judge Matharu

2. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Objective –TIPS Identify g Define gPlan g Realise 1. From me (25 min) 2. From you (20 min)

3. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Who Am I?

4. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com

5. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com BENEFIT GOOD STUFF

6. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com DISBENEFIT BAD STUFF

7. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com OBJECTIVE GREAT STUFF

8. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com FIELD STUFF

9. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Stuff will result in Good stuff won’t lead to Bad Stuff will get to Great Stuff could will may

10. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Tips

11. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com MAP IT!

12. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Maybe not...

13. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com13 Map Tips....

14. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com SCENARIOS

15. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com SCENARIOS

16. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com SCENARIOS

17. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com LEAD and LAG

18. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com OBOM

19. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com DBM ZBM

20. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com CATEGORIES

21. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com REGISTER OBOMOR

22. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com £

23. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com ENGAGEMENT

24. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com SIGN-OFF

25. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com REPORT

26. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com INSIGHT

27. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com EMERGENT

28. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Over To You

29. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Over To You Tips..... Actions.....

30. www.thehomeofbenefitsmanagement.com Some GREAT Stuff for you And Finally...

31. This presentation was delivered at an APM event To find out more about upcoming events please visit our website www.apm.org.uk/events

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