Why are warships not classed?

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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: akhil2891

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Why warships are not classed??? Presented by: Akhil Saxena 35th batch Dept. Of Ship Tech. C.U.S.A.T

 What is classification?  Role of classification societies.  Merchant vessels and why they are classed?  Warships and their role.  Why warships are not classed? CONTENT

 Commercial ships over a certain size must be ‘classed’.  This means they must be certified as in accordance with the requirements of the Classification Rules and Regulations of a recognized classification society, in order to be issued with certificates confirming compliance with the statutory requirements of the flag state.  This makes classification a mandatory requirement for a commercial ship to operate. What is classification?

 The classification process is used to assure stakeholders that a ship or other marine platform complies with a set of rules or other safety and technical standards that have been shown to be appropriate for its function

 A classification society is a non-governmental organization.  Classification societies set technical rules, confirm that designs and calculations meet these rules, survey ships and structures during the process of construction and commissioning, and periodically survey vessels to ensure that they continue to meet the rules. ROLE OF CLASSIFICATION SOCIETIES

 To avoid liability, they explicitly take no responsibility for the safety, fitness for purpose,or seaworthiness of the ship.

 The ship has been designed to a prescribed standard that reflects the operational requirement.  The ship has been constructed to those standards, using traceable materials and components.  A baseline is available establishing records for in- service phase of the ships operational life. AT DELIVERY CERTIFICATION ASSURES THAT:

 A merchant vessel is a ship that transports cargo or passengers.  The closely related term commercial vessel is defined by the United States Coast Guard as any vessel (i.e. boat or ship) engaged in commercial trade or that carries passengers for hire. MERCHANT VESSEL

 Safety of life at sea is of paramount importance.  Large capital investments.  Marine insurance .  Environment protection.  Better transportation of cargo.  Technical assistance.  Administrative and legal matters of shipping. WHY MERCHANT SHIPS ARE CLASSED??

 Warship is a ship that is built and primarily intended for combat.  As well as being armed, warships are designed to withstand damage and are usually faster and more maneuverable than merchant ships.  Unlike a merchant ship, which carries cargo, a warship typically only carries weapons, ammunition and supplies for its crew. WARSHIP

 Stop piracy  Protection of coastline  War  Patrolling  Supplies  Reconnaissance ROLE OF WARSHIP


 In commercial shipping, ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) process is used in order to meet international safety regulations.  Warships are designed to withstand damage and are usually faster and more maneuverable than merchant ships.  Elevated levels of risk involved in Naval warships. The concept of operations (CONOPS) followed. 1. ANALYSIS OF RISK

 In a commercial vessel, importance is given to the crew’s living standard and conditions. The comfort of the ship’s company is taken into account.  In warships, however, maximum possible space is allotted to store the ammunition and explosives.  Minimum space for the company.  Principle of “YOU KILL OR YOU DIE” followed. 2. DIFFERENCE IN PRIORITY


 Warships are very strategic to a nation and any mistake or leakage of information can lead to greater repercussions .  The classification is done by foreign surveyors which may lead to information leakage. 3. INFORMATION SECURITY

 The cost of constructing a ship is huge and thus commercial ships need to be insured.  A warship construction and maintenance cost is borne by the country’s government.  “Benefits are not payable for any loss to which a contributing cause is war or any act of war, declared or undeclared.” 4. INSURANCE

 Warships are constructed by referring to NCDs.  Thus DNA acts as the classification society.  WOT is responsible for all the surveys conducted during construction phase.  Regular surveys are also conducted by the naval workup team.  Hence, no need of any other classification society. 5. METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION

 Major work of WOTs and workup teams:  Verification of materials and equipment brought in by the shipbuilder.  Periodic surveys to confirm the material state of the vessel and to assess continued compliance with the Rules.

 Aircraft/helicopter and vehicle fuel storage and distribution systems.  Replenishment at sea arrangements.  Weapons system seats.  NBCD systems.  Aircraft landing guides. 6. ADDITIONAL THINGS TO BE CONSIDERED

 Uniqueness of vessels.  Not governed by IMO instruments- marpol, LL, SOLAS etc.  Functionality different – emphasis given to speed, ammunition, weaponry.  Navy has its own sets of rules.  Insurance not an issue.  Navy has its own survey team.  Confidentiality of information/ design. ADDITIONAL

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