Why are fashion bracelets sold way more than any other kind of preciou

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Published on September 14, 2019

Author: SilverShineUSA

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Why are fashion bracelets sold way more than any other kind of precious metal bracelets Fashion bracelets are sold way more in quantity as compared to precious metal bracelets for a number of reasons online or even on a physical store for that matter. I am writing this blog for us to only realise what is exactly happening in the world of fashion bracelets. Inspite of precious metal fashion bracelets being far better why are they not sold as much as bracelets made from cheaper and durable materials. Let’s find out: Fashion bracelets price: Ofcourse those who can’t afford expensive fashion jewelry bracelets made from precious metals like gold will most likely resort to w o men ’ s fashion bracelets and artificial bracelets. I included this as the first point since it was pretty obvious but there are more important reasons about those that can afford precious metal fashion jewelry bracelets still prefer fashion bracelets made from cheaper and durable materials over ones made from precious metals like gold. Fashion bracelets fashion trends: So in my opinion any person that likes to wear fashion bracelets or for that matter any accessories on a daily basis does like being fashionable and presentable always. This comes off as pre-requisite to the fact that they obviously believe in wearing beautiful designs and constantly like to change their fashion bracelets from time to time. They love to wear w o men ’s fashion jewelry bracelets not slide 2: occasionally and instead like wearing them on a daily basis probably to their study places or work places every day. Most than can afford the ones made from precious metals like gold cannot afford buying gold constantly from time to time just to follow fashion trends. This means that in order to continue changing their fashion and updating themselves they’d simply have to resort to fashion jewelry bracelets made from cheap and durable materials. Fashion Bracelets Materials: Lets compare materials like brass pewter and nickel with gold. Who wins Gold Sorry but materials like brass pewter and nickel are strong durable materials that are stable and do not corrode under normal atmospheric conditions. It is true that gold is valued more but the it is far to expensive and hence materials like brass pewter and nickel are strong and cheap replacements for gold ornaments. Experimentations and Design Veratility: Did you know fashion jewelry bracelets designs are never created first on gold. Gold is far more expensive and new designs are never directly created with gold. First they are perfected on such cheaper materials and then they are gold plated to understand how the original look would be. This is because gold plated fashion bracelets are nearly indistinguishable from fashion bracelets made completely from the precious metal. Moreover if you decide to create only fashion bracelets made from the afore mentioned cheaper and durable materials you have so much room to experiment designs since they are so cheap that you can use as much material as you’d like without having to worry of how much it costs. The leads to an entire industry constantly experimenting and creating millions of designs whereas one simply can’t do the same with fashion jewelry made from precious metals. Fraud It is extremely easy to fool someone with the aforementioned precious metal gold. The various standards of carats can easily be used to fool someone. On the contrary we know that fashion jewelry bracelets made from cheap and durable materials will not give someone much room to fraud with. Hence even if it is a slightly higher priced fashion jewelry bracelet made from cheap and durable materials you might just end up paying it as a small fee for the designer’s efforts. Online Accessibility Across the world most people haven’t been muster strength to actually trust any online precious metal jewelry web-store. Unlike that there are several web-stores that sell fashion bracelets and w o men ’s artificial and imitation bracelets online. A web-store like SilverShine sells massive number of designs online and has managed to form a strong community of shoppers that truly believe in sensibly spending towards cheaper products that are durable long lasting and one will not simply face any kind of regrets even if it is lost or damaged or scratched the slightest. Because in any case it can be easily replaced without the slightest hesitations since they are that cheap. slide 3: I personal can easily afford precious metals but I have been buying from this store and their collections made me realise that I used to save up to buy precious metals when I simply didn’t need to do that. Thanks to such crazy prices now I get to spend on more and better things in life. Source: http://www.imfaceplate.com/silvershine/why-are-fashion-bracelets-sold-way-more-than- any-other-kind-of-precious-metal-bracelets

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