Why And How Are Baby Sensory Activities Significant For Kids?

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Information about Why And How Are Baby Sensory Activities Significant For Kids?

Published on November 21, 2019

Author: bridgingthegap

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Bridgingthegap.com.sg Why And How Are Baby Sensory Activities Significant For Kids Sensory stimulation is the impact the environment on our minds and bodies as we interpret information through our five senses. This type of stimulation is important for brain development in kids from 0-5 years of age. Research has proven that kids who play baby sensory activities achieve higher IQ scores than those who lack or receive improper baby sensory activities in Singapore. At the time of birth the brain of an infant is immature and needs stimulation to fully develop. However this sensory requires proper planning. Over stimulation or too many baby sensory activities will cause an overload of information which will case hindrance in the ability of the brain to learn. For instance we may have noticed how easily babies can become irritated if over-exposed to music lights or even touch. This emotional reaction indicates that the kids feel overwhelmed by the extra amount of information and cannot perceive or cope out from over stimulation. Different factors like age individuality and personality play a significant role in determining the optimal baby sensory threshold in a child. As a general guideline baby sensory activities should be limited to three sessions per day and should not exceed fifteen minutes per session of the class. Over stimulation activities will be indicated by your child in case he seems irritable starts to push away the toys or something similar. Go through all such cues and remember that baby sensory activities should always be entertaining for both parents and infants. Also go for various toys and activities so that your infant can explore new activities and is less likely to become bored or irritated.

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