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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: Dunbarmerrill



Make money... Sell Royal Standard Goods through your online store, salon or boutique.

  Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.       Our  Wholesale  Philosophy:             We  want  to  make  it  easy  for  you  to  sell  Royal  Standard  products…     We  accomplish  this  by  giving  Resellers  direct  access  to  what  they   want  when  they  want  it.    Becoming  a  Reseller  is  easy,  to  register   simply  go  to:,  click  the   Wholesale  Login  tab  at  the  top  of  the  page,  from  here  Reseller’s   are  granted  access  to  Royal  Standard’s  Wholesale  Marketplace.     -­‐    

Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.     Our  objective  in  developing  the  Royal  Standard  Wholesale  Marketplace  was  to  create  a   wholesale-­‐to-­‐retail  exchange  that  was  user-­‐friendly  &  as  convenient  as  online  shopping.             Products offered to Resellers at wholesale prices are featured the same way as other online stores / websites (EX: Amazon & etc…). Each individual Royal Standard product in the Wholesale Marketplace is sold in lots (Batch Sizes) of: 10, 20, & 30 Units, with a minimum wholesale order of 30 units total. Price  &  Shipping  discounts  increase  with  size  of  orders.   -­‐    

Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.     LEAVE-­‐IN   HAIR  REPAIR         MSRP:    $9.99  &  UP     •  Repairs  Dry  &  Damaged  Hair   •  Adds  Shine  &  Controls  Frizz   •  Protects  Hair  Color       Description:     Royal  Standard  Leave-­‐In  Hair  Repair  repairs  dry,  damaged  hair  while   adding  shine  and  controlling  frizz.  Our  Leave-­‐In  Hair  Tonic  seals  in   moisture,  protects  hair  color,  detangles,  prevents  split  ends  and  breakage,   creating  silkiness  while  enhancing  hairs  natural  body.  Royal  Standard   Leave-­‐In  Hair  Repair  also  protects  your  hair  from  heat.         Ingredients:    Aloe  Vera  Extract,  Deionized  &  Ozonated  Water,  Witch  Hazel,  Citric   Acid,  Tocopheryl  Acetate  {Vitamin  E}     WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $50     20  UNITS  =  $95       30  UNITS  =  $130  -­‐  

Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.     SHAVE  GEL         MSRP:    $5.99  &  UP     All  Natural  Shaving  Gel  made  with  Aloe  Vera  to  soothe,  protect,  moisturize   your  skin  long  after  your  finished  shaving.     Description:         Royal  Standard  Shave  Gel  is  made  with  all-­‐natural  ingredients,  and  never   contains  sulfates  that  dry  out  and  age  your  skin.  Our  Aloe  Vera  base   formula  contains  Witch  Hazel,  and  Vegetable  Glycerin  to  help  the  razor   smoothly  glide  across  the  skin.  Vitamin  E,  Tea  Tree  &  Peppermint  Extracts   that  soothe  &  calm  your  skin  preventing  irritation,  and  as  natural   antiseptics,  leave  your  skin  clean  and  fresh.     Ingredients:    Distilled  Water,  Aloe  Vera  Extract,  Witch  Hazel,  Plant  Glycerin,  Xanthan   Gum,  Citric  Acid,  Potassium  Sorbate,  Cinnamon  Bark,  Tea  Tree  Extract,  Peppermint   Extract,  Eucalyptus  Extract,  Tocopheryl  Acetate  {Vitamin  E}         WHOLESALE  PRICE:   10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $80  -­‐  

  Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.   FACE  WASH         MSRP:    $5.99  &  UP       Royal  Standard  Face  Wash  is  an  all-­‐natural  plant  derived  cleanser  designed   to  deeply  yet  gently  remove  dirt  &  oil  from  pores  while  its  fresh  aroma   invigorates  &  uplifts  the  spirit.     Royal  Standard  Face  Wash  uses  an  all  natural  formula  including  Aloe  Vera   to  moisturize  &  soothe,  Witch  Hazel  proven  to  dissolve  excess  oils  and  seal   in  moisture,  Plant  Glycerin  that  builds  and  protects  the  natural  elasticity  of   the  skin  reducing  the  signs  of  aging,  Vitamin  E,  Cinnamon  Bark,  Tea  Tree   and  other  natural  extracts  that  purify  the  pores  of  the  face  while   awakening  the  senses.       Ingredients:    Deionized  Water,  Aloe  Vera  Extract,  Witch  Hazel,  Glycerin,  Xanthan  Gum,   Citric  Acid,  Potassium  Sorbate,  Cinnamon  Bark,  Tea  Tree  Extract,  Peppermint  Extract,,   Eucalyptus  Extract,  Tocopheryl  Acetate  {Vitamin  E}       WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $80  -­‐  

Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.     UNDER–CARRIAGE   SHAVE  GEL         MSRP:    $6.99  &  UP     Royal  Standard’s  Under-­‐Carriage  Shave  Gel  is  specially  formulated  for  the   most  delicate  of  places…  An  All-­‐Natural,  unique  &  exquisite  way  to  take   care  of  your  “under-­‐carriage.”     Under  Carriage  is  the  only  product  on  the  market  that  is  both  All-­‐Natural  &   marketed  specifically  for  places  other  than  your  face.    Full  body  grooming   is  not  only  widely,  and  in  many  places  universally  practiced,  recent  years   have  seen  growing  trends  of  social  acceptance,  if  not  encouragement  of   such  applications  by  both  women  &  men  alike.    {2/3  of  Men  under  30   routinely  shave  places  other  than  their  face.}     Ingredients:    Deionized  Water,  Aloe  Vera  Extract,  Witch  Hazel,  Plant  Glycerin,  Xanthan   Gum,  Citric  Acid,  Potassium  Sorbate,  Cinnamon  Bark,  Peppermint  Extract,  Lavender   Extract,  Eucalyptus  Extract,  Tocopheryl  {Vitamin  E}  German  Chamomile  Extract     WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $80  -­‐  

  Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.   CLEAR  SKIN  LOTION         MSRP:    $5.99  &  UP     Royal  Standard's  All-­‐Natural  Clear  Skin  Lotion  is  a  powerful,  safe  &   effective  way  to  eliminate  acne  and  unwanted  blemishes.    It  utilizes  the   best  nature  has  to  offer  to  eliminate  acne  and  improve  the  condition  of   your  skin.  This  all-­‐natural  aloe  based  formula  uses  plant  derived  extracts   that  have  proven  in  many  ways  to  be  more  effective  than  the  harsh  and   harmful  synthetic  chemicals  found  in  most  cosmetics.  Royal  Standard  Acne   Clearing  Lotion  doesn't  just  treat  acne,  it  helps  restore  the  natural  PH  of   your  skin,  preventing  future  break  outs.     *  Aluminum  Free   *  Sulfate  &  Paraben  Free     Ingredients:    Aloe  Vera  Leaf  Juice,  Deionized  &  Ozonated  Water,  Witch  Hazel,  Plant   Glycerin,  Xanthan  Gum,  Citric  Acid,  Potassium  Sorbate,  Cinnamon  Bark,  Tea  Tree   Extract,  Peppermint  Extract,  Cedar  Wood  Extract,  Tocopheryl  Acetate  {Vitamin  E}         WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $80  -­‐  

Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.     COURTESY  SPRAY         MSRP:    $5.99  &  UP     Royal  Standard's  Odor  Eliminating  Proper  John's  Courtesy  Spray  is  a  blend   of  essential  oils  designed  to  trap  offensive  odors  beneath  the  surface  while   producing  a  pleasant  aroma  above.  Just  Spray  before  you  go...  and  no  one   will  know.     Royal  Standard's  Odor  Eliminating  Proper  John's  Courtesy  Spray  contains   essential  oils  such  as  Eucalyptus  &  Peppermint  that  float  atop  the  water  in   the  toilet  forming  a  protective  barrier  which  keeps  foul  and  otherwise   unwanted  odors  trapped  beneath  the  surface  while  yielding  a  crisp  and   fresh  aroma  above.  Allowing  you  to  be  courteous  to  others  whether  it's  at:     Home,  the  office,  a  party,  a  restaurant,  or  your  boyfriend’s  house…     Ingredients:    Water,  Eucalyptus  Extract,  Citric  Acid,  Alcohol,  Peppermint  Extract,  Tea   Tree  Extract.         WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $75  -­‐  

Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.     AFTER  SHAVE         MSRP:    $5.99  &  UP       Make  shaving  into  something  you  look  forward  to…                   Royal  Standard  After  Shave  Lotion  is  all-­‐natural  formula  made  with  Aloe   Vera  to  protect  &  moisturize,  Chamomile  and  Witch  Hazel  to  calm  the  skin   and  prevent  redness  and  razor  burn,  citric  acid  to  balance  and  restore  your   natural  PH,  Vitamin  E,  Peppermint  and  Tea  Tree  Extracts  that  soothe  and   pacify  your  skin  while  cleansing  pores  and  protecting  against  in-­‐grown   hairs.       Ingredients:    Aloe  Vera  Extract,  Deionized  Water,  Witch  Hazel,  Xanthan  Gum,  Citric   Acid,  Potassium  Sorbate,  Cinnamon  Bark,  Peppermint  Extract,  Tea  Tree  Extract,,   Eucalyptus  Extract,  Chamomile  Extract,  Tocopheryl  Acetate  {Vitamin  E}     WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $80  -­‐  

  Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.   LEAVE-­‐IN HAIR  REPAIR  {XL}             MSRP:    $18.99  &  UP     TWICE  THE  SIZE  OF  REGULAR  HAIR  REPAIR     •  Repairs  dry  &  damaged  hair   •  Adds  shine  &  controls  frizz   •  Protects  hair  color       Royal  Standard  Leave-­‐In  Hair  Repair  repairs  dry,  damaged  hair  while   adding  shine  and  controlling  frizz.  Our  Leave-­‐In  Hair  Tonic  seals  in   moisture,  protects  hair  color,  detangles,  prevents  split  ends  and  breakage,   creating  silkiness  while  enhancing  hairs  natural  body.  Royal  Standard   Leave-­‐In  Hair  Repair  also  protects  your  hair  from  heat.     WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $  80     20  UNITS  =  $150     30  UNITS  =  $199  -­‐  

Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.     LAVENDER   ROOM  &  BODY  SPRAY         MSRP:    $5.99  &  UP     For  Room  &  Body.  Lavender  Fragrance  Spray  will  soothe  tension  and  calm  the  senses.   Contains  authentic  essential  oils  that  tested  to  confirm  100%  purity  and  naturalness.   No  synthetic  fragrances,  colors  or  preservatives.  None  pressurized  spray.       *  Petroleum-­‐Free     *  Cruelty-­‐Free     *  Paraben-­‐Free     Spray  a  light  mist  over  pillow  &  sheets  for  an  authentic  aromatherapy  experience.   Lavender  calms  &  clears  the  mind  for  a  more  restful,  peaceful  slumber.  The  therapeutic   aroma  helps  to  soothe  away  tension,  stress  &  anxiety.       Ingredients:    Deionized  &  Ozonated  Water,  100%  Pure  Therapeutic  Grade  Lavender   Essential  Oil  (Imported  from  France),  Grain  Alcohol.     WHOLESALE  PRICE:     10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $80  -­‐  

  Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.   PRE-­‐SHAVE   TREATMENT         MSRP:    $5.99  &  UP     SOOTHES  –  COOLS  –  PROTECTS     With  Royal  Standard’s  unique  formula  of  only  all  natural  ingredients,  Pre-­‐ Shave  Treatment  is  about  to  become  your  skin's  best  friend.  But  this  isn't   only  about  closer  shaves  -­‐  it's  got  you  covered  before,  during  and  after.   Expect  a  clean,  close  shave  with  protection  from  nicks  &  cuts.     •  Softer  whiskers  &  Superior  Lubrication   •  Healthy,  Hydrated  &  Soothed  Skin   •  Protection  from  Harsh  Environmental  Factors     Ingredients:  Deionized  &  Ozonated  Water,  Aloe  Vera  Extract,  Witch  Hazel,  Citric     Acid,  Potassium  Sorbate,  Cinnamon  Bark,  Peppermint  Extract,  Tea  Tree     Extract,  Chamomile  Extract,  Tocopheryl  Acetate  {Vitamin  E},  Alcohol       10  UNITS  =  $30     20  UNITS  =  $55     30  UNITS  =  $80  -­‐  

      Royal  Standard  Goods  &  Co.   For  more  information  on  all  natural  Royal  Standard  grooming  goods,   email  us  at:  or  visit:       Click  the  Wholesale  Login  tab  to  set  up  a  Reseller  account  for  free  &   start  selling  Royal  Standard  grooming  goods  at  your  retail  outlet.     If  you  are  “on  the  fence”  about  what  you  want  to  order,  we  will  gladly  send   you  a  sample  of  any  of  our  products  at  no  cost  to  you.    Just  email  us  at:     Be  sure  to  include  the  product(s)  you’d  like  a  sample  of  and  shipping  address.  -­‐  

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