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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: sendipen

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Who Moved My Cheese??? - Spencer Johnson 1

Spencer Johnson (About The Author) • International best selling author, • Originator and co-author of “One Minute Manager”, • Written many books of One Minute® series • His education includes B.A. in phycology , M.D. Degree from royal college of Surgeons. 2

Cheese • Nothing but a Metaphor • Things which makes us happy • E.g. Job, money, relationship, big house etc. • Each of us has our own Idea of what cheese is 3

Maze • Again a metaphor • Places where we spend time to look for what we like • E.g. Community, Relationship, Organization one work in etc. • Whole world is a maze. 4

A Gathering Chicago • Gathering of friends after reunion last night • Curious to know about each others life • Everyone afraid to change • Not changing, costed some of them much 5

Continued… • Everyone was trying to cope with the change, • Most of them didn’t know the way to handle it, • Guy named Michael interpreted change in a different way, • Motivated them with a funny story …………. 6

The Story ONCE, long ago, there lived 4 little characters who ran through a maze looking for cheese to nourish them & make them happy. Two were mice named “Sniff” & “Scurry” and two were little people named “Hem” & “Haw”. 7

They were all different of course but shared something in common, their daily routine…. Everyday they used to put on their running shoes and get going in the maze looking after new cheese 8

• Found their special cheese in “Cheese Station C” • Little mice followed the same old routine, • Haw and Hem became lazy and started to wake up late, • They both grew a blind faith about cheese to last forever, • They were so happy that they wrote a sentence on the wall of Cheese Station C…… 9

Having Cheese Makes You Happy 10

• One morning cheese was gone, • Mice were not surprised, they noticed it earlier, • Same day when hem and haw arrived they were surprised, “What no cheese??; Who moved my cheese??” Hem yelled. • Both went home hungry • Haw then wrote another sentence there…… 11

The More Important Your Cheese Is To You, The More You Want To Hold On To It. 12

• Even next day situation didn’t change • Mice changed with situation • But Haw and Hem stay the in hope of getting their cheese back, • But with time haw changed and advised Hem to start looking for new cheese • Hem didn’t agree • So Haw decided to leave the Cheese station C by announcing “it’s maze time” and wrote another sentence on the wall……. 13

If You Don’t Change, You Can Become Extinct. 14

Continued… • In another part of the maze Sniff and Scurry found new cheese in “Cheese Station N” • Haw was little doubtful whether he should go further or not, • So he wrote another sentence on the wall of maze…… 15

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? 16

Continued… • Haw now realized that change wouldn’t take him by surprise, if he had been watching what was happening there and if he had anticipated change. • He stopped for a rest and again wrote on the wall of maze….. 17

Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old. 18

Haw wondered if Hem had moved on, or if he was still paralyzed by his own fears. Then, Haw remembered the times when he had felt his best in the Maze. It was when he was moving along. He wrote: 19

Movement In A New Direction Helps You Find New Cheese. 20

Continued… • Haw started running down the dark corridors and began to smile • He started trusting what lay ahead of him, even though he didn’t know what exactly was that. • He started to enjoy himself, • He again stopped and wrote on the wall…... 21

When You Move Beyond Your Fear, You Feel Free. 22

He started to paint a picture of himself in his mind as eating cheese of all kinds he ever liked. The more clearly he saw the image of himself enjoying New Cheese, the more real & believable it became. He wrote: 23

Imagining Myself Enjoying New Cheese, Even Before I Find It, Leads Me To It. 24

Continued… • He ran faster and faster • He found some cheese station empty and then he thought for a while and decided to go back and see if Hem was ready to join him. • He then wrote on the wall…… 25

The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner you Find New Cheese. 26

Continued… • Haw made it back to Cheese Station C, • Hew still didn’t want to change, he wanted his own old cheese, • Haw shook his head in disappointment and went back out on his own, • He was sure of find new cheese just in a matter of time. • He smiled as he realized:……. 27

It Is Safer To Search In The Maze Than Remain In The Cheeseless Situation. 28

Continued… • He realized: • The fact of fear is not as bad as u imagine • The fear that builds in our mind is worse than the situation actually exist, • It is natural for change to continuously occur weather you accept it or not. When he realized all these, he changed his beliefs He then paused again to write……. 29

Old Beliefs Do Not Lead You To New Cheese. 30

Continued… • His new beliefs started to encourage him, • He was behaving differently • He knew when we change what you believe, you change what you do, • It all depends on what you choose to believe. • He again wrote on the wall…… 31

When You See That You Can Find And Enjoy New Cheese, You Change Course. 32

Continued… • Haw regretted about his past as he would be in better shape now if he had embraced the change much sooner and left Cheese Station C earlier. • He was glad that he had written on the wall in many place which will work as a marked tail for Hem, if he want to leave Cheese Station C. • He again wrote on the wall what he had been thinking about for some time…… 33

Noticing Small Changes Early Helps You Adapt To The Bigger Changes That Are To Come. 34

He continued on through the Maze with greater strength & speed. He proceeded along a corridor that was new to him, rounded a corner, & found New Cheese at Cheese Station N where he saw the greatest supply of Cheese he had ever seen. Sniff & Scurry welcomed him. “Hooray for Change!” Haw wrote down a summary of what he had learned on the largest wall of Cheese Station N & smiled as he looked at what he had learned: 35

THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL Change Happens Anticipate Change Monitor Change Adapt To Change Quickly Change Enjoy Change ! Be Ready To Change Quickly & Enjoy It Again. 36

Continued… • He realized how far he had come since he had been with Hem, • Now each day he started to inspect the cheese at cheese station, • He often went out in the maze to explore new areas • Then, Haw heard a sound of movement out in the maze. It was from someone who was coming toward him. • Could it be the Hem was arriving…….??? 37

Move With The Cheese And Enjoy It! 38

Thank You For Your Patience 39

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