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Published on June 17, 2013

Author: chazz89

Source: slideshare.net


Finals of Who Dares Quiz!! an Open General Quiz conducted by Dottoh and Chazz on 16th June 2011.

ZE FINALS•8 rounds on Infy Bounce.•88 questions in total.•The last question of each round has been contributedby our ever-“green” friend Debanjan Bose.•Limited infinite pounce (20 per team).•+15/-5 on pounce.


1.• This is a complicated story of imagery.When the field first came to the public notice in asubstantial way, a common view of the processwas that X’s would metaphorically "reach in" and"clean". In every day life, cleaning of clothingoften resulted in size of clothing to reduce, henceY-ing. So, the parallel image of cleaning, and Y-ing, led to X’s being called Y’s. So, what’s thequestion?

Answer• Why are psychologists called shrinks?

2.• So, one of the stories goes thus: when theRomans conquered Gaul they borrowed thestyle of local footwear. Nobles would wear ared leather boot with ornately carved woodensoles to display their station. What wordderives from this?

Answer• Galoshes

3.• English poet William Wordsworth referred tothe plight of X workers of his hometown ofCockermouth in his autobiographical poem"The Prelude".• All this changed thanks to the efforts of acertain Adolf Von Baeyer reducing theproduction of X from 19,000 tons in 1897 to amere thousand tons in 1914.• A tragedy we are more aware through aseditious literary work closer home. X?Literary work?

Answer• Indigo dye• Nildarpan

4.• Analogues can be drawn to the cooking term,meaning the same thing. Its origins have beentraced to the decade 1840-1850, but itspopularity in modern English (it is lesscommon in modern French) is attributed to itsuse by the lead character in Muriel Sparks1961 novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, inwhich the intensely authoritative girls schoolteacher refers to her charges with this epithet.The line from the novel reads, Miss Brodie hadtold them at that time, and all my pupils arethe .............”

Answer• Crème de la crème

5.• G K Datt, who currently owns the A R Studio inNew Delhi is entrusted with whatresponsibility, for the past 60 years, at a gap ofevery five years and two years, a practicestarted by his father A R Datt?

Answer• Clicking a group photo of MPs at theculmination of every Lok Sabha’s term andRajya Sabha MPs

6.• It was first successfully tested at a large eventhall in Carinthia, Austria in 2003. Its initial useswere for live events such as concerts—KylieMinogue in Australia, Robbie Williams in GreatBritain and The Police in Argentina andtelevision programs such as the EurovisionSong Contest in Greece and Finland beforebeing to put to use in the ‘field’. What calledso because of the intricate system of Kevlarcables required for its functioning?


7.• A composite beast with a mans face, a lionsbody, and the stinger of a scorpion• “…a chameleon -- borrowed from a similarcreature in the Zulu tradition -- that performsa sutradhar’s role”• If these are the 2nd and 3rd ones what was thefirst one?


8.• X Internet was founded in 1996 by Americanweb entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and BruceGilliat. The companys name was chosen inhomage to the what was at one point thelargest repository of knowledge in the world.Currently it is a subsidiary of Amazon. As of2013, its website is visited by over 8 millionpeople monthly.• What exactly does it do?

Answer• Alexa Internet, Inc. provides commercial webtraffic data. Once it is installed, the AlexaToolbar collects data on browsing behaviorand transmits it to the Alexa website, where itis stored and analyzed, forming the basis forthe companys web traffic reporting.

9.• In an interview with Jim Leach, chairman ofthe National Endowment for the Humanities,he explains that name comes from a warningfrom his father and mother not to speak hismind while outside. His pseudonym in thenative language means “don’t speak”. Who?


10.• “I was writing an investing article aboutanother man, Alfred Winslow Jones, whowasn’t famous at the moment. Jones wasrunning something called a hedge fund, andFortune’s description of what that was andhow Jones operated started a mini-boom. XPartnership Ltd-a sort of competitor of Jones’sfund-got a single line in the article. To myeverlasting dismay I misspelled X, giving it onlyone ‘t’.”- Carole Loomis from Tap Dancing toWork. X?

Answer• Warren Buffett

Le Eleventh…• Few among the 19 of them named have been named after:• Spain• King Ferdinand II of Aragon• St. Christopher – patron saint of seafarers• ‘Holy Cross’ – (also found in Bombay)• The city of Genoa• A Spanish city – also gave name to a US Capital which wasthought to be New Spain.• German geologist Theodor Wolf• Sir _____ James Sullivan, prominent naval Lieutenant.• South American leader Juan Jose Flores, first president of acountry

The Galapagos Islands



ANSWER• Olivia Dabrowska


ANSWER• Temple of Vesta, Rome; Vestal Virgins

3.• Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder is aGerman politician, and was Chancellor ofGermany from 1998 to 2005.• Following the 2005 federal election he stooddown as Chancellor in favour of Angela Merkel ofthe rival Christian Democratic Union.• What nickname(s) did Gerhard Schroder’s fourmarriages earn him?• Two possible answers. Any one shall suffice.

ANSWER• Audi and Lord of the Rings

4.• I have watched the footage of Xs resuscitation many, manytimes (…) It has an order to it – a rhythm that is precise,correct, unhurried. This is how we behave when we knowthat protocol must be followed but that all hope is lost. Profconfirms: "By his neurological signs, I knew it was going tobe a fatal injury – but Xs heart was still beating, so therewere procedures to follow.“• And though Prof isnt religious, he says: "He sighed… andthat was when I felt his spirit depart." I remember cryingmy eyes out when I saw the worlds media drip-feeding : ‘Ycritically ill, ‘Y brain dead… then ‘Y dead, aged 34.‘• Excerpts of an interview between a certain Manish Pandeyand “Prof”. Who is Prof? Who is XY? How is Manish Pandeyrelated to the scenario?

• Sidney Watkins; Ayrton Senna; Writer-Producer of Senna

5.• “I owe X a real debt. It was because of her that Iplayed Y (…) She called the owner and told himshe wanted me booked immediately, and if hewould, she promised she would take a front tableevery night, that the press would go wild. He saidyes, and X was there, front table, every night. Thepress went overboard(…)She was an unusualwoman, ahead of her time and she didn’t knowit.”• X,Y and the speaker please!

• Marilyn Monroe; Mocambo; Ella Fitzgerald

6.• 2012: Hello Kitty(second version), Papa Smurf, The Elfon the Shelf, Kawss "Companion" , Happy Dragon(second version)• 2011: Sonic the Hedgehog (second version), PaulFranks "Julius the Sock Monkey," Tim Burtons "B”• 2010: Greg Heffley, Po from Kung Fu Panda, VirginiaOHanlon, Takashi Murakamis "Kaikai and Kiki”• 2009: Pillsbury Doughboy, Sailor Mickey Mouse (4thversion), Ronald McDonald (3rd version), Spider-Man (2nd version)• 2008: Horton the Elephant, Buzz Lightyear, Smurf, KeithHarings "Figure with Heart"

7.•There are several of these tunnels existing beneath the streets of Portland. Lessfamously known as the Portland underground they were said to be used totransport goods from ships to warehouses.•However, the more common name for these tunnels are attributed to either thembeing linked to the waterfront where ships from the east (mainly china) docked orto the fact that they ended directly below trapdoors beneath hotels or bars whichwere said to be used for an illicit practice lesser known as crimping.•WHAT WAS THE COMMON NAME FOR THESE TUNNELS AND WHAT PRACTICEWAS SAID TO BE CARRIED OUT HERE??

• Shanghai Tunnels; People were Shanghaied

8.• The term X applied to the takeover of Cambodiain 1975 by Pol Pot. The idea behind X is that allculture and traditions within a society must becompletely destroyed or discarded and a newrevolutionary culture must replace it, startingfrom scratch.• It is an analogy to Y, the usage of which startedfrom the events of 22nd September 1792.• X and Y please.

• X – Year Zero; Y – Year One

9.• It is said to symbolize life. It is also called the"handled cross", or crux ansata. It representsthe male triad and the female unit, under adecent form. There are few symbols morecommonly met with in Egyptian art. In someremarkable sculptures, where the suns raysare represented as terminating in hands, theofferings which these bring are many a cruxansata, emblematic of the truth that a fruitfulunion is a gift from the deity.

10.• “I had just entered the kitchen when I heard the first shots –there were eight. I knew that it was an Iver Johnsonrevolver. I knew the caliber of the gun, because I was ahunter, I had been in Vietnam, and had been shot at manytimes. I was 12 feet behind him. People were going down infront of me. I thought they were diving for cover, theyweren’t; they were being shot. The busboy, Juan Romero,was still holding _______, and I took one frame, which wastotally out of focus. The second frame, I made sure he wasin focus, but Romero was looking down at him. I took thethird as quickly as I could, and Romero looked up towardsme with a look of “Help me” in his face.”• Funda?

Le Eleventh…• What, part of office paraphernalia is a Frenchdiplomat under the Ambassador, who isassigned to him to perform dual roles of anunder-secretary and a diplomat?



1.• In 1994, David Dyte, a statistician in Victoria,designed a graphic with the name X flanked bythe silhouette of a batsman on the left and abowler on the right. What resulted? Who wasthe batsman? The silhouette was of a famousphotograph that captured the culmination ofan iconic match. Which match?

Answer• The original Cricinfo logo• Allan Border• The first tied test match

2.• This term once used in psychology to denotemild mental retardation. The term was closelytied with the American eugenics movement.Once the term became popularized, it fell outof use by the psychological community, as itwas used more commonly as an insult than asa psychological term. What term?

Answer• Moron

3.• A company that has a manageable amount ofdebt and does not wish to use precious equitycapital has a number of other options. One ofthese is X capital, so called because it sits inbetween equity and senior debt in order ofpreference on liquidation. Which termoriginally from the realm of architecture?

Answer• Mezzanine

4.• The Chinese Breakfast or Y is quite unique toCalcutta, it has been around for more than100 years. The little street it named after XStreet, next to Poddar Court, Esplanade Areaand comes alive around 5.30-6 am when thelittle stalls start their business. X, Y?

Answer• Yum Cha• Sun Yat Sen

5.• Rachel, the unofficial mascot of Pike Place Market inSeattle, Washington, is a bronze cast X Y that weighsnearly 600 pounds, located at the corner of PikePlace under the "Public Market Center" sign.• Rachel was designed by local artist Georgia Gerberand modeled after a X (also named Rachel) thatlived on Whidbey Island and was the 1977 IslandCounty prize-winner. Rachel receives roughly $9,000annually in just about every type of world currency,which is collected by the Market Foundation to fundthe Markets social services


6.• The cartoon series X’s Home for ImaginaryFriends was created by Craig Mccrackendebuted on CN in 2004. The show is set in aworld where childhood imaginary friends co-exist with humans and is set in an orphanagedesigned for outgrown or abandonedimaginary friends in which they may resideuntil adoption by another child. X is a surnameand a tongue-in cheek reference to thebackdrop in which the show is set. X?


7.• Born in Hartford, Connecticut, and growing upin nearby Westport, X began modeling at 17,and appeared in the original film version ofThe Poseidon Adventure (opposite GeneHackman) at the age of 19. During the run ofthe TV series Y, a young adult favourite sheshocked modest uptight sensibilities when sheappeared in a cover-featured pictorial in theJuly 1978 issue of Playboy magazine. A knownface in the 80’s,obliviated thereafter. X?

Answer• Pamela Sue Martin• Nancy Drew

8.• The song is reportedly about Canadiansinger/songwriter Z, with whom X and Y wereboth infatuated. In live performances of thesong, Y would often say the name Z after thisstanza (which is thought to have referencedZs 1967 composition I Had a King): “To find aqueen without a king, They say she playsguitar and cries and sings.”• The song is featured in the series finale ofEntourage where it was played throughout theshows final moments. X, Y and Z or the song?

Answer• Going to California• Joni Mitchell• Jimmy Page• Robert Plant

9.• Maciej/Matthew Nowicki died aroundmidnight on 30 August/1 September 1950, inthe crash of Trans World Airlines Flight 903 inthe Libyan Desert near Wadi Natrun in Egypt.He had been returning from India. Who wasthe chief beneficiary as a result of his death.What?

Answer• He was the chief architect designing the newcity of Chandigarh, so Le Corbusier.

10.• X, the fourth largest of its kind in India, startedin 1899 as India’s first fully integrated one. Xwas acquired by Y in 1989 and caters to 2.5million consumers and almost everyonepresent here and claims that its client listincludes Rabindranath Tagore, SwamiVivekananda and Netaji Subhash ChandraBose. X and Y, please.

Answer• CESC• RPG Group

Le Eleventh…• In the 1908, the O’Leary Fender Company in New York, fitteda mesh cradle of sorts that could spring forward and thenbackwards. However, the mechanism looked quite uncool onthe car and people did not buy such cars, not because it didnot serve is purpose but it looked simply bad on a car. It wascalled the cow cradle, jokingly.• However, the idea went to Europe and till the late 20s fewmodels came with this contraption. As car-engines weremodernised, the idea became futile.• What purpose did it serve?

Minimize human injuries on collison• Back in the day, cars were pretty slow and thus wheneversomeone was hit, he would get caught in the cradle. Withdevelopments, faster cars came and the idea becamepointless as the injury was more on the impact.


1.• In Finland, if your car is made to go throughthe Elk Test, what is being tested?

ANSWER• The Elk Test evaluates your car’s response tohigh-speed/sudden turns. Named so becauseof animals straying onto roads.

2.• What ,in marketing slang, is a technicalanalysis term referring to a rounding bottomin a stocks price pattern?

ANSWER• Jennifer Lopez market

3. ID these two characters.

ANSWER• Sarsaparilla and Vanilla. Asterix and Obelix’smothers.

4.• If Brijal Patel of Kenya and Keith Dabengwa ofZimbabwe were the last two, who were thefirst two? Also, what is being talked abouthere?

Super Subs

5.• "No one has actually seen a drop emerge, so it isgetting quite nervy round here," said ProfessorJohn Mainstone who has been running theexperiment since the 60s. "The other eight dropshappened while people had their backs turned.For the last drop, in 2000, we had a webcamtrained on the experiment, but it broke down …in 1988, when the previous drop was about toemerge, I popped out for a coffee and missed it.“• Funda

Pitch Drop experiment; Listed in Guiness as the world’slongest running experiment

6.• This iconic brand started off in a factory at BinduSarovar Road, Sidhpur, Gujarat. The website says thatthe brand “was in the market at a time when theconcept of consumer product selling wasn’t reallyborn in India” and that the brand “has acommendable market share in India & also has widepresence in Middle East, UK, USA, Japan, Australia &Canada.”• What am I talking about?

7.• How do we better know an ExtraterrestrialVegetation Evaluator?


8.• According to legend, after the 1890s discovery ofthe mummy of a Priestess of Ammon-Ra in Egypt, thepurchaser of the mummy ran into serious misfortune.The mummy was then reportedly donated tothe British Museum where it continued to causemysterious problems for visitors and staff. The mummywas eventually purchased by a journalist whodismissed the claims of a curse as quirks ofcircumstance and he subsequently took it with him onhis journey hiding it on the underside of his car.• What supposedly resulted?

ANSWER• The Titanic sank.

9.• It has been reportedly found that in animals sufferingfrom the X Syndrome large numbers of mites(Sarcoptes scabiei) burrowing under the skin causeinflammation, which results in thickening of the skin.Blood supply to hair follicles is cut off, so the fur fallsout. In especially bad cases, the animals weakenedcondition opens the door to bacteria that causesecondary skin infections, sometimes producing a foulodour and in many cases weakening them andrendering them unable to hunt in the wild.• This is believed to have solved a long-debated mystery.


10.• Xs former logo consisted of a mans face on themoon surrounded by 13 stars, and some claimedthat the logo was a mockery of the heavenlysymbol alluded to a verse in the Bible, thusconstruing the logo to be satanic.• The accusation was based on a particular passagein the Bible, specifically Revelation 12:1, whichstates: "And there appeared a great wonder inheaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and themoon under her feet, and upon her head a crownof 12 stars.“ (Pic of Logo on next slide)

ANSWER• Procter and Gamble

Le Eleventh…• Simple. Connect the two pictures with a name.

Audrey Tatou


1.• Set up by Pradip Shah in 1987 and morepopular by its acronym which organisation isnow an 807 crore company currently headedby Roopa Kudva and has a 50,000 strong clientbase spread over 150 cities? An annual reportis for all purposes considered incomplete witha reference to this organisation.

Answer• Crisil

2.• What was founded in 1823 by Thomas Wakley,an English surgeon who named it after asurgical instrument as well as after thearchitectural term meaning a window with asharp pointed arch, to indicate the "light ofwisdom" or "to let in light“?


3.• Peter Morgan who adapted David Peace’sbestselling novel into a script said: "It dealswith themes I love: Alcoholism and self-destruction and psychotic malecompetitiveness and treachery." Which filmwhose first television trailer premiered onSetanta Sports 1 on 23 January 2009, beforethe kick-off of the FA Cup Fourth Round tiebetween Derby County and NottinghamForest?


4.• He rarely spoke, and then did so in amarginally intelligible pidgin jumble of ethnicclichés: “De phonograph is a great invention-nit! I don’t think-wait till I git dat foolish birdhom. I won’t do a ting te him well say’. Who,so named by his creator for the colour of thenightshirt he was seen wearing?

Answer• The Yellow Kid

5.• In his 1966 memoir John Scarne, one of themost famous storied magicians of his timetalks about how he wanted to become a boxerand regularly sparred as a kid and lost to who,more famously known by his nickname coinedby the legendary sportswriter DamonRunyon? What nickname?

Answer• James Braddock• Cinderella Man

6.• Schloss Cecilienhof was the last palace built bythe Hohenzollern family that ruled Prussia andGermany until 1918. Cecilienhof has been anUNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. Whathappened here four and a half decadesearlier?


7.• What devised in 1876 and has undergone 23editions and expansions thus far, with all theones till 1931 undertaken by the creatorhimself and is used in 200,000 institutions oftheir kind in at least 135 countries?


8.• Swabalambi Ghosh, a successful businessman,at the dictate of his deceased wife forms aplay troupe. An ad is given in the newspaper.For actors, there appear a sadhu banglaspeaking retired soldier who is semi-deaf, anusurer, a flirting hero, an opera actor and tworockbaaj chokras. But, where is the actress? Atlast, Swabalambi Ghosh finds none other thanhis sister-in-law. So whose ‘wheels startedspinning’ (or should I say ‘light startedshining’) 41 years back with Saroj Roy?

Answer• Gorur Gaarir Headlight

9.• So, if you were Greek if you were indulging inthis then you were tearing flesh in rage.• Over the years it has undergone myriadchanges so much so that it requires second-order interpretation, meaning different partsof the brain must work together tounderstand it (Sheldon Cooper, then shouldbe treated as an exception)and a professionaltranslator advising international businessexecutives to “generally avoid it”.• What the fuss is all about, anyway?


10.• The X, let’s call it ‘purono’ is located about 200yards northwest of St Pauls Cathedral, justoutside the former western wall of the City ofLondon. It is named after the street on whichit is located. The initial location of X was closeto Y, which can be called ‘notun’ allowingconvenient transfer of certain people from Xto Y. X and Y please?


Le Eleventh…• This is a 2010 Brit comic film.The six songs in the OST were(written, composed and sung)someone’s debut as a soloartiste. He shed his indierock/garage rock image torecord all acoustic songs. Themost popular song also featuredin his band’s third album SUCKIT AND SEE in 2011.• Which front-man?

Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys)


1.• It is estimated that 75 Million people wastetheir time behind this. 200 Million minutes arespent everyday by the people – equivalent to16 years per hour. Three trillion ---- have beenpopped. It has filled billions of thoseinterstitial moments spent riding the bus, on aplane or in important work meetings.• What is being talked about here and FITB?

• Angry Birds, Pigs

2.• X’s middle names were Ronald Reuel. He was theMerton Professor of English Language at theMerton College and was close friends with C.S.Lewis, both being members of the informalliterary group Inklings.• Y’s middle names are Raymond Richard. Hedirected chess tournaments for the ContinentalChess Association. Later, he was an English andjournalism instructor at Clarke University and hasfour Hugo awards to his name.• ID these two great authors.

ANSWER• J.R.R. Tolkien, G.R.R. Martin

3.• Candlestick• Dagger (Knife in North America)• Lead Pipe• Revolver ( Dreyse M1907 semi-automatic pistol inUK. Colt M1911 pistol in North America .Currently an Allan & Thurber Pepper-box used forboth.)• Rope• Spanner (Monkey Wrench in North America)

ANSWER• Weapons in Cluedo

4.• In the early 1990s, the term, ____-stroika ,began appearing as a pun on "perestroika",the reform policy of the Soviet Union underMikhail Gorbachev. Critics viewed the policyas "a lot of fizz without substance" and as anattempt to usher in Western products in dealsthere with the old elites.

ANSWER• Pepsi-stroika

5.• Mike Bryan has won 91 doubles titles till date,89 coming with his twin brother Bob. Theother two came in 2002 when Bob wasinjured. Who were his partners for those twotournaments (at Newport and Long Island)?

ANSWER• Mark Knowles and Mahesh Bhupathi


7.• Alone in a room in his home in Bonn,Germany, Friedhelm Hillebrand sat at histypewriter, tapping out random sentences andquestions on a sheet of paper.• As he went along, Hillebrand counted thenumber of characters on the page. Each blurbran on for a line or two and nearly alwaysclocked within a certain number of characters.• What did this lead to?

• A SMS being capped at 160 characters.

8.• Gerber Legendary Blades is a maker ofconsumer knives and multi toolsheadquartered in Tigard, Oregon, UnitedStates, within the Portland metropolitan area.• They have a survival series, which not onlyfeatures knives and machetes, but also otherutility tools and kits.• This series has been designed and promotedby whom?


9.ID this hound which gets its name from its original usei.e. hunting an intelligent mammal that is oftenconsidered to be a pest in North America.

ANSWER• Coonhound

10.• What is a Monroe piercing?

A piercing just beneath the left cheekbone thatresembles Monroe’s beauty spot.

Le Eleventh…• One-hundred-three years after the exploits of aFrench soldier, a 1902 EncyBrita description ofglucose used a double-worded phrase in afigurative sense to mean how they have cracked amedical complexity. Academic papers often usethe phrase to refer to something that hassuccessfully been used as a evidence to decode amedical mystery. OED caught the usage in amore general sense.• What two words?

Rosetta Stone• Pierre-Francois Bouchardfound it in 1799 in Egypt.The usage caught on torefer a key to somepreviously undecipherablemystery or unattainableknowledge.• The three-script decodingof the stone was alandmark in understandinglater hieroglyphics.

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