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Information about Whiteboard thelearnia.com User Manual

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: thelearnia

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theLearnia - Knowledge Sharing Becomes Easy

You, as a teacher, want to inspire your student and make them learn. This young generation has no time or passion to read long text books. They want to gain knowledge faster, packed as a video lesson and straight to the point.
But, Creating a video lesson is a very complicated task. Not only it involves knowledge with video editing, but also requires specific hardware.

A new startup is here to help. theLearnia, an educational, social network has just released a game changer solution that will enable teachers to share their knowledge in a video format in literally one click. The good news, it's totally free.

Creating video becomes easy

Without the need to install any software, teachers can create up to 15 min video lesson while only mouse and microphone are needed. The results are astonishing, a high-definition video with moving objects and clear sound are the perfect way to share educational content that not only looks professional but also comprehensive to the students.

Share and build your own community

No one like to invest time without having gratitude for his work. Building a community of students that will follow you is as easy as pressing the "like" button. Once the movie is created it automatically be posted on the teacher's wall and his followers will be informed about the new lesson. Moreover, the video will be published under the video library so anyone can watch and share with his friends.

Be social & share

theLearnia is totally free for everyone and is aiming to become the Wikipedia of video lessons. It teachers will donate even 10 minutes of their time to create a single lesson, the whole curriculum could be covered in a few weeks. So what are you waiting for, Be social and share your knowledge with the world.

For more information: http://www.thelearnia.com/LP/teacher

theLearnia WhiteBoard Manual Bring your lesson to life www.theLearnia.com

Table of contents Web site registration Using the tools Saving your lesson Playing your lesson

Registration Process Get to know the whiteboard better by watching a short video intro 3 Fields: • First and last name •Email address •Password (at least 6 charters) Click here for registration Tip You can register in a single click by using the Facebook login button

First Page After Registration Start recording (Microphone is a must) Close the whiteboard and back to theLearnia website Time remaining. 15 min and counting down Tool bar Tip Save the lesson and go to preview You can prepare your lesson (picture, shape, etc.) and only then to start with the recording. This option will reduce the time of the lesson and make it more

Selecting Colors You can select a color from the palette. Change the color of any object, even it was drawn V represents the chosen color

Choosing Pen Thickness Choose any of the 4 available pens.

Adding Text Text tool bar Adding text Click here to enter text Tip During lesson recording, you can change the text properties to highlight specific text. The changes will be viewed by the students who watch the movie

Adding Picture Add any standard picture format from the hard drive. Once loaded you can change the size and rotate the picture Tip Press enter to add an image from your hard drive When user click “Add picture”, the whiteboard will automatically enter into pause mode. To continue recording, please press REC button again

Adding Picture Browse and add pictures from your hard drive Tip You can prepare your lesson (picture, shape, etc.) and only then to start with the recording. This option will reduce the time of the lesson and make it more

Start Recording By Clicking “Record” the system will ask for permission to access your microphone. You should choose “Allow”. If the microphone is not installed, the system will be stuck on “waiting” Tip It is advised to mark the “remember” option to eliminate further approval requests. Some of the browsers will ask (only for the first time) another approval on the header of the web browser.

Pause Recording To pause the system press Record button at any time. An indication line will appear. Return to recording by pressing the same button again Tip Use the pause mode to relax, arrange your thoughts and arrange the WhiteBoard for the next session

End Lesson Recording Press the DONE button to end recording and move to preview You can resume to recording or proceed to the preview stage. The lesson is still not published Tip If you still have something to record, press the resume. If you press the preview button you’ll not be able to continue recording afterwards

Preview and Saving the Lesson At any time, you may save your lesson. It will still not be published, but will be saved under “My Lesson” private library Watch your movie with this preview mode Tip Even if you are not satisfied with the results, It is still advised to press, Save my Lesson and save it at your private library. If you decide to publish it in the future, you’ll be able to do so with a single click

Saving Your Lesson – Adding Lesson Name A thumbnail of your lesson Lesson name (support all languages) presses NEXT to move to the next stage

Saving Your Lesson – Adding Subject From pre-defined subject choose the most suitable one

Saving Your Lesson – Adding Topics Start typing the topics (up to 5). The system will suggest existing topics. Pressing the topic will add it to the list. If the topic you wrote is new, you can still add it by pressing the + sign. Choose the most suitable grades (up to 3) Tip Add lesson description to help students find your lesson more easily and improve appearance in Google search. Only after adding the lesson name, subject, topic and grade level the “publish my lesson” button will be active. Otherwise, you can only save the lesson as a

My Lesson Tab – Your Lesson has Published Once lesson published, you’ll directed to the “my lesson tab” where you can edit the lesson details such as: lesson name, grades, topics etc. You can also unpublished or delete the lesson at any time

Watch Your Lesson – As Seen by the Students This is how your lesson looks like. Awesome. The student can follow you, “Like” the movie, read lesson’s description and share it with others Tip Once the lesson is published, you’ll receive email notification. You can share your lesson with other social networks (Google+, Facebook, Twitter) in a single

theLearnia Good Luck Bring your lesson to life www.theLearnia.com

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