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Published on April 9, 2014

Author: CatherineWheels

Source: slideshare.net


White wireframe v12 total rework-one-page

TheWhiteApp—CatherineWheels/Hippotrix—July2013 A white textured background scrolls up, to give the effect of motion Six eggs are falling The background is something like clouds (scrunched newspaper, or existing plastercine) We track the same eggs throughout Occasionally the red egg appears and zooms more excitedly around No egg ever falls off the bottom, but the red egg can Tap an egg to activate its unique sound - giggle, sneeze, etc. Tap & Hold white eggs You can move them around Tap & Hold red egg to make the others magnetise around, then Drag to make them all follow Swipe horizontal strands of wool fly across (a flock of birds flying past a parachute) the strands could interact with the eggs or just pass in front if the red egg touches the passing wool-in-flight then wool will change to, stripey red, spotty red, etc (but not different colours yet) (ian: could wool make all react with group sounds as wool touches) Swipe vertical adjust the bg speed music change too and the eggs might get a little more excited by the speed note magnetise can be like "studio" and "yum" not "yum yum" in press here ref tiny wings and press here Large play button in centre Parents’link icon No menu of separate scenes (Possibly a birdhouse as menu, and so the play button will open the door and let you into the world) Eggs on shelf notes Opening state Row of empty eggcups Initial taps Tap an eggcup - an egg falls into it from above (also play sound) When six have fallen into cups, there is still one empty (awaiting red egg) Programmed so red egg cup will always be the last to be filled (so if red eggcup is tapped when there is space in another cup, either it wriggles or an egg falls into another cup) The twin eggs (for the twin eggcup) fall simultaneously (or nearly) The red eggcup (Tap this eggcup first time & it will wriggle (with sound) but no egg falls. Tap again, and it wriggles more, but still no egg. Tap a third time and the red egg falls (other eggs all rock back in amazement (plus‘gasp’sound) Alternatively tap/hold the empty eggcup and the full sequence will run without further taps What happens when you tap egg Each egg has a character, when you tap it it makes a little sound (with each tap one of three sounds play in rotation) Lets only add a visual response if necessary, a momentary change in brightness might be good) The eggs characters talkative egg - whispery chatter the giggler - silly jolly hungry & thirsty - needing milk sad egg - cries or sighing cold egg - sneezy shivering grubby/hot egg - needs a shower red egg - character: mischievous excitable tigger sound: redegg theme tune The remedies menu Once all eggs are in cups, the remedies menu appears Remedy selected by scrolling menu, or pom-pom icon tap Semi circle or faded edge - spring lock into place The remedies tissue - nose blow (reference pepi play app) feather for tickle - (giggle) shower or spritzer - (3 frame sprite animation needed) kiss - multiple lip imprints allowed, but each fade off over time sticking plaster or cream splodge - drink - (a straw animates from off screen to the‘mouth‘ - slurp sound) How the remedies work Tap on an egg to select it- (repeats it’s sound, possibly display a“what remedy I need”image) Choose remedy from menu - remedy appears on egg (some have animation some not) Short remedy animation plays once over selected egg Tap and hold to keeps animation looping Swipe to drag remedies between eggs (not needed) Choose a new remedy for an egg and it swaps out last. Bobble hats Except the bobble hats are slightly different to other remedies, hats stay on eggs even if another remedy is added (maybe all hats ends scene and goes dark they are asleep and a replay signal Sounds Quantity of sounds for this scene 71. All less than 4 seconds duration, with a max of 22 loaded at any time. all white (relief pattern wallpaper) at start of scene menu icon pom-pom 1 choose between seven white wallpaper patterns menu icon pom-pom 2 select between seven coloured wallpaper patterns - all walls change colour (and when you load each wallpaper colour it also changes a hidden wallpaper beneath in a complimentary colour) menu icon pom-pom 3 simultaneously change picture frame and lamp design (eco light/chanderlier/worklamp) swipe & tap wallpaper tears off to reveal the hidden coloured wallpaper beneath leaves ragged edge pattern sound - wallpaper ripping lamp tap to switch on and off picture frame tap picture to change image (cotton, wrinkle, mirror, eggs in deck-chairs, teepee, ians drawings of potential) egg tap to change colour of egg (first is red, seven choices plus white) tap & hold egg to scroll through full spectrum (a long hold speeds up colour changing, and goes a bit trippy, with sparky animation, cotton on the roller-coaster) egg cup stays white throughout, but tap effects egg colour as above camera work out a place when camera could appear here menu icon pom-pom 1 tap to change between roof surface styles (also changes tool action) menu icon pom-pom 2 tap to change front of box (also changes tool action) menu icon pom-pom 3 tap to change dangle elements roof surfaces hairy roof sticks up rope hair hangs down smooth roof is grubby white metal roof - tool interactions (the tool is not physically visible) hairy roof - comb & style hair rope roof - mop roof - sponge overlays bubbly effect smooth roof - shines and buffs up (possibly two layers beneath one is dirt removed, next is shined up) front of box - surface pencils stockade wool arran frilly lace front of box - tool interactions play surfaces of the birdboxes musically swipe plays scale / tap plays note pencils - sound xylophone/guiro - wool - bagpipes, knitting needles - pulls and holes animate thread pulling out, with appropriate sound metal - tap tubular bells - swipe bowing saw - theremin - surface gets crackleglaze faucet sticking out of the side tap once on - milk flows (moo sound) tap again off (different colours occasionally, green purple, orange (andy thinks it should only been v) swipe faucet and adjust flow between normal, torrent & drip swipe/tap stream of liquid gives splashy animation (red egg pops up occasionally at the window loves hot chocolate not so sure about pink milk) (are there different catching vessels, glass, teacup etc) chimney sticking out of the side tap it to change between: bubbles smoke balloon (hold to grow, but possibly staggered inflation, cotton out of puff, let go and it deflates with a phart) streamers party poppers yes to popping balloon round window port hole tap - is light changing button red egg lives here & pops up occasionally (mostly random) moo baaa audio when can this happen Mirrorball birdbox in centre , others houses arranged around each pre-assigned a colour) Tap on a house opens and closes doors - see colour, hear sound Mirrorball House On entering scene mirrorball house is closed (it's daytime) TAP on mirrorball house, doors open, light changes and mirrorball rotates, party starts TAP closes mirrorball house doors and nightime begins TAP again and mirrorball doors open and mirrorball is Moon - points of colour of pitch black - window colours glow, stars appear TAP again and it is reset to morning SWIPE spins mirrorball Bin Tap and explosion happens, the variety of colours you get depends on which house doors are open (if all the doors are closed the explosion is all white) bin should be half off the screen to stop it being a“computer trash”icon that you get on many apps TEND THE BIRD BOX INTERIOR MAKEOVER EGGS ON SHELF RAINING EGGS HOUSE PARTY INFO SCREEN parents info settings links to web site credits INTRO MOVIE When you first press the White icon Intro movie plays - Logos etc animate LAUNCH SCREEN Intro movie completes and you are left with a simple holding screen and a large enticing play button on it Potential to include full home menu Each time they play the app, your child will generate their own unique narrative journey. They will learn about colour in a gentle and creative environment where there are no wrong moves. Each scene addresses a different skill, from cause and effect to caring for others. The short animation keeps your child interested while the app loads, and so they know it IS loading The single large PLAY button makes it easy for your child to enter the world of White, while the discreet INFO button gives you access to the special Parents’Area. The background image on this page gently introduces your child to objects from the show which they will encounter later in the app This scene introduces your child to the concept of cause and effect via the simplest interactions – TAP, SWIPE and HOLD. Try touching an egg to get a giggle, or swipe across the screen to make wool appear. The cheeky Red Egg acts a surprise for children by affecting the others. This scene focuses on themes of caring and nurturing as your child takes care of the various eggs’needs. Pop a hat on a chilly egg, tickle a sad egg to cheer it up, or help a thirsty egg to slurp through a straw. Each egg has its own distinct character, so children learn about difference too. Your child can unleash their creativity as they style a room for their very own egg to live in. Choose a favourite wallpaper, lamp and picture, then introduce all the colours of the rainbow. In this scene, your child can construct and change various elements to make their very own birdbox. Musical and humorous surprises keep their interest as they experience processes and systematising behaviours. Now each egg has a home, it’s time to party! Tap the birdboxes to create beautiful combinations of colour and sound, then spin the mirrorball to unleash the fun. Your child’s free play builds to a grand finale, but they can also go back and play again in any scene to become familiar and comfortable with all the themes of White. i when you tap on play button you enter first scene tap on eggcups and eggs fall into them Once all eggs are in cups, the remedies menu appears swipe to choose remedy LAUNCH APP

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