White Holes and Wormholes

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Published on November 11, 2008

Author: niki_y27

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White Holes and Wormholes : White Holes and Wormholes Nicola Yeeles What Are White Holes? Are White Holes Just A Theory? What Are Wormholes? References Types Of Wormholes Is There Any Evidence That Wormholes Exist? What Are White Holes? : What Are White Holes? White holes are very similar to black holes except for the fact that white holes are the complete opposite of black holes. A black hole sucks matter in while a white hole ejects matter out. Scientists believe that the only reason white holes exist is that matter has to go somewhere; it cannot just disappear. They believe that matter goes into a black hole, through a wormhole and comes out through a white hole. Home Slide 3: What Are Wormholes? A wormhole is basically a ‘shortcut’ through space and time. The term was thought up in 1957 by an American theoretical physicist, John Wheeler. However, German mathematician Hermann Weyl already though up the idea of wormholes in 1921. Home Types Of Wormholes : Types Of Wormholes There are two main types of wormholes. The first of these is a Lorentzian wormhole. A Lorentzian wormhole is mainly studied in semiclassical gravity and general relativity. A Lorentzian wormhole also has a subtype wormhole, which is a traversable wormhole. This type of wormhole allows travel from one side of the wormhole to the other side. The second of these types is a Euclidean wormhole. A Euclidean wormhole is studied in particle physics. There are also intra-universe and inter-universe wormholes. An intra-universe wormhole connects two locations together in the same universe, and in the same present time. A wormhole should allow distant locations to connect by creating a shortcut through space time. An inter-universe connects two different universes. There is a possibility that these such wormholes could allow you to travel from one parallel universe to another. Home Are White Holes Just A Theory? : Are White Holes Just A Theory? White holes are only theories. Scientists believe white holes are theories as they think that matter has to go somewhere and that it cannot just disappear. They believe that anything that enters a black hole travels through a wormhole and exits through a white hole on the other side. The only problem is whatever entered the black hole and travelled all the way through to the white hole is now minuscule, and therefore it is not really the same. Home Is There Any Evidence That Wormholes Exist? : Is There Any Evidence That Wormholes Exist? Although there has been no solid evidence that wormholes are existent, physicist have come up with convincing arguments that suggest wormholes should be a part of the quantum gravity theory. However, physicists can only used wormholes in “thought experiments” rather than in proper experiments as they need to find out how certain theories are reliable and solid. And also despite the fact that there is no hard evidence suggesting that wormholes exist, it is possible that their existence is more than science fiction due to the theory of general relativity. If wormholes were to exist, however, they would probably exist inside black holes. But, the gravities within them would be incredibly big, and therefore if you were to pass through a wormhole, you would most certainly be crushed. Home References : References Blackholes, Whiteholes, Wormholes, and Other Celestial BodiesViewed 7th November 2008 ThinkQuest http://library.thinkquest.org/5653/pre_blk.htm Curious About Astronomy: What is a white hole?Viewed 6th November 2008 Curious About Astronomy? Ask An Astronomer http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/question.php?number=108 White HolesViewed 10th November 2008 Goddard Space Flight Centre http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/ask_astro/answers/970301.html Physics Question #1773Viewed 7th November 2008 science.ca http://www.science.ca/askascientist/viewquestion.php?qID=1773 Wormholes Viewed 7th November 2008 Worm-Holes.com http://www.worm-holes.com/2008/02/06/wormholes/ Images: - http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/01887/images/wormhole.jpg - http://www.chasedesigns.com/bryce/airspace/airspacelarge/whitehole.jpg - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d7/LorentzianWormhole.jpg/200px-LorentzianWormhole.jpg Home

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