Which social media networks use hashtags

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Published on June 16, 2015

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1. 5% I FAC TO RY Which social media networks use hashtags? ‘ -

2. Twitter sees many thousands of hashtags created every single month. Users can click on a hashtag to see all tweets using that particular tag, spanning users from all over the globe. FACTORY"

3. -‘H-“INSTAGRAM lnstagram thrives on hashtags. While Twitter suggests that no more than two hashtags are used in one tweet, on lnstagram you should expect far more for each picture. I FACTORY»;

4. Goog| e+ only introduced hashtags in May 2013, and differs from Twitter in their usage. Clicking on a hashtag will take you to similar posts, . giving each post a wider l possible readership. ‘ l IFACTORY

5. #PINTEREST Looking for upcycling ideas? Search hashtag #upcyc| ing, and you'll find loads of users‘ project photos. Searches, however, are based on words and not the exact hashtag. IFACTORYQ;

6. #FACEBOOK Ii fl It's taken a while for Facebook to join the hashtag party, and it's not quite as popular as with other networks. By clicking on a hashtag, you'll only be able to see posts that are public and that have been shared with you. lFACTORY$"

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