Which is Better IMAP or POP as Email Protocol

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Information about Which is Better IMAP or POP as Email Protocol

Published on December 14, 2017

Author: freehelpnumber

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slide 1: Which is Better IMAP or POP as Email Protocol There are two different protocols that an email server uses through which you can download message on your computer. Protocols basically are the set of rules that decide how you can send or receive data over the internet. We can say that it is like a language that email software uses to converse you’re your email server. POP Post Office Protocol and IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol are these two different methods used to access emails. You can choose any of these protocols to connect to the server and if in case you need assistance for the same then you can call our executives any time you want at Gmail Support Number UK 0808-168-9042. Here in this blog we are going to explain you about both these protocols in detail. slide 2: IMAP Protocol We always recommend our clients to go with IMAP protocol if they access their email account from different devices such as laptop computer iPhone tablet mobiles etc. It syncs with mail server so that any changes you make in your mail client will immediately appear on your webmail inbox. It keeps your message on the mail server so that it doesn’t take up your device space hence you can easily access all your mails and other things available no matter from where you are accessing your mails and from which device you r are doing so. Through IMAP you can create folder in your mail server allowing you to sync mail client and server with each other. But setting up of IMAP is different for different mail clients so it would be better if you just contact us Hotmail Contact Number UK 0808-168-9042 for help. POP Protocol It is an outdated or old mail protocol that is used for short connection to the internet and for quick downloading of the information. When you use POP protocol you can download mails to your PC from the mail server. It consumes your device space and it also limits your email access on different devices. Once you download the message using POP the messages get removed from the mail server. It becomes a headache for email user to sync multiple computers and mobile devices as you are using different locations to download message. Even sent mails are stored on your PC not on a mail server. If you ask an expert which email protocol is better than they will suggest you to go for IMAP Both these protocols have different setting for different email clients. You can learn more about its features and settings from professional technician by dialing them at Outlook Contact Number UK. All your queries can be resolved at one place.

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