Which Brands Won the World Cup?

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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: patrickcharlton2

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The World Cup 2014 was the most social event in history, with
116 million mentions and 4 million photos tagged. But what does this mean for brands? Who really stood out among the crowd? We highlight the brand winners this year.

Which Brands Won the World Cup? SocialData|Captured|Visualised *Data compiled from Buzz Radar statistics and financial reports on MarketingWeek UK.

Brazil 2014 was the most social event in history: ! ! 116 million mentions ! 4 million photos tagged ! Memes abounded, from #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave to #SadBrazilians to #Persieing.

But does this really mean anything for your brand? ! 22 companies joined FIFA to become a partner or sponsor -- and brands around the world tried to capitalise on the real-time opportunities within the event. ! We crunched the data and there’s more than a few insights in it.

Top 3 Most Mentioned Brands During Brazil 2014: Nike 24% ! Beats by Dre 19% ! adidas 17%

Brands Total Mentions Percent of Totals Nike 4,236,900 23% Beats by Dre 3,326,960 18% adidas 3,005,930 16% Coca Cola 2,725,304 15% Sony 1,788,490 10% McDonalds 1,600,630 9% Paddy Power 741,800 4% Kia 593,900 3% Hyundai 270,630 1%

Being a sponsor isn’t key.

Despite not being official sponsors of the tournament, Nike and Beats by Dre owned social. ! Both had a larger share of voice over the course of the tournament than any official partner or sponsor.

2% 10% 9% 2% 16% 17% 19% 24% Nike Beats by Dre adidas Coca Cola Hyundai McDonalds Sony Hyundai Share of voice among top brands

Great content pushes big numbers.

Nike’s videos garnered huge views, with more than 187 million views. ! adidas received 97 million views. adidas did push out more videos (53 compared to Nike’s 9), but this is one case where a focused effort may make more sense from a brand.

However, adidas used great content combined with smart promotion to win the battle for conversation among official sponsors.

Among all the World Cup partners and sponsors, adidas won more than 30% of the total conversation, followed by Coca-Cola and Sony.

3% 6% 16% 18% 27% 30% adidas Coca Cola Sony McDonalds Kia Hyundai Share of voice among Top Tier Sponsors

Promotion works, especially when combined with great social ideas and content.

In the battle of the hashtag, adidas got it right. The sentiment behind #AllIn was spot on. ! While Nike may have won the overall general conversation, adidas’ marketing was smart and very targeted.

7% 14% 79% #allin or nothing (adidas) #riskeverything (Nike) #startbelieving (Puma) Mentions of top campaign hashtags

The Impact

This increase in conversation garnered brands substantial follower growth. ! adidas gained 19.1 million new Facebook likes and 1.9 million Twitter followers, which is over 150% growth. ! Nike saw similar growth, with 19.1 million new Facebook likes and 1.9 million Twitter followers at 95% growth.

And this all resonated with consumers in the form of sales ! adidas is reporting a new record in football sales of €2bn this year, with more than 8 million official jerseys sold, which is 1.5 million more than the last World Cup: a 19% increase.* ! Not surprisingly, their bestseller is tournament champions Germany.

“Germany may have held the trophy aloft but banter, numbers and personal brands were the real winners.”

So how does a brand win at the World Cup? ! They combine smart social with events that matter to their base and market it well, which can include paid advertising or sponsorship.

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