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Published on March 23, 2009

Author: WealthDynamics

Source: slideshare.net

Wealth is very confusing? If you pay close attention to what the richest people in the world say about how they created their vast fortunes you will discover that they aren’t saying things differently to each other... they are saying the OPPOSITE to each other! 1

Warren Buffet says that patience and temperament create wealth. Which Billionaire do you listen to? Steve Jobs is notoriously bad tempered and impatient. He says innovation creates wealth. 2

Rupert Murdoch has two phones with him at all times. He says that his wealth comes from never missing out on the deal. Which Billionaire do you listen to? Richard Branson (Virgin) doesn’t carry a phone. He has a team of people who do the deals because he says he is absolutely terrible at doing deals. 3

Oprah says wealth comes from having an impeccable personal brand that other people respect and admire. Which Billionaire do you listen to? Jim Ratcliffe (Ineos Chemicals) is known as “Dr No!” he’s reclusive, irritable, doesn’t compromise and couldn’t care less what you think of him. 4

Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA Founder) flies economy, has a 10 year old car and says that wealth comes to people who are frugal. Which Billionaire do you listen to? Donald Trump has his own jet, a fleet of expensive cars and says that wealth comes to people who look the part. 5

Jeff Bazos (Amazon Founder) says to create wealth you need a system so simple that anyone can follow it. Which Billionaire do you listen to? George Soros (Quantum Fund) says to create wealth you should have no fixed system and you should be reliant only on yourself. 6

JK Rowling (Harry Potter) says listen to your heart and not to the marketplace... it doesn’t know what it wants until it sees it. Which Billionaire do you listen to? Lakshmi Mital (Mittal Steel) says that the numbers don’t lie so he doesn’t stray from them. He says that emotions cause people to lose money. 7

So which one is right? 8

They all are! 9

About “Wealth Dynamics” There are only eight paths to wealth. Each path has an opposite. You are naturally better at one path than the others. Sticking to that path will produce more results than trying to do everything. 10

The 8 paths to wealth Creator Star Supporter (team leader) Deal Maker Trader Accumulator Lord (number cruncher) Mechanic 11

Which one are you? Are you the creative force or the consummate deal maker? Are you a numbers wizard or a leader of people? Are you a born star or a systematic genius? Are you the dynamic market trader or the careful buy and hold type? 12

www.wealthdynamics.org Find out | 13

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