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Information about Which Are The Different Types Of Transformers - Miracle Electronics

Published on October 23, 2017

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slide 1: Transformers are the most basic and most important elements within a power circuit that help the right and safe amount and voltage of power to flow to the end customers. There are three basic types of power transformers in India that can be used in any application ranging from low to medium to high. You need o choose the right type of transformer from these three that would suit your requirements and application. The most important consideration is your energy requirement which is rated in kilo volt amperes kVA. After all every transformer type is designed to meet specific application requirements. Choosing the wrong transformer type may lead to disastrous results Low Voltage Transformers Low voltage transformers are used for end consumers in both residential and commercial sectors as they reduce the number of volts to the required amount for an application. They can reduce high powers of 120 volts to lower 24 and 12 volts to reach homes and offices for direct usage in applications. Moreover they are light in weight and are small in size which makes them easy for mounting. Also they result in very low loss of power. Considering all these properties and benefits low voltage transformers are popularly used in uninterruptible power supplies UPS renewable power generation and railway transports. slide 2: Medium Voltage Transformers Medium voltage transformers are generally found mounted on utility poles playing a very vital role in the power distribution systems within cities. The general power range for these transformers ranges between 2400 to 35000 volts and the voltage used depends upon the application they are used with. The common applications for medium voltage transformers include all kinds of residential and commercial areas. High Voltage Transformers High voltage transformers are used only in extremely large power transmission applications where they convert the primary low voltage to high transmission voltage. But they can also be used to step down the voltages. The voltage range of such equipment ranges between 35000 to 230000 volts. The most common applications for high voltage transformers include high power spark switches pulsed power systems and large plasma displays. You can see how all the three transformers types – low medium and high – are important to make our lives easier. By stepping up and stepping down voltages wherever necessary within the power distribution lines power transformers make our lives very easy. However you need to select the right kind of transformer for your application. And also you must have a trusted and reliable manufacturer and supplier so that you can get the best product quality and products that can last long. For the best power transformers in India you can rely on Miracle Electronics whose inherently designed products can provide you with the highest level of safety by allowing flawless use of grounded/ungrounded circuits. So keep it safe with Miracle Electronics’ power transformers that are RoHS and REACH compliant and are also available with CE and UL marks on request. Also you can have your transformers customized as per your specific requirements with them. For more information visit: Miracle Electronics

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