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Published on January 11, 2008

Author: Rainero

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Where Were Ware Wear a bles Peter Cochrane ConceptLabs CA Slide2:  The next 20 years will see more change that the previous 200… …this is the nature of exponential change Slide3:  Beyond maps & mapping…. Slide4:  …and beyond satellite images… Slide5:  Home made maps & activity tracking Slide6:  USA amateurs are now venturing into 3D maps with panoramic camera additions of specific locations + vidcam feeds and data from sensors My prediction:  My prediction Positioning systems will become as essential as communication nets in the future economy Slide8:  People look at problems through one of these: When they actually need one of these: Faster & faster wealth generation:  Faster & faster wealth generation 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 New Company Value US$Bn PC Internet Year Mobile Prediction 2015 Super iPod:  Prediction 2015 Super iPod Every music track ever recorded on a single device in your shirt pocket… …& 10 years later every movie… Change takes time…:  Change takes time… Mobile phones > Fixed line = 12 years Digital Fax > Analogue Fax = 8 years Colour TV > B&W TV = 11 years CD > Audio Tape = 9 years DVD > VHS Tape = 7 years Digital Nets > Analogue Nets = 15 years Optical Fibre > Copper + Microwave = 20 years Slide12:  Business Technology People Hot Spot Where the action always is! Echo- System Slide13:  A commonly held view… more of the same… …but better! Today: Big growth areas in mobile...:  Today: Big growth areas in mobile... Gambling Ring Tones Wallet Pic sharing Music sharing Movie sharing Tomorrow: Big growth areas in mobile...:  Tomorrow: Big growth areas in mobile... Positioning Tracking Monitoring Sensors Healthcare Navigation Security Slide16:  What is All This Garbage? Let’s converge into one device Slide17:  Or a nightmare of feature death… doing everything badly? Slide18:  The dream….…seamless access! 3m 30m 3km Ubiquitous Cameras - VOIP - Sensors - Positioning Slide19:  RFID will revolutionize every aspect of the supply chain - from raw materials to manufacture, logistics, supply & support. In the field of healthcare RFID will save lives, increase efficiency and reduce costs. A retail revolution - RFID &WiFi in every EPOS Slide20:  RFID + multiple sensor chips + nano gyros will also fit inside mobile phones Cell Phone also becomes: a wallet, transaction centre, passport, ID and passport, insurance/medical record + locator and tracking device Location by: triangulation, GPS, RFID, EPOS, WiFi, BlueTooth, NanoGyros - inertial record….:  Cell Phone also becomes: a wallet, transaction centre, passport, ID and passport, insurance/medical record + locator and tracking device Location by: triangulation, GPS, RFID, EPOS, WiFi, BlueTooth, NanoGyros - inertial record…. If time = money... ...then so does position!:  If time = money... ...then so does position! Current GPS Applications:  Current GPS Applications Power Telecommunication Law Enforcement Emergency Services Weather Scientific Construction Census Recreation Asset Tracking Aviation Maritime Highway Railroad Mass Transit Crime Prevention Surveying Agriculture Banking Defenc(s)e Slide24:  2015 2005 = GPS Alone ~100 - 10m….military ~1m 2010 = GPS + GSM~1m…… military ~10cm 2015 = GPS + GSM+ EPOS + MEMS ~1cm The destruction of the insurance industry by RFID + GPS +++?:  The destruction of the insurance industry by RFID + GPS +++? Where are my things? Who has them? What are they doing? Slide26:  One of the biggest opportunities… …risk mitigation in logistics… Slide27:  Things sometimes go a bit wrong! Slide28:  >10,000 containers per year pushed overboard in stormy weather… …or lost at sea by some mechanism Slide29:  RFID Packs Containers Goods Higher orders of complexity to come! Slide30:  Average truck fill in the UK ~17% Slide31:  In the next phase RFID + GPS +AI takes over…. …and > $2T may be saved! On-Line Monitoring Anywhere Anytime Any Activity:  On-Line Monitoring Anywhere Anytime Any Activity Sporting Working Zzzzzzz... Surrogate surgery:  Surrogate surgery Dublin Sheffield MM, VR, Telepresence will change... ...the way service is delivered & education & training is provided Slide34:  A world of opportunity & risk…. Thank you, cochrane.org.uk conceptlabs.net

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