Where Angels Fear to Tread: Interlude 2

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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: animeangel1983

Source: slideshare.net


Angel's Haven has a history too, let's take a look at some of those who are helping to shape its future.

We know what happened in Pleasantview, but what about Angel’s Haven? How did the A.H.R. come to be? This Interlude focusses on the founder of the A.H.R. Kisuke Fujiwara and his early life before he came to Angel’s Haven. We will eventually see how everyone in the A.H.R. met and how Mimi’s Army found them. (And I have included another familiar face too…only because I love him. <3)

Riverblossom Hills: 30 years ago This quiet, close-knit farming town was often called an Idyll; everything here was peaceful and quiet. It was exactly the respite that the over-stressed city dwellers craved and the little town started to grow. One such family was the Fujiwaras, whom had recently immigrated to the Sim City area from Japan.

Kisuke: Ocaa-san!! Ayumi-chan doesn’t want to risten to me… Minako: Hai, hai…anata no besutowotsukasu* Kisuke: Fine…one more time. Ayumi: Onii-san!! (*Yes, yes try your best.)

Kisuke: Chiibi tamba runa… Ayumi: Chii tama runa… Kisuke: Eyeh, Chiibi tamba runa… Ayumi: Chii-runa!!

Kisuke: Armost…again. Chiibi tamba runa… Ayumi: Chiibi tamba ruba!! Minako: Nerujikan, Kisuke-chan.* (*Time for bed)

Ayumi Fujiwara: Age 2 She was born in Riverblossom Hills not too long after they got settled in. She also wouldn’t have the same early education that her older brother got before they left Japan. She would be raised in Riverblossom Hills and her adaptation to the new culture would be far easier than her family’s. Kisuke still spoke with his Japanese accent and had some trouble with English words, while his parents had an even harder time adjusting. They frequently spoke in Japanese and knew very little English. Finding work would be difficult for them.

Yohei Fujiwara: Age 32 Their father Yohei knew that finding work in the new city was crucial in supporting his young family. He still didn’t want Minako to work because he didn’t trust anyone else to watch the kids here yet. Eventually once Ayumi started school there would be more time for Minako to continue her work in the Science field. While Yohei wanted to find work in Adventure and relic hunting. He worked as an anthropologist in their home country and was excited to see what he could uncover about this country’s history.

Minako Fujiwara: Age 28 Her love of Science was what brought them to this country, she was among the top 20 in her field. When an opportunity to study abroad came up she jumped at the chance to take advantage of it. Yohei was her senpai in high school and they have been together ever since. She wanted to get settled into her new post as soon as possible although her husband felt that she should wait until Ayumi started school. She reluctantly agreed and the employers here were supportive of her decision and said that she could still take the post when she was ready. Family comes first in Riverblossom Hills after all.

Kisuke: Oto-san…you have to speak in English here. Yohei: Sorry, it is difficurt for me. Kisuke: I know but you have to try…now tell me again in English what this means.

On the night of Ayumi’s birthday, Minako called up her employer and told him that she would be able to start work tomorrow now that Ayumi was old enough for school, he was pleased. In the two years they had been here, both Yohei and Minako had been taking English classes online and were starting to understand it better. Kisuke was also helping them by giving them quizzes on English.

Though like most kids, all Ayumi wanted was some cake. And Kisuke wanted to cut her a piece. He still adored his baby sister.

Ayumi: I like this outfit ocaa-san, why do I have to wear a dress? Minako: It is a pretty dress though. Ayumi: Ocaa-san!!! I can’t play with onii-chan in a dress!! Minako: Hai…then you can wear that but I would like to see you in the dress at least once.

Kisuke was three years older than Ayumi and he was starting middle school at the same time as she was beginning elementary school. While living in Riverblossom Hills, Minako had take up a gardening hobby like many of the neighbours had. Her hard work was soon rewarded when she received a perfect garden club score and they presented her with the Wishing Well as a prize along with some money. She was very proud of her garden and used the fresh vegetables in her cooking, Minako wrote a best selling cookbook with Asian inspired recipes as well.

While Minako was out tending the garden one night, Kisuke had heard a rumour about a way to summon aliens at school and he wanted to try it out…turns out that it really worked. She rushed over to see her son being “beamed” up.

His journey through the solar system was an interesting one…his family was out front ready to greet him in their own ways…

Ayumi: Okaerinsai, onii-chan!!* Kisuke: Unhh… (*Welcome home, older/big brother)

Minako: Well, you asked for it baby. Heehee!! Yohei: Mina, that’s not very nice…

Kisuke: Now I regret that want for the Extraterrestrial Reparations Grant…it was NOT worth that!! Ayumi: Haha!! Dork!! Kisuke: Oh yeah? Well I have stories that’ll scare you… Ayumi: You wouldn’t do that to your kawaii little sister would you onii-sama? Kisuke: Don’t tempt me…

This is only part one of Kisuke’s past, (and I haven’t played any farther) but there will be more in the next installment of the Angel’s Haven Interlude series. For now, let’s return to the present…

Angel’s Haven: Present Day Word spreads far and wide when the world suffers a catastrophic event like this, and soon people start flocking towards where the saviour family of the Apocalypse has gone…even the ones you don’t expect to ever hear from again.

“How did we get so unlucky to get ourselves trapped in college?” “Beats me, though we’re really stuck here…now that we know he’s back…” “Yes…who would have thought he’d come this far?”

“Just be thankful you got out of Downtown limbo at all.” “This isn’t that bad is it guys? I mean…it’s better than never aging.” “But we are Tricous, that’s kind of our thing right?” “Who said it had to be? We aren’t there anymore…”

“It’s a long way from Greece…and now that he’s here, we need to keep watch.” “Hmm, do you really think he’s here for trouble? I mean…Fricorith wasn’t the same as we remember him.” ******

Keika: Oh rly? Is that who I think it is?

Gabie: Yep, I’d say so…one more familiar face for the road. That’s okay though, I like him. He won’t make Cain feel lonely anymore.

Gabie: Oh crap, here he comes!! *turns away quickly*

Keika: I knew it was you, Fricorith. I recognize that blond hair anywhere. Fricorith: Do I know you? Keika: Nope, but I know you… *smiles*

Fricorith: I doubt that…I’m looking for someone. Keika: Who? Fricorith: Someone named Eve…Eve Angel. Keika: Why?

Fricorith: Why does it matter to you? Keika: Are you good or bad? Fricorith: Huh? Keika: Good or bad? Fricorith: Good, not that I need to explain my reasons to you…whoever you are.

Keika: Rude much? Now I don’t think I’ll tell you. Fricorith: Right…well someone here has to know where she is. Thanks for nothing. Keika: Where’s my Dez when I need a good sun-burny spell?* *Read the White Legacy for details on that inside joke.

Kaze: I couldn’t help but overhear, you’re looking for Eve Angel? Fricorith: Yes, do you know her? Kaze: I do…but before I tell you, what do you want her for? Did Danava send you? Fricorith: I don’t know anyone named Danava…but I want to offer some help to her.

Kaze: What kind of help? Fricorith: I heard there was a demon problem here, I know a thing or two about fighting demons, I want to help. Kaze: But you are a demon…vampires are demons. Fricorith: I’m not a bad demon, there are good ones out there you know. And besides, what’s Death Angel doing here anyway?

Kaze: How do you know what I am? Fricorith: I’m a Tricou, I know what Death Angels are. Kaze: I see…I’m here for a pick up actually. Fricorith: I figured as much.

Kaze: I would say he needs some serious dance lessons… Fricorith: You’re telling me, excuse me for a moment would you… Kaze: I guess I have no choice but to let you go then.

One can only deny their primal instincts for so long…all things must eat.

Even in a crowded club, the cold wind of Death is still felt in the air, some rejoice over the death while others stare in shock that such a thing could happen in a full room of people. Lilith: Oh man!! That’s hilarious!! He sure has a set of brass balls!! HAHAHA!!! Eric: What…there are other vampires here? No one told me that!

Morte: Man, I hate picking up vampire leftovers…Kaze is right here, why do I have to do this? Shinia (phone): Because Kaze is the boss, and you have a really poor collection record Morte honey… Morte: Gee thanks for the vote of confidence…

Kaze: She’s right you know. Morte: Yeah, yeah boss, I’ll get right on it… Kaze: Good.

Keika: Well that answers that question…it’s time to go I think. Damn this glow!! I should have brought my shades…

Fricorith: What did that guy have in his system? I’m wired, too wired to do anything but burn off steam. I didn’t even find out where Eve Angel was…damn!! *crash* Man, what now?

Rose: Mew… Fricorith: Really? Did you have to do that Rosie? I thought I had bolted that toilet down better…guess not. Rose: Meow. Fricorith: Yeah, don’t look so innocent…

The next day… Fricorith: You do know that I was supposed to be sleeping right? Kisuke: Yeah, sorry. We heard there were another vampire in the town and we as A.H.R. have a responsibility to determine if you’re a friendly or an enemy.

Fricorith: So which faction are you part of? A.H.R. or Mimi’s Army? Eve: I’m not part of either, I’m Eve Angel. I come along to investigate all newcomers. Fricorith: So…you’re Eve Angel? I was looking for you. Eve: Really? Why? Fricorith: I heard you have a demon problem.

Eve: Yeah, we do but who told you about them? Fricorith: I just…knew. And I had to come here, I came all the way from Greece, just on that feeling. Eve: Wow, long way from here. Why do you want to help? Fricorith: Let’s just say, I am very familiar with demons…and I don’t particularly like them either.

Eve: But you are a demon, aren’t you? Vampires are demons. Fricorith: You know a Death Angel said that exact same thing to me last night…weird. And as I told him, I’m not an evil demon I’m one of the good ones. Eve: Did you say…a Death Angel??! Did you happen to get his name? What did he look like?!! Fricorith: Well, last night is kind of a haze of images and things but I think I heard the Reaper call him Kaze or something… Shiloh: Ms. Angel, we should get going. We’ve established his side…it’s not safe out here for you.

Eve’s protests were overridden by both Kisuke and Shiloh and she reluctantly left the vampire’s tower. Though Fricorith’s day time visitors were not all gone that day. Ani-Mei: Why did you tell her about Kaze Fricorith? She was happier not knowing we were alive. Fricorith: How was I supposed to know she was your granddaughter, how many different lives do you have anyway? ******

So now that Eve knows that at least Kaze is alive, what will that mean for the family? And is Fricorith really on the side of good, or is he hiding some darker motive for coming to Angel’s Haven? I’ll let you know once I figure it out. ;) But for now, I brought back Fricorith because I missed him and when I realized I didn’t extract Eirene before the M&G Massacre I can’t reunite them. I mean I can CAS breed her again once I re-download Hex from Sam, I still have Theia as a teen saved…but maybe this is a chance for my favourite vampire to break free from his past and do some real good here in Angel’s Haven…or some bad…

Fricorith: She’s rude…but hot…damnit. I hate conundrums… Oh yes, that’s the glow of triple bolts, watch out Keika…my blond vampire likes you. :D

And as if it was any surprise, this is Angel’s Haven resident newspaper thief. Now it’s really the end. Shoo. 

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