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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: animeangel1983

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Poetry is the language of the soul...

Firstly, I’ll say this: I suck at poetry and my lines for Isaiah are going to be hard to write. And secondly, I had to sort of break a rule for this chapter. Spoilers ahead if you don’t want to know, don’t read. Adam and Eve as well as the triplets were all scheduled to have their birthdays all at once so I had planned to show a quintuple birthday shot but the game had other plans. For some reason, Adam glitched and every time he tried to age to Elder game crashed. It happened like five times before I thought it might be the outfit he had on. Such was the case when Keika downloaded Fricorith and her Elders could not age so her game would crash, she took out the outfit he had on and the game didn’t crash anymore. So I applied the same logic to my issue, I removed the clothing from the Downloads folder and the CAS screen, and got him a new outfit. And guess what? Game still crashed. So Adam is borked and my solution to that? Well I’ve given away enough, you’ll have to see what I did once I write this chapter up. Evil, I know…

It was late at night and everyone was asleep upstairs, except Cain and Sake. And Cain was bored out of his vampiric mind…Sake was asking for some attention and he figured he may as well teach Sake another command. Sake: The pale one has expired?

Cain: Ta-da!! And that’s how you play dead. Cool huh? Sake: Ah I see, the pale one is a trickster Cain: Now you try it. Sake: Easy as catnip pale one

Sake: Oh, life. Such a delicate tragedy, short and fragile, one’s life is a mere blink in the span of time and space… Meroww… Cain: Cool, Shakespeare’s cat.

Sake: *Flops over, tongue lolls out* Cain: Very good!! Awesome!! My cat could have been a star…

Sake: A Golden Paw award winning performance if there ever was one. Ooh, Tinkle Bird, don’t you think so? Tinkle Bird: *plink* Sake: Fine, be that way. *WHAP!!*

There is skilling to be done for the kids, and also those FT skills. I checked, couldn’t see any rules against having them learn the FT skills, unless I missed it somewhere. Joseph: I hate skilling, I’m PLAYFUL!! I need FUN!! Margaret: Skilling is fun. Joseph: Is not…

Joseph: Uncle Cain!! You know what I mean right? Cain: Yes, sorry squirt. Skilling is all you can do when the world’s gone to hell. You just have to grin an bear it. Isaiah: My brother, lament not over the pursuit of knowledge, for it may be paramount to your survival in this frozen, bleak weary world…alas. Joseph: What? Margaret: He said suck it up wuss.

Taz: Really? Haven’t you outgrown this cheating nonsense yet? Eve: Geez, lighten up tightwad. I can’t help it. Besides, you aren’t supposed to wise up to it. Taz: We’ve been married too long baby, I know you. Eve: Yeah? So what’s the problem? Taz: *sigh*

Adam: I remember that all too well, right Cain? Cain: Indeed. Taz should know better now, you don’t call attention to it. Eve is Eve no matter what. Adam: Yeah. That’s our big sis.

The next day… Eve: Oh my God!! What happened?? Taz: Honey!! Are you alright? What—oh shi*!!

Eve: OH GOD!! OH GOD!! How embarrassing for a Celebrity Chef!! Taz: Whoever said those FT skills weren’t important…has never had to live without a fire alarm!! Eve: I’m so sorry!!! I just wanted to make some late breakfast!!

Taz: Okay, I’m getting it under control now…man do I miss showers. Eve: Just—just don’t tell my brothers okay? I’ll never hear the end of it. Taz: My lips are sealed babe. Eve: I can’t believe I did that…

That night when Cain woke up and once everyone was in bed again, Cain went out for the first time in ages. He knew that his nephew Isaiah was going to be needing a wife and he wanted to be the one to find him one. He used his Intelligence skills to suss out who had the most potential, who was in the right line of work, and mostly who would be best for the family’s mission. Jill Fleig here, wasn’t right. She looked exactly like Taz and had a low-level job in Culinary.

Next was Melissa Fancey, she was a lot harder to talk down. She froze him out every time he asked her a subtle question…but he had a hunch she was exactly what they needed for the family, a level 8 Medical Researcher…but she had to admit it first.

It did not work out so well, but he did maintain an open line with her. If she was interested in helping them, she had the number to call. Perhaps Adam would have been better at approaching potential spouses, maybe the fact that Cain was a vampire was offputting for some…

Adam: Sis…I don’t—don’t think I’m ready for this…how can you be so calm about it? Eve: Who said I was calm? I’m a wreck. Our little brother will never have another birthday…he won’t age. Adam: Are you resentful of that? Eve: Maybe a bit…but I know this has to happen. It’s part of life.

Adam: I can’t… I’m sorry sis. Maybe another day, I mean it’s still early enough right? Eve: Not that early…it will happen eventually. And this is where it crashed…three freakin’ times…

Reload, take 4. Eve: Déjà vu… Adam: You’re telling me. *CRASH* >_< Reload, take 5…

New idea, age the kidlets first. Take 5, action.

Isaiah: Lights of strife take me, to a stage of upper life…one of angst…and schoolless plights. *Cain is a Popularity sim* Joseph: Crouching Tiger, Flying Joseph!! *Cain is a Popularity sim* Margaret: Hey no fair!! My sparklies are floating above me!! *Cain is a Popularity sim*

*saves* Eve, take 5 action. The kids actually got nice clothes. The kimono is perfect for Isaiah, at least I can write haikus better than a regular poem. Margaret got my favourite TSS outfit the black jacket and gloves, and Joseph got something that at least colour matched. Now, let’s see if Eve gets good clothes too…

Cain: Bleh!! A colour coordinated FT outfit with SoWo hair? Nice sis. Eve: I can live with this. Joseph: Nice mom. I like it. Joseph Angel K/FO Sagittarius 7/1/10/7/3 LTW: Be Education Minister A playful Politician, now there’s asking for trouble. That’s Joseph’s mission.

Isaiah: Pawns in the life game, A shame, we have no control Over where we go… Isaiah Angel K/R Aries 5/8/6/4/3 LTW: Max 7 Skills Praise Cas for giving his grandchild a decent LTW!! His destined lift of Law will be easy with that.

Margaret: Umm, sure. Whatever brother. Margaret Angel FA/K Virgo 10/4/9/4/8 LTW: Be Education Minister Oh how the dice does fall, I’m so tempted to let her do that just to get the teens back to school and college…but she has a greater mission. To lift Law Enforcement, she’s Serious and Active enough for it.

Though others were not so keen on growing older… Cain: What? Why would you… Adam: Please little bro…help me out here. Don’t make me beg. Cain: When I got bitten I regretted it, I mean at first I thought I wanted this. I wanted so badly to have something that you didn’t, something that would make me stand out from you…but as soon as that demon bitch bit me, I hated it.

Cain: You and Evie were always so close, I thought…I thought you’d want to age along side her. This curse is not all it’s cracked up to be, you’ll live while everyone else you know and love dies around you. You can never see the sun again, or feel its warmth on your skin…you end up in a state between dead and alive. There’s no cure, no going back. The only way to end the suffering is to walk out in pre-dawn hours and wait to die a painful, horrible death…it’s not pretty. Adam: I know what I’m doing, so will you bite me or not?

Cain: If you’re sure…then of course I will. Better me than some stranger right? Adam: Huh? Ooh purple… Cain: Yeah, purple…

Cain: I’m sorry big brother…truly…for everything I’m about to inflict on you. He looks so mournful in this shot…I nearly regretted making him bite Adam.

Cain: Adam? Are you okay? Adam: Unghh… Cain: Was that a no?

Adam: You didn’t tell me it would feel THIS GOOD!! Man!! I feel like I can fly!! Cain: Uhh, you can…I mean as a bat…it’s kinda cool actually. Adam: Wow, and you’ve felt like this for years? Cain: Yeah, I guess…I never thought much about it though. Adam: This is awesome!!

Yes, Joseph makes Evil Snowmen…it’s those three nice points he got from Taz I think. Eve has one.

Joseph: I can’t sit there like those two and skill…I’m going nuts!! We got all this snow, so why not make use of it? It’s FUN!! Penguin: Boy’s had one too many me thinks, don’t you Mr. Snowman?

He looks vamped here…but no. He’s a boy-cicle. Game laggage proved it. Evil Snowman: Phear me!!! And my Pointy Stick!! Hey, that’s MY Pointy Stick. I need it to poke Thai and Pony to get chapters out…give it back!!

Meanwhile… Fricorith: So why come to me? I mean…you hardly know me. “I had to.” Fricorith: And you brought your cat Sake? You do know I have a female cat here right? “Yes.”

Adam: Evie told me about you. She said I could trust you. You told her that our grandparents are still alive, you have no idea how much of a load off her mind that was to find out. We thought they were dead too. Fricorith: I see. But you’re also a neophyte vampire, there’s a lot to learn. I’ve been one for decades now. I had no one to teach me what to do and what not to do.

Adam: Do you know where they are? Fricorith: No, I only saw your grandfather once at the Crypto Club, I haven’t seen him since then. But your grandmother did come to see me…she and I have a history, back where I’m from. Adam: What does that mean? Where are you from? Fricorith: A long way, a place called Hidden City…in Greece.

Adam: But my grandmother isn’t Greek. How do you know her from there? Fricorith: How well do you REALLY know your grandmother? Did you ever ask her where she came from? Adam: No…I never got the chance to really get to know her like Evie did. I wasn’t even born yet when she and grandpa Kaze came by. Fricorith: Perhaps, with all your immortal time, you should take up a mission to find out where and who your grandmother really is… ******

Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: Now you know how I stopped the crashing of my game. I vamped Adam. I can only hope and pray that it’s the clothing that was the culprit, I would hate to think that Castiel’s custom skin doesn’t age well…if that’s the issue then I have big problems, since Isaiah, Joseph and Margaret all have it. Eve aged fine though and she has the skin too, maybe it’s the clothing lacking an Elder code. I don't know, but for the mean time the issue is solved and I get another plot out of it too. I’m good at doing that. *nods*

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