When Are People Admiring For Mystic Tan

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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: eburks121

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When Are People Admiring For Mystic Tan

Not everyone has a beautifully tanned skin. Some fair skinned people find it very hard to tan ad its about time, something new and innovative like the Mystic Tan has come about. Its a completely new system that uses a spraying method to tan you in as little as 60 seconds.

There are 3 options to choose from and each one will determine the type or level of tan you get. The option you choose must depend on your skin type, size and the type of effect you want to get out of the tan. There are other things you need to do as well, before even commencing with the Mystic Tan session.

Consultants will tell you to make sure you exfoliate your body before coming through for a Mystic Tan. You will also be advised to moisturize your skin with a water based moisturizer. It has been proven that he tanning lasts longer and also comes out much better, on moisturized skin.

Mystic Tan uses a spray technology. All you do is get into a completely private booth and the tanning system starts blowing out a gently mist on your skin. One of the natural and nourishing ingredients used on the solution is aloe Vera, which also soothes the skin. The other ingredients are the bronzer, which is a dye that's also water soluble and DHA which is a completely safe molecule that enhances the effects of the tan. This ingredient continues to work to darken the skin up to 24 hours after the application process.

You don't have to wear anything to your Mystic Tan session. If you are a self conscious person though, you can wear a bathing suite. The reason why this is not suggested is that the bronzing dye may stain or fade the clothes you wear. It is a water bases dye, but the results of effects of it cannot be guaranteed to leave clothes undamaged.

If you use Mystic Tan, you can still continue using other methods of tanning and it wont affect the effects of the Mystic Tan. If you still prefer to tan via a sun bed every now and again, you are welcome. Others who prefer the good, old fashioned way of sun tanning can also go ahead and let nature do the job for them. Some people have actually noticed that doing all three types give you a better tan altogether.

Before allowing any water to touch your body, you will need to wait the recommended 4 hours. This is so that the solutions can have the chance to seep into the skin properly. After showering, you will notice the bronzer from the Mystic Tan solution rinsing off, but don't be alarmed as this is just the water soluble ingredients and the DHA will continue to work long afterwards.

Mystic Tan is the best tanning solution for fair skinned people that has been created. It was specifically created for people with fair skin, who cant or don't want to tan naturally. Mystic Tan is safe and easy to use. People will notice immediately and you can finally get that beautiful bronze tan you have always wanted.


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