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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Goldie

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Slide1:  The Role of XML in a New Intelligence Paradigm December 2002 Chris Wheedleton (wheedletonc@saic.com) Agenda:  Agenda US Intelligence Community Who are they? Intelligence Publishing Shared Spaces IC XML Standards IC XML Implementations Conclusions Agenda US Intelligence Community (IC):  US Intelligence Community (IC) Loose federation of organizations using web technology to enhance information exchange Information sharing requirements not well defined Need standards for production automation, management, and discovery View metadata and XML as key enabler to solving this problem The IC is a federation of 14 executive branch agencies and organizations that work separately and together to conduct intelligence activities necessary for the conduct of foreign relations and the protection of the national security of the United States. US Intelligence Community Generic Intelligence Publication Publishing:  Generic Intelligence Publication Publishing US Intelligence Community Internal, Shared, and Community Spaces:  Internal, Shared, and Community Spaces Organizational Internal Space Community Shared Space Partner Shared Space(s) Warfighter Shared Space Organizational Internal Space Organizational Shared Space Community Network Warfighter Network Partner Network(s) Org w/ Shared Space Org w/o Shared Space US Intelligence Community IC XML Standards:  IC XML Standards IC XML Standards Data Interoperability Standards Process:  Data Interoperability Standards Process Establish role and CONOPS for metadata across Community Establish Working Group and operating procedures Broad data call, analysis, domain definition, and identification of authorities Target common data sets for initial standardization and assign sub-panels to attack initial data sets Facilitate sub-panel activities CONOPS and USECASES Investigate and adopt existing federal, international, or industry data models Detailed data analysis and modeling XML schema and controlled vocabulary development Publish results at versioned increments to include appropriate documentation Working Group Approval Register for Community use Attack other data sets Market and promulgate standards across Community and to other partners Incorporate standards into systems requirements and affect budgeting cycles Leverage existing startup implementations Incentivize and foster collaboration attempts Base on live operational scenarios Look to industry and commercial examples Follow Federal and Industry Best Practices Instruct developers to refer to registry for guidance Incentivize early adopters Expect wide-spread adoption Standards Development Implementation R&D IC XML Standards What are the Standards?:  What are the Standards? IC HTML Metadata Guidelines IC Metadata Standard for Publications (XML) IC Metadata Standards for Information Assurance (XML) Information Security Marking Digital Signatures (planned) Encryption (planned) Key Management System (planned) IC Core Metadata Standard (logical model) IC Domains (subject-specific XML) Geospatial General Military Information Others being defined IC XML Standards IC Core Metadata:  IC Core Metadata Defined as Dublin Core profile: ANSI/NISO Z39.85, The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set Several implementations of the Dublin Core, such as NewsML, UK e-GMS, and others Applies in the shared spaces Consists of 14 data elements 7 required elements that must be present in shared resources 2 conditional elements that must be present when they are applicable 5 optional elements—provide them if data is available These are logical elements—not explicit XML elements, or structured-data elements, or any other specific physical type In some cases, the elements represent complex structures Producers should be able to map actual elements in their data models to the core elements IC XML Standards IC Metadata Standard for Publications:  IC Metadata Standard for Publications Standard publications models to enhance sharing and discovery in the IC shared spaces Report Article Correspondence Analytical Packet Briefing slides Basic container for an individual object Document/product level metadata Paragraph level metadata Semantic content metadata for information in text IC XML Standards IC MSP is Based On…:  IC MSP is Based On… W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) tag sets W3C Extensible Linking Language OASIS Exchange Table and DocBook models Mathematics Markup Language (MathML) for equations Metadata Models from NewML, PRISM, and Dublin Core ISO, FIPS and W3C standards for controlled vocabularies and data types Existing IC and agency standards Existing agency usage IC XML Standards IC MSP – Publications Metadata:  IC MSP – Publications Metadata Every publication document has the same Publication Metadata Includes Administrative and Descriptive Metadata Some fields supplemented by controlled vocabularies Model can stand alone as XML Metadata Card Includes inherent mapping to the IC Core for normalization with other resource types IC XML Standards Report & Article Hierarchy:  Report & Article Hierarchy IC XML Standards IC Metadata Standard for Information Security Marking:  IC Metadata Standard for Information Security Marking Based on IC-wide standard for portion and document marking rules Security Model is applied at four levels of the MSP models: Document Level Structural Level Paragraph Level Character/String Level Includes: Classification (both US and non-US) Special Compartmented Information Controls Dissemination Controls Declassification Instructions More… Content binding is provided at all levels enabling different versions to physically reside next to each other Makes creation and management much easier Uses proven industry techniques from the language translation field IC XML Standards IC XML Implementations:  IC XML Implementations IC XML Implementations IC Implementation Problems:  IC Implementation Problems No recognized method for identifying implementation commonalities across IC as they relate to the standards Standards Some are difficult to understand; filled with law, policy, agreements, guidelines Require subject-matter experts to interpret Difficult for developer to implement Limited appreciation of authorities or policies Implementations Everyone has one and not all of them are correct Must be done quickly and show compliance Developers more willing to share implementations if they exist IC XML Implementations Generic DP Architecture:  Generic DP Architecture IC XML Implementations IC MSP-based XML Editing and Delivery:  IC MSP-based XML Editing and Delivery IC XML Implementations Custom MSP Metadata Interfaces - Descriptive:  Custom MSP Metadata Interfaces - Descriptive IC XML Implementations Custom MSP Metadata Interfaces - Administrative:  Custom MSP Metadata Interfaces - Administrative IC XML Implementations Custom MSP Security Interfaces:  Custom MSP Security Interfaces IC XML Implementations Today’s Multi-Domain Process:  Today’s Multi-Domain Process Analyst writes a document for Communty network, then rewrites for Warfighter network) Documents readied for HTML or PDF posting: Dirty Word Converted Metadata Populated Human Review Community copy is hosted on Community network servers Analyst rewrite as many times as there are domain outputs needed Document readied for HTML or PDF posting (see above) Documents hosted on appropriate Partner network servers IC XML Implementations Comparison to Multi-Lingual Translation:  Comparison to Multi-Lingual Translation Multi-Lingual Translation Multi-Domain Writing (Writing for Release-ability) IC XML Implementations Same Meaning Different Language Entire Text Same Language Different Meaning Words, Sentences or Entire Text Multi-Format, Multi-User Publishing:  Multi-Format, Multi-User Publishing XML Document Transforms Traditional Print Traditional Simple Web Advanced Interactive Web Print on Demand via Web Decision Maker View Analytical View Section 508 Transactional Exchanges Warfighter View Semantic Exchanges & Advanced Interactive Web IC XML Implementations Multi-Format, Multi-User, Multi-Domain Publishing:  Multi-Format, Multi-User, Multi-Domain Publishing IC XML Implementations Smart Content/Smart Transforms:  Smart Content/Smart Transforms Consumer {x} Consumer {x+1} XML Document Transforms Transforms IC XML Implementations XML Spectrum:  XML Spectrum IC XML Implementations Conclusions:  Conclusions Conclusions Issues:  Issues Everyone wants to provide an environment for timely, accurate, easily accessible, and reusable information Answers found in business process, data, and people transformation Barriers to Transformation Timing (“Hard to do when you’re fighting a war”) Legacy Systems, Legacy Data, Legacy Processes Content and Process Complexity Lack of Funding Procurement Requirements Resistance to Change “Not Invented Here” Conclusions Responsibilities:  Responsibilities “BIG” IC is fostering or building: CONOPS Standards Policy Implementation Guidance Architectures Community Partnerships IC organizations are working through the transformation Educate management Identify business-process changes Perform data analysis Select or build an XML schema Select software tools Configure tools for selected XML schema Create stylesheets and templates Create custom GUIs, if desired Educate users, developers, and maintainers Conclusions Success Drivers:  Success Drivers Organizational Contribution to the Process Functional and Technical Involvement Self-Promoting Engenders Support Incentivizing Collaborative Problem Solving and Implementations $$ Savings Reusable Code Consistent Execution of Complex Business Rules Faster Deployments Broadening Government Proficiency Extension of Standardization to DoD, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Partner Countries All are responsible for protecting America and our Allies Fostering Federal, International, and Industry Partnerships Need COTS Not enough money and time to build everything from scratch Conclusions

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