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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Panfilo

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What Works / What Doesn’t?: What Works / What Doesn’t? Tom Gossen, Executive Director The Episcopal Network for Stewardship 345 S Hydraulic Wichita, KS 67211 800-699-2669 tom@tens.org A participatory and experiential session to discuss strategies for Annual Giving Programs. Take home the approaches and tips that will engage the members of the congregation in a meaningful way for “faith-raising,” not “fund-raising.” Slide 2: Licensed for use by TENS Numbers to Track: Numbers to Track Total Pledge $ / Number of Pledges = Avg. Pledge The Median Pledge Amount Total Plate + Pledge (P+P) Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) Total Operating Income (TOI) P+P ASA Household Data to Track: Household Data to Track Proper names & nicknames (common greetings) Picture Address Telephone numbers E-mail address Dates of birth Other anniversaries (wedding, baptisms, retirement) Giving history Ministry involvement Why Is There an Annual Commitment Program?: Why Is There an Annual Commitment Program? Three mission and ministry absolutes: Local outreach International outreach Parish project, program, or staff expansion Initial Planning: Initial Planning What program are we ready for? What do we want to achieve? Schedule considerations What theme expresses our focus? Education components (adults, youth and children) Resource Needs: Resource Needs Database management Demographic targets Staffing requirements Mentor/consultant requirements Budget Clergy & Vestry Roles: Clergy & Vestry Roles New or revised vestry stewardship statement? Personal visits or notes? Approval of plan and budget Advance pledges and reporting? Recruiting and Training Leadership: Recruiting and Training Leadership Select the right persons for the right job Recruit!!! DON’T ask for volunteers Written job descriptions Mailings: Mailings Stationery Letters Invitations & response cards Thank you notes Pledge cards How many? From whom? When? Customizing by demographics? Personalized Individualized Postage Witness Voices: Witness Voices How many and who? How do we recruit them? What do we want them to say? Written or verbal? Both? Theme Materials: Theme Materials Vision for mission / ministry Poster(s) / recognition wall Stationery for letters Thank you cards / letters Invitations Response cards Decorations Dinner Events: Dinner Events Best time of day One time or multiple? Format (content) Length Catered? Music? Keynoter selection criteria Ingathering Sunday: Ingathering Sunday Date Format Saying Thank You How? (Notes, list in publication, billboard, etc.) When? Who authors? Content? Follow-Through: Follow-Through When to begin? What (letters, calls, visits, other)? Who does it? To whom? For how long? Then What????: Then What???? Reward those who worked Nurture those who don’t pledge Newcomer incorporation Envelope systems Available From TENS & Morehouse: Available From TENS & Morehouse 1-800-877-0012 Available From TENS & Morehouse: Available From TENS & Morehouse 1-800-877-0012 Slide 19: Available From TENS (catalogue p. 17) Slide 20: Available From TENS (catalogue p. 17) Slide 21:  New response method Consecration Sunday by Herb Miller. This popular stewardship financial takes place during worship. It is a stewardship program for congregations of all sizes, rural or urban, and speaks from a spiritual rather than a fund-raising perspective. Abingdon Press, 2002, ISBN: 0687063159, $9.00 New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program Guest Leader Guide by Herb Miller, Abingdon Press, 2002, ISBN 0687063760, $11.00.    New Consecration Sunday is based on a biblical/spiritual theology of the need of the giver to give for his or her own spiritual benefit rather than on the need of the church to receive. Directed toward raising the level of stewardship rather than toward raising the church budget, its no-gimmick approach focuses on the question, "What is God calling me to do?" rather than on the question, "What does the church need in order to pay its bills?" New Consecration Sunday by Herb Miller

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