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Published on July 9, 2009

Author: tmduffy21

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New things at Baskin library;presentation for community.

It’s a whole new world @ your library R Edgewood ISD San Antonio, TX

With Fund Balance Monies granted in 2003, we developed a plan to upgrade our libraries in the following areas: • Books • Technology • Shelving

Age of Collection GOAL 1: Reduce the average age of our collection. In 2004, District average age was 1986 (18 yrs) In 2008, District average age is 1998 (10 yrs) Using TEA’s recommended standards for libraries as our guideline, we were able to move from Unacceptable to Exemplary

Computers GOAL 2: Add working computers to our libraries so classes can become immersed in the research process. We now have an average of 12 computers, Internet ready with MS Office, per library and our high schools can accommodate multiple classes simultaneously, with over 40 computers each.

Facilities GOAL 3: Upgrade library shelving to meet safety and aesthetic standards. 14 of our 18 libraries have been upgraded, with new shelving at Coronado-Escobar, Gardendale, Gonzalez, LBJ, Perales, Garcia, Truman, Wrenn, Memorial, and Kennedy, and all new libraries at Las Palmas, Roosevelt and soon to be Cenizo and Stafford.

We upgraded our On-Line Catalog

A component of our library catalog is WebFeat, which is a federated search engine that enables our students to search multiple library databases simultaneously. WebFeat allows you to search several databases for magazine, newspaper and scholarly journal articles, books in our system and more.

Get Information Smart @ your library R

Online databases Your librarians and Instructional Technology teachers have user names and passwords for you to access an abundant collection of online resources, including: Ebscohost Web, Encyclopaedia Britannica Facts on File (with Science online, Ferguson’s Career guidance ctr, Bloom’s literary reference, American History, Women’s History, Indian History, African-American History) World Book Online, Teaching Books, Power Media Plus Newsbank (including the Archive of Texas History, Dallas Morning News historical archive 1885-1877) Gale group (including Informe Spanish newspapers, Literature Research Center, Texas online Almanac) Testing and Educational Reference center (with AP, SAT, ACT, Civil Service, ASVAB, and online TAKS practice tests)

eAlerts EBSCO Host Journal Alerts You may select journal titles from the various EBSCOhost databases to receive e-mail alerts when new issues are added to the database. If the journals are available full-text, you will be able to click to get the articles. Your librarian can help you out, but here's an example of how to set it up:

First, login to EBSCO Host at http://search.ebscohost.com with User ID = eisd and Password = remote

Click on EBSCOHost Research Databases

With our increased funding we have been able to keep on the cutting edge of library acquisitions and technology, such as:

Graphic Novels A graphic novel is a book length comic, telling a story with sequential boxes of text and art. We have over 1600 graphic novels in the EISD system. Benefits: Good tool to entice your reluctant readers Facilitates students who are visual learners. Many titles cover historical events and people and classic novels Many titles have AR tests available.

Playaways Pre-loaded digital audio book The entire book is already loaded on the durable Playaway unit, which is about half the size of a deck of cards and made of droppable plastic. Benefits: Listening to books encourages reading. Enhances reading out loud to students Introduces higher reading levels Pair with book for supported reading Facilitates auditory learners

We are also collaborating with vendors to test new and improved methods of disseminating information to our students. One method we are working to pilot is online audio book files that will include entire novels, texts and podcasts that can be downloaded and listened to on a computer or an Ipod or mp3 player, so students can listen and learn with portability.

Math / Science Collaboration Our libraries have coordinated purchases to facilitate the math and science departments including TAKScopes, AIMS professional guides and Springboard.

We’ve got ebooks An e-book is an electronic version of a print book. We have over 2000 ebooks online and they are accessible from inside the district and from home.

Type in Go to your the search online phrase EISD and Library click Web on site. “Search E- books”

Your Select a search title by results clicking will on the display blue link.

The description will display. Click on the blue hyperlink under “Electronic Resource” to open the contents of the book.

The book will open on your desktop and you can use the navigation tool to go to a specific page, to magnify the text, find text within the book, etc. When you finish, click on “Return Book” to free the title for the next user.

Students will be tested three times a year To monitor growth To determine placement for new students To identify those that need individual help

Accelerated Reader 1. Provides the essential practice component of your core reading curriculum. 2. Gives you continuous feedback to help personalize instruction so every student achieves maximum success 3. Makes reading practice fun and exciting for every student

AR Enterprise • This year we will be moving from the purchase of individual quizzes on a per school basis to the “Enterprise” web-based version of AR quizzes. • In the past each school would purchase their own quizzes (for an average of approx. 5000 per school). Now every student in the district will have access to over 100,000 quizzes and literacy tests.

STAR Custom report ID# Last First Date School Class Teacher GP GE DIFF 9/19/20 576 R Daniel 7 07 MS 70062 ANON 7.1 6.1 (1.0) 12/11/2 576 R Daniel 7 007 MS 70062 ANON 7.5 6.0 (1.5) 9/19/20 577 A Destiny 7 07 MS 70452 ANON 7.1 11 3.9 12/11/2 577 A Destiny 7 007 MS 70452 ANON 7.5 13 5.5

With increased funding we have been able to create new Reading promotions such as the “Battle of the Bluebonnets”

The Future • Library was combined with Instructional Technology, reducing personnel. Where we once had 9 employees between the two departments, we are now down to 3. We have streamlined processes and standardized procedures to become more efficient. • For “Acceptable” libraries, TEA recommends 1 book per student per year (approx $22 per) which we have been able to meet in previous years, but now that we have completed the 4 years allotted for the Fund balance increase, our local money was cut drastically leaving us with less than $8 per student. • With the Board’s support we have made giant gains in the quality and utilization of our libraries, but we need to restore our levels of local funding to keep from falling back. We are working smarter but we need to continue to sustain our resources.


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