Whatever You Do, Don't Commit These Post-Breakup Sins

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Information about Whatever You Do, Don't Commit These Post-Breakup Sins
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: lesliejosaul

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Every aspect of a breakup is usually pretty awful. However, there are a few things you can do to make a breakup feel even worse. The real problem is a lot of us engage in these sorts of behaviors, sometimes in a masochistic sense that only seems to continue our own misery. It is important to have a clean break from your ex and to avoid the following behaviors.

Leslie Jo Saul is a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach (MNLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.ht). Leslie received her diploma in Healing and Success Arts and Sciences from Bennett Stellar University, an internationally recognized school of Life Coaching, with emphasis in relationships and certifications in the additional areas of DreamSculpting®, TimeLine Regression & Trauma Release, Hypnosis Mastery, and Communications and Life Mastery.

Harmful  Post-­‐Breakup  Behavior   By  Leslie  Jo  Saul   February  25,  2014     Every  aspect  of  a  breakup  is  usually   pretty  awful.  However,  there  are  a   few  things  you  can  do  to  make  a   breakup  feel  even  worse.  The  real   problem  is  a  lot  of  us  engage  in  these   sorts  of  behaviors,  sometimes  in  a   masochistic  sense  that  only  seems  to   continue  our  own  misery.  It  is   important  to  have  a  clean  break   from  your  ex  and  to  avoid  the   following  behaviors.      Do  not  jump  into  bed  with  someone  else  right  after  a  breakup.  It  may   feel  empowering  at  first,  but  really  you  are  just  reminding  yourself  of  what  it   was  like  with  your  ex.  Sleeping  with  someone  new  is  an  important  part  of   getting  over  your  ex,  but  it  shouldn’t  happen  until  you  have  emotionally   connected  with  someone  else  and  feel  that  you  are  ready.      It  is  also  important  to  stop  stalking  your  ex  on  social  media.  It  will  only   bring  pain  to  look  through  his/her  photos  and  wonder  what  they  are  up  to   every  moment  of  the  day.  If  you  feel  like  you  can’t  stop  yourself  from  looking   through  their  accounts,  it  may  be  wise  to  ‘unfriend’  and  cut  yourself  off  from   them  for  a  while.      Do  not  revisit  your  old  spots  to  try  to  run  into  them.  This  will  be  painful   for  you  and  very  obvious  if  you  do  see  them  at  that  coffee  place  just  around   the  corner  from  their  apartment.  Do  not  put  yourself  in  that  situation,  find   different  places  to  make  your  own.      Closure  is  not  often  possible,  and  not  often  necessary.  Meeting  up  post   break-­‐up  usually  just  results  in  someone  wanting  an  apology.  Even  if  ‘closure’   happens  there  is  a  reason  you  are  not  together  anymore  and  a  magical  post   break-­‐up  meeting  is  not  going  to  change  that.      Do  not  constantly  talk  about  your  ex.  Although  it’s  hard  because  you   shared  a  lot  together,  try  to  keep  yourself  in  check.  Filter  your  stories  so  your   friends  don’t  have  to  hear  about  him/her  all  the  time.  If  you  really  need  to   have  a  conversation  about  your  ex  with  your  friends,  frame  it  as  such.   Constantly  dropping  your  ex  into  other  conversations  will  get  old  very   quickly.    

 Do  not  lose  it  over  your  ex  meeting  someone  else.  It  is  not  healthy.  It  is   perfectly  reasonable  to  be  upset  with  the  new  boyfriend/girlfriend  your  ex   has,  but  don’t  broadcast  it  publicly.  They  have  moved  on  and  it’s  time  that   you  did  so  too.       Leslie  Jo  Saul  is  a  Certified  Master  Neuro-­‐Linguistic  Life  Coach  (MNLP)  and  Clinical   Hypnotherapist  (C.ht).  Leslie  received  her  diploma  in  Healing  and  Success  Arts  and   Sciences  from  Bennett  Stellar  University,  an  internationally  recognized  school  of  Life   Coaching,  with  emphasis  in  relationships  and  certifications  in  the  additional  areas  of   DreamSculpting®,  TimeLine  Regression  &  Trauma  Release,  Hypnosis  Mastery,  and   Communications  and  Life  Mastery.  

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