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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: GoGetChitter

Source: slideshare.net

End Result

State of the Industry

State of the Industry (cont.)

22 Years Boiled Down into 3 Tips & 1 Chart

FICO Score Preparation * SSG FICO Contests * BLOG * Tabling * UGC Wiki * Text Message Mentoring * Direct Mail * email mentorship * CSS 2nd stage premiums 24 mos to FICO over 700 SMS & eMail alerts Bite size the C.A.T. message Coupon to cut waitlist A Apps, Lead Gen, Loans, Goodwill

Duck 9 in a Nutshell

Mentor Marketing During the “Pre-Lead” Phase

Ranks & Migrates PROSPECTS

Leveraging CAT in Mentorship

“Well, . . . you smell honest.”

Converting Cell #’s into CARD Act Compliant Applications

Prospect Ranks

Prospect Ranks

Newsletter Your Contestants

Good News: You’ve WON

Who Is the Super Model?

Keys to Copying Duck9’s Program Connect with the real world (seminars) Do a contest (schwag in stages Rope contestants into doing something educational Hone your unit economics

Contest Form

Duck9 Campus Process

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

Danger: note credit app & beer

Get In. Get Out. Let Them Get Back /

Contest Form

Deal Emotionally with Unsubs “We can take you off our list of successful people.” “We’re building a list of 1 million college students with a FICO of 750” “Don’t ya wanna be a part of this?” (Service your unsub with 1 more service)

Refocus on Prospect Movements

Refocus on Prospect Movements

FRAUD (Part 1)

FRAUD (Part 2)

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Moviography “Mentorship”

Moviography “Treasure Management”

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