What your mother did not tell you Qualitative Research can!

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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: connectingdots

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I have often been asked - what do qualitative researcher actually do?

It is a confusing profession to explain to people. As a result the profession swings from being a poor cousin of quantitative research to being a distant cousin of something to do with media. But none of these really explain what we really do.

Here is our take.

What your mother did not tell you Qualitative Research can … 1

I am often asked So what does a qualitative researcher actually do 2

We get CURIOUS And then poke around 1 3


We make ASSUMPTIONS And then seek validations 2 5


We make EXCUSES And see if consumers challenge us 3 7


We ask QUESTIONS. All sorts of questions. Don’t believe me …Sample this? 4 9

Emotions Digging it deeper 10

What is love You talked about feeling suicidal under stress, can you elaborate What makes you watch Big Boss 11

Awesome Amplifying it further 12

What is great about being able to put your feet up when your children have left home How do you feel when the remote is in your hand Can you tell me a bit about the moment when your mother in law left after a week long visit 13

Concerns Zooming in closer 14

What happens when your trust is broken When you are not able to express how does that make you feel How do you see the future standing where you are 15

Reasons Deconstructing them further Why 16

We WORRY And make a habit out of the same 5 17


Anything & everything is worthy of worrying about Too much data. Too little data Talkative respondents. Silent Field, Too much light. Too little snacks. Too long DGs. Too short ppts. Pptssssssssssssssss and now the new burden of making visual ppts. 19

As a result We are naturally adept @ SCENARIO BUIDLING 20

We acquire A RIDICULOUS SENSE Of HUMOUR And then revel in the same 6 21


As a result We let the DATA SPEAK TO US No data is waste 23


We live 9 LIVES IN A YEAR…hmm actually in a month Hate it. Love it. But can never let go off that HIGH! 7 25


As a result We SEE SOMETHING everywhere & MAKE CONNECTIONS even when they are not apparent 27


We have FUN. After all which other profession allows you to ask questions that people haven’t even thought of…even the illicit ones? 8 29

Do you really love Mum? 30

We create MEANING from information 9 31


We find connections where none exists so far 10 33

info@connectingdots.in 34

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