What You Want Your LinkedIn Profile to Say About YOU

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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: PatrickBerzai

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Ever wonder what you should be doing on LinkedIn? Here are some tips to get you going!

LinkedIn Presentation “Relationships are the currency of business.” ― Brian Basilico, It's Not about You, It's about Bacon: Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World One Winthrop Square FL5, Boston MA 02110 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Introduction I am going to go over some stats, tips and tricks about how to use LinkedIn, the number one social media network in the world. It is not my goal to get you to use LinkedIn like I do, nor is it my goal to tell you that you have to get out and start using LinkedIn. You don‟t. I just want to take some time to talk to you about the network and why it is important to you. Before we get started, it is important to remember that the internet imitates life and that much of our online behavior mimics our offline behavior. The most important thing to think about when thinking about LinkedIn is trust, authority and reputation. Whatever you would(n't) do to attain that offline, the same for online. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Why Use Social Media? 1. Be Yourself 2. Add Value 3. Have Fun! 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

The “Soft Touch” of Social Media As we advise our clients we want to remain top of mind in our clients‟ thoughts By making your presence known on LinkedIn news feeds, you can remain top of mind to your client w/o the need for a direct call, email or request by offering real value in terms of information. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Agenda LinkedIn History Why Use LinkedIn? » Toward Building Relationships How To Use LinkedIn » » » » » Optimizing Your Profile Sharing Content Joining Conversations LinkedIn Groups Endorsements and Recommendations Conclusion 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

What is LinkedIn? While traditionally LinkedIn was a contact sharing service, with the recent acquisitions of Slideshare and Bright as well as the creation of Pulse, LinkedIn is more of a content sharing platform now. Click the link to discover more Slideshare 617 . 206 . 3040 Pulse www.brafton.com Bright

LinkedIn Stats and History 1. Launched in 2003 with 4500 members, it is one of the oldest continual social networks in existence. 2. Today, LinkedIn boasts over 200 million members in over 200 countries. There are two new LinkedIn members per second. 38% of users log in on their mobile device 617 . 206 . 3040 There are 187 million unique monthly viewers of LinkedIn and 40% of users check LinkedIn daily www.brafton.com

Where Are Users Concentrated by Industry? Sounds like our clients, no? 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

How Does It Work? LinkedIn is based upon three degrees of separation. LinkedIn is also a publishing platform– LinkedIn Pulse 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Why Use LinkedIn? It builds relationships 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

How To Use LinkedIn One Winthrop Square FL5, Boston MA 02110 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Optimize Your Profile 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Use a professional looking photo Use your professional name Include a headline Include Your location Customize your LinkedIn URL Connect with past and present employers 7. Make great use of keywords in your industry 8. Make yourself easy to contact 9. Control the layout of your profile and make smart use of the „sections‟ 10. Include a professional summary 11.Keep your profile updated! 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Make Your Content Visible This is from Ty Scheiner‟s LinkedIn profile. See how Ty added visible elements on his profile to enhance clickability and interest? 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Share Content When sharing content consider a few things: » » » » What conversation do I want to start or be a part of? Have one or multiple clients asked me a question that had the same answer? Does this content add value? Humor? Did my company or another employee achieve a milestone or award? Sharing content from Brafton is good, but it is important to think of your own personal brand and share other content from other resources. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Where To Look for Content to Share Check out Klout.com and their new interface. You can follow topics and have content of most interest selected for you to either learn about or share right from the platform! 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Start or Join a Conversation Starting or joining conversations on LinkedIn offer an opportunity for you to either teach or learn in a new way providing value to others while receiving value from them. This is a conversation I started with a question and the answers I got will make a future blog post. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

LinkedIn Groups There are over 200 conversations occurring per minute in LinkedIn groups 8000 new groups There are started weekly Each member is on an average of 7 groups Join a Group so that you can learn from like-minded professionals as well as showcase what you know. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Find An Online Mentor By following industry leaders you can find out more about what is on the vanguard of what you need to know. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Expand Your Reach Almost 1200 people viewed a single post. The red highlighted “Likers” above are all clients. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Offer Congratulations LinkedIn provides lots of opportunities for a „soft touch‟ and congratulating someone for a milestone or promotion is a perfect way to establish an easier emotional connection 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Endorsements When LinkedIn added one touch endorsements to user profiles, the engagement on the site skyrocketed. It cannot be easier to do! Endorse someone today! 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Recommendations You do not need a reason to recognize the achievements or reputation of a colleague or client. Just do it. There are several kinds of recommendations you can give: 1. An overall reputational recommendation 2. A compliment on a milestone or achievement 3. A “this employee is really coming along” 4. Remarks on what it is like to work with an employee. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

See Who Views Your Profile Monitor who is looking at your profile over time. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

Conclusion LinkedIn is a tool that you can use to build better relationships, showcase your skills and be found by your clients. Your clients are looking for you so it is up to you to showcase your reputation as an authority in your space. Soft touches will augment the overall good feeling your clients have about you. 617 . 206 . 3040 www.brafton.com

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