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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: blankster

Source: slideshare.net


We are individuated forms of consciousness energy whose purpose is to help maintain the delicate balance and continued evolution of the Universal Consciousness. Here is a logical explanation of how this works and why this model is central to achieving what we want out of life.


CONTEMPLATION What types of thoughts occupy your mind? • Joyful • Positive What types of words dominate your conversations? • Fearful • Grateful • Angry • Compassionate • Critical • Judgmental THOUGHTS: WHAT WE VISUALIZE ABOUT OUR PAST PRESENT & FUTURE WORDS: WHAT WE AFFIRM IN OUR PRESENT MOMENT Thoughts & Words Drive the Energy We Transmit & Receive

MIND & BODY Mind • Thinks • Interprets • Decides • Connects Body • Feels • Intuits • Reacts • Sustains MIND: DRIVES OUR CHOICES BASED ON INPUT, CONTEX & EVALUATION BODY: SENSES, FEELS, TRANSMITS ENERGY, RECEIVES ENERGY When Feelings Arise, The Trained Mind Steps Aside

THE SEA OF INFORMATION Universal Consciousness: Contains the collected patterns of energy (vibrational imprints) of everything that has ever occurred in Time & Space since the beginning of the Known Universe Subconscious : A passive (without judgment or interpretation) transmitter of the patterns of energy (vibrational imprints) that dominate our conscious mind & body. A passive receiver of vibrational imprints that match the energy we transmit Conscious Mind & Body: The combination of attitudes, thoughts, intentions, actions, outcomes and levels of awareness that generate vibrational imprints to which the Universal Consciousness responds through the Sub-conscious EACH OF US IS AN INDIVIDUATED FORM OF FREE WILL ENERGY WHOSE PURPOSE IS TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO THE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN A STEADY STATE OF AWARENESS & EVOLUTION We Exist In, & Are One With, Universal Consciousness

AWARENESS, FEEDBACK, EVOLUTION Evolving Universe: Since the Big Bang, quantum energy has continuously evolved and transformed at an accelerating rate. Maintaining the delicate balance of our Universe and everything in it requires constant feedback in order to assess and respond to the most likely evolutionary possibilities Awareness Evolution : Feedback requires awareness. Rapidly increasing feedback requires rapidly increasing awareness. Quantum energy is the foundation of all that is. Quantum energy (both physical & non-physical) evolves by continuously propagating improved levels of awareness & feedback capabilities. Human Beings: On planet Earth, human beings represent the most evolved form of awareness. We are the only species on the planet that contemplates the purpose of our existence and seeks to explain it EACH OF US IS AN INDIVIDUATED FORM OF FREE WILL ENERGY ACTING IN MEANINGFUL WAYS THAT ATTRACT OUR CIRCUMSTANCES Universal Consciousness Responds To The Feedback We Provide

WHAT WE FOCUS ON, WE BECOME Thoughts Attitudes & Actions: Good, or bad, real or imagined, what ever dominates our conscious mind creates a vibrational imprint at the quantum level of our being. Universal Consciousness receives & interprets through the Subconscious Energy Web : Universal Consciousness is a “web of information” in the form of quantum vibrations which rely on a continuous process of feedback, possibility/probability assessment, response & awareness evolution in order to maintain balance & stability Personal Evolution: Our personal thoughts, attitudes, intentions and actions shape the patterns of vibrational energy within our Subconscious. Our Subconscious transmits vibrational imprints and receives matching vibrational imprints from the Universal Consciousness OUR MOST PROFITABLE POSSIBILITIES ARE REVEALED BY FOLLOWING OUR BLISS. TRUST WHAT IS FUN AND JOYFUL. WHATEVER IS INTRIGUING HAS MEANING FOR US. Our Bodies Feel the World Energetically. Our Feelings Are the Facts!

The Internet The Universe The Universal Consciousness of All Information Within Our Known Universe The World Wide Web of All Information on the Internet Neutral Interface to WWW Universe Results Based on Our Intentions Neutral Interface to Universal Consciousness Subconscious Focused Thoughts & Intentions Individual with Specific: • Beliefs • Attitudes • Actions Results Based on What We Choose to Focus On and Accept as True Revised Based On New Information: • Beliefs • Attitudes • Actions Energy Vibrations We Attract Vibrational Imprints Focused Thoughts & Intentions Results Based on Attracting What We Choose to Focus On and Accept as True Individual with Specific: • Beliefs • Attitudes • Actions Results in Our Lives Based On Most Dominant: • Beliefs • Attitudes • Actions This Similarity Is No Coincidence. We Model Our Universe

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