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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ingapeterson



team Choose You Why Merely Survive When You Can Flourish And Thrive

team Choose You Life is too short to continue using methods that are no longer efficient.

team Choose You In fact, we desire to be AHEAD of a new wave in innovation. ? Useful Place To Be

team Choose You And that is exactly what we are up to. In a revolutionary field of …

team Choose You nutritional biotechnology of edible and medicinal mushrooms

team Choose You Hold on …. we are NOT talking about portobellos or magic mushrooms.

team Choose You Instead … we are sharing ground-breaking science in LONGEVITY so that you can walk away with useful information for your family TODAY.  

team Choose You Let's set the context and shed some light on the world of mycology.

team Choose You Scientists call mycelium and fungi "the forest's immune system" that are restoring our planet back into balance. ! They are an ESSENTIAL part of a sustainable world.

team Choose You They recycle matter into nutrients that animals and plants feed on. Specific species have the ability to transform toxic wastes, heavy metals and radiation into fertile material.

team Choose You For much more depth on this topic, check out this TED talk.

team Choose You So, how does this relate to nutritional biotechnology and to me and you?

team Choose You Simply put: ! Just as mushrooms feed on DECAY in nature

team Choose You they facilitate the same process in the human body.

team Choose You Nutritional Biotechnology Life Science Innovation for Food Supply Health and Longevity Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

team Choose You have created an explosion of interest in medicinal mushroom supplements. Centuries of use by Asian herbalists and doctors solid research growing reports in popular press+ +

team Choose You They are at the forefront of healing and medicinal research. And we know them well. Lingzhi King’s Oyster Cordyceps CordycepsLion’s Mane Shiitake

team Choose You Let’s take a brief look at LINGZHI, also known as REISHI mushroom.

team Choose You Most revered herb in Chinese pharmacology Used for over 3,000 years Called “Mushroom of Immortality” Considered to have the most potent anti-tumor/cancer properties Most studied herb in the world LINGZHI is:

team Choose You Let’s do a search for LINGZHI (or REISHI or Ganoderma Lucidum) and see a sample of articles from a variety of public sources.

team Choose You

team Choose You

team Choose You

team Choose You LINGZHI is: adaptogen anti-inflammatory anti-viral anti-bacterial immune system modulator

team Choose You LINGZHI improves immunity and digestion alleviates allergies, insomnia and respiratory issues promotes calmness and inner balance

team Choose You Environmental stressors are making us sicker. Highly processed foods lack vital nutrients. Our children’s generation is the first that is sicker and may die younger than their parents. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the US will be diagnosed with cancer. TIMING for this knowledge is perfect.

team Choose You Fortunately, we are waking up to natural wellness and taking preventative measures.

team Choose You born after 1980 born 1965-1980 born 1946-1964 1940 1960 1980 2000 2014 Millennials Gen X-ers Baby Boomers Generations are interested in the LONGEVITY movement.

team Choose You You may be thinking …. are we going to munch on this?

team Choose You ! Not exactly. ! Lingzhi is not edible in its original form. ! That’s where modern technology comes in to make it bio-available to your body.

team Choose You ! We work with ! Alphay International

team Choose You World’s largest grower & manufacturer of Lingzhi.
 (providing 75% of global supply) Producing most pure and potent formulas.

team Choose You A true EAST Meets WEST company With deep roots in ancient system of restoring and maintaining balance in the body, mind and spirit. Using technology to bridge the gap between holistic wellness and modern medical science.

team Choose You Providing highly refined, pharmaceutical grade formulations that are easy to use and take.

team Choose You Based on the 5,000 year old tradition of the 5 elements of health.

team Choose You Alphay’s formulations include: Cordyceps Shiitake Maitake Lion’s Mane Tremella Agaricus King Oyster Hai Er Shen Honeybee Propolis Mulberry Schisandra Spine Date Seed Ginkgo Piloba Goats Thorn Siberian Ginseng Pearl Powder Poria Goji Berry Codonopsis Almond Astragalus

team Choose You And we also offer healthy coffee and tea.

team Choose You Ask us for stories that show RESULTS.

team Choose You And here are some facts about Alphay:

team Choose You Rich History Started in 1950s in Nantong, China, by Mr. Chen. Chen’s son, Hui Chen, became 2nd gen owner. Multi-generational family tradition in the industry.

team Choose You Experts in Mycology Main sponsor for the world mycology conferences.

team Choose You Vertically Integrated Company R&D Cultivation Manufacturing Distribution

team Choose You Top Quality Research and Development Employs 75+ world-renowned scientists, mycologists and herbalists.

team Choose You Cultivation Owns all plantation sites.

team Choose You Manufacturing High Potency: 12:1 — 25:1

team Choose You Pure and Safe Organically grown ingredients USDA Organic Certified Meets California’s Proposition 65 Heavy Metals Testing Standards Meets Good Manufacturing Practices ISO 9001 Certified Kosher Certified

team Choose You International Expanding into 20-30 countries in 5 years.

team Choose You All through word-of-mouth, grassroots marketing. Marketing and Distribution

team Choose You We market through networking Mycelium is considered to be the Earth’s original “internet”

team Choose You We don’t use retail channel Brokers/Agents Wholesalers RegionalWholesalers Retailers Manufacturer Consumers typically 65%-75% of product cost

team Choose You but reward people directly with commissions.

team Choose You Global Vision Natural Health Changing Workplace This is what we love about Alphay:

team Choose You How can YOU benefit now? Try Alphay products — get RESULTS. Ask about our compensation plan.

team Choose You And connect us with people who may benefit from this information.

team Choose You Thank You! Inga Pae Peterson ! Team Choose You

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