What to Do When a Flood Happens

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Information about What to Do When a Flood Happens

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: RichardThompson.lgx

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Learn about the three stages of how to deal with flooding before anything happens and you will be able to weather the incident better than if it catches you unprepared and you have to learn the hard way.

What to Do When a Flood Happens While flooding as a result of natural disaster is more prevalent in certain geographical locations, it is important for everyone to be aware of how to prepare, react, and recover from flooding. Natural flooding causes widespread damage, frequently affecting entire towns and communities. Accidental flooding can occur as the result of man-made equipment malfunctioning or breaking. Learn about the three stages of how to deal with flooding before anything happens and you will be able to weather the incident better than if it catches you unprepared and you have to learn the hard way. It doesn’t take long to learn what you need to know and you’ll always be glad you made the time. I’m going to focus primarily on natural disaster flooding. Prepare Preparation is frequently the best way to prevent accidental flooding. Regularly check your pipes and plumbing for cracks or leaks and repair them as needed. Learn what you need to do to winterize your pipes and prepare them so they don’t freeze in the winter. Proper maintenance will protect you better than anything else. Natural disasters require some more intense preparation. Well in advance, make sure that you have 72hour kits for every member of your household, including pets. If flooding is forecast and time permits, bring in or tie down any outdoor possessions, board up windows, and move valuables to upper floors or the highest point you can. If evacuation becomes a likelihood, turn off all electricity and gas at the source. React Flood waters are unpredictable and can rise quickly so it is vital that you evacuate as soon as you feel it is prudent, and it may be wise to do so before public evacuation orders are issued. Keep your battery powered radios tuned to emergency broadcasts. If flood waters trap you in your home, move to upper floors with warm clothing, your 72 hour kit, and your radio and wait to be rescued. If you are able to evacuate by car, make sure that your vehicle is stocked with dry food goods and other nonperishables. Have a large container of clean water, blankets, and your 72 hour kits in your car along with any medications that you need, and make sure the car is full of gas and have a spare can if possible. As you drive, avoid flooded roads at all costs as you never know how strong the undercurrent is or how deep the water really goes.

Recover Once you and your family are safe and danger is past, immediately call your homeowners insurance provider to report your claim. Before entering your home, make sure all the utilities have been turned off if you didn’t have time to do so before evacuation, and make sure the home is structurally sound and safe to enter. Begin to clean, repair, and air out your home and belongings, taking care to disinfect everything as you go. Mold may have already set in depending on how long it takes for you to be able to return home. Consult with a disaster recovery agency if you need help. If you need homeowner’s insurance in Magnolia, TX, call Prodigy Insurance. We are able to help you get the exact coverage you need and we’re here to protect you in an emergency. Give us a call or stop by today!

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