What The Heck Is An Open Hearing Aid?

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Information about What The Heck Is An Open Hearing Aid?

Published on July 26, 2009

Author: HearingAids

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What The Heck Is An Open Hearing Aid? An open hearing aid is another name for behind-the-ear (BTE) or over-the-ear (OTE) hearing aid devices. No matter what you call it, open hearing aids work remarkably well, especially for people with serious hearing loss. Many people also find them more comfortable than hearing aids that you have to stick inside your ear. They are one of the most common kinds of hearing aids that you can buy.

You Have To See Your Doctor But hearing aids will not work for all people with hearing problems – even for people with the same exact hearing problem you have. If you have trouble hearing, then you need to get to your doctor to find out just why you can't hear as well as before. It might be an anatomical reason, or something might have fallen into your ear canal (it happens). In those cases, a hearing aid of any kind usually won’t help you.

Open hearing aids Open hearing aids are small, smooth, plastic devices with a case behind your ear and a thin, clear plastic tube going into your ear. Yes, you still have to deal with things sticking into your ear, but many find this tube less irritating than an in-the-ear device. Open hearing aids seem to work best for those who have trouble hearing high frequency noises. You need to go to the doctor in order to determine if you can or can't hear high frequency noises.

So Many Aids, Only Two Ears Most open hearing aids are made with digital technology as opposed to the old transistor hearing aids made from the 1950's to the 1980's. The advantage of digital technology is that is can help you distinguish between what sounds you want to hear and what sounds you don’t. Many find digital hearing aids have fewer problems with feedback, are less bothered by the slightest breeze and can even filter out background noises.

Light weight Open hearing aids now come in several colors, but are all very light weight. Some models weigh just over an ounce. Many wearers of open hearing aids get used to the feel of them in just a few minutes. Although some open hearing aids are available through mail order, the safest way to buy them is from an audiologist.

Tune the frequencies of the digital technology An audiologist can help tune the frequencies of the digital technology as well as make it more comfortable for you to wear, if necessary. You also know who to go to if any problems should develop with your hearing aid.

This Slide Show is brought to You by http://www.free-health-care.info /

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