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Information about What Technology Is - by Year 10

Published on February 9, 2009

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Photos, definitions and wordles by Year 10

:What Technology Is: photos, definitions and Wordles by Year 10, Feb 2009

computers and phones and anything that has chip boards and wires. Devices that are portable things that are high tech and electronic devices

anything that is to do with computers, phones, televison ect. it is designed to make life easier, find infomation faster and for leisure, eg watching movies in great quality

Technology is anything every in the world.

Technology to me is something that requires electricity to use, e.g an iPod and a laptop.

it is something that uses power

technology is digital things computerised

Technology is things we didnt have years ago but have now such as mobile phone fast speed internet ipods iphones etc etc Technology has a mind of its own. Micro chips and micro boards help run technology instead of doing it yourself.

technology to my understanding is a new and improved way of doing things instead of books we have internet which is much more faster and ofers more options and instead of pen and paper you have a laptop to type your work which makes it neater and once again offers more options.

technology is advanced electronics.

technology is things that work using other things than your hands

I understand technology to be every aspect of every day objects. i find that even a chair is technology because it has within it enough science to be used as it is today. they are built to hold weight and to balance the person on it.

the things that make life easier, make things more convenient. The latest technology would be the best version or model of something.

Technology is a tool to support/aid us in what we are doing.

something you use which you dont have to use with your hands

technology is something invented by someone once upon a time. it is superficial. like computers mobiles tv phones laptops cars machines

Technology is the advancement of our understanding of new and efficient ways of living. We now incorporate it in our every day lives. And without it would greatly devolve many people. Technology makes it possible to do many things faster than usual.

Technology is an invention of gadgets that help to make our life easier and more enjoyable. Technology is constantly changing and upgrading as people become more educated.

Technology is a wide range of thing that can be used to create the most basic of objects it can involves media digital viewing, comes with wires, can be pugged into the walls, easy and difficult at the same time and can be unpredictable

electronical devices like a laptop, desktop, phone, ipod etc

Technology helps us in our day to day activities We can also build technology while technology help us build it.

Technology is matter that can be ordered into useful objects to make human life easier, it started pretty simple and over a few 1000 years it has become really powerful and useful, eg the power of the atomic bomb or the internet.

Technology, is when you use a scientific resource to find out something. Technology is used in everyday life with everything we do. To do daily ordinary activities like doing the shopping we use technology to pay at the counter.

20th & 21st century modern day devices run by electricity

Anything that includes the work of tools is known as technology. Eg. electricity or computer.

Technology is the advances that mankind has made to make life better. Thought the recent technology is more seen as electrical goods like Blu-Ray, LCD, Internet Refrigerator, etc

To me the word technology means a broad concept surrounding the knowledge and use of tools and crafts and the progression of human ( and some animal) society.

Technology is the future for living and we have to learn to use it to work and play at our best.

Technology is a form of science using the intellect science to everyday life.

Technology is the usage of intellect to apply science to everyday items and industry.

technology can be many things. electronic technology can be objects such as phones, computers, iPods, lights and all other forms of electronic appliances. we use technology in our everyday lives it has a great impact on how we live.

technology advances that humans have made to satisfy there wants and needs

Technology is a way of life and also a way of communication

technonly is something that helps us humans get along with life, and interact with each other. and get around.

it is the advanced ways of communication that humans have invented. e.g phones and computers are just faster ways of communicating other people, and easier when people live far away.

Technology ranges from a wide number of things such as computers ipods phones light cars and more other things.

Technology is something that we use everyday and is something that we need in modern day life.

Technology is a way of helping us in day to day life. It is a way of communication.

Technology is an item or product that helps the wants and needs for the society we live in today.

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