What's the Difference Between Assault & Aggravated Assault

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Information about What's the Difference Between Assault & Aggravated Assault

Published on August 23, 2017

Author: JasonKSPorterPA

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slide 1: Assault  WHAT MAKES AN ASSAULT CRIME AGGRAVATED Presented by Law Offices of Jason K.S. Porter P.A. slide 2: THE PROBLEM why its hard to go solo traveling THE PROBLEM Many people dont know what constitutes an assault offense. slide 3: WHAT  IS  ASSAULT F L O R I D A L A W O N A S S A U L T slide 4: THREAT   You could be charged with assault if you physically or verbally threaten someone.  FEAR y text And it causes them to fear for their safety  Add subheading slide 5: NO PHYSICAL CONTACT Y O U C A N B E C H A R G E D W I T H A S S A U L T E V E N I F T H E R E W A S slide 6: SIMPLE ASSAULT PENALTIES 60 DAYS JAIL TIME 500 FINE 2ND DEGREE MISDEMEANOR slide 7: SIMPLE ASSAULT PENALTIES 1 YEAR PRISON 1000 FINE FIRST-DEGREE MISDEMEANOR Against police officers or firefighters slide 8: WHAT  IS  ASSAULT Aggravated slide 9: WHAT IS AGGRAVATED ASSAULT  An assault becomes “aggravated” when during the course of an offense an aggressor makes use of a "deadly weapon" or intends to commit a felony. slide 10: DEADLY WEAPONS W H A T I S C O N S I D E R E D A D E A D L Y W E A P O N Under Florida law any item which is capable of inflicting great bodily harm and is used in a way which causes a person to fear for their immediate safety may be classified as a deadly weapon. slide 11: PENALTIES FOR AGGRAVATED ASSAULT 5 YEARS PRISON 5000 FINE THIRD DEGREE FELONY slide 12: Call 904 701-0591 or contact our Jacksonville criminal attorneys online to request an initial case evaluation FACING ASSAULT CHARGES

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