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Published on October 13, 2008

Author: ahemre

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: What’s The Big Idea? A reflection on Idea ManagementbyAnders Hemre interKnowledge Technologies Slide 2: What is Innovation? Innovation is the creation, implementation and economic application of a new concept or idea “Defuzzing” The Front End Slide 3: What is Innovation Management? Innovation Management is the process and associated discipline of facilitating innovation from an organizational and management perspective “Defuzzing” The Front End Slide 4: What is Ideation? Ideation is the acquisition, creation and evolution of (new) ideas “Defuzzing” The Front End Slide 5: Suggested Vocabulary What is Idea Management? Idea Management is the process and associated discipline of facilitating ideation from an organizational and management perspective “Defuzzing” The Front End Slide 6: Suggested Vocabulary Thinking creates ideas Slide 7: Suggested Vocabulary A lot of thinking creates a lot of ideas Slide 8: Suggested Vocabulary A lot of ideas creates some good ideas Slide 9: Suggested Vocabulary Thinking together creates bigger ideas Slide 10: Suggested Vocabulary Ideas evolve through tacit and explicit knowledge processes i ! ? idea search idea collaboration idea generation Slide 11: Idea Management Process Design Idea artifacts help manage explicit ideas supporting ideas competing ideas opposing ideas campaign info originator(s), contributor(s) description comments/discussions source/type profile(s) file(s) status idea reviews/ratings implementationconsiderations/positioning idea “stage gate” estimated opportunity value Slide 12: Suggested Vocabulary An Idea Portfolio is an organized collection of new product, process, service or solution ideas and their estimated business value if commercialized Collectively, idea artifacts can be organized into Idea Portfolios Slide 13: Suggested Vocabulary Portfolio ideas require positioning options watch & wait engage & learn commit & develop exit exit exit Slide 14: Suggested Vocabulary Good innovation turns good ideas into good business by exercising the best options for the best ideas Slide 15: Suggested Vocabulary Contact: Anders Hemre interKnowledge Technologies ahemre@interknowledgetech.com www.interknowledgetech.com

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