What's New in IntelliSuite 8.5?

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Information about What's New in IntelliSuite 8.5?

Published on July 29, 2008

Author: intellisense

Source: slideshare.net

IntelliSuite 8.5 What’s new?

Tools for MEMS Professionals

New in v8.5 Clean Room 3D Builder Process visualization. Bullet proof, one click, all-hex meshing. RECIPE 3D & IntelliEtch Multiphysics 3D RIE/ICP/BOSCH etch simulation. Fluid structure interaction, faster engine, Ab initio wet and dry etch simulation. multi-processing, fast impedance extraction. Synple 2 Modern interface 3D System Modeling. New elements, Clean, customizable, expressive UI. improved bus based interface.

introducing … Clean Room your virtual fab

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