What's New in Alfresco 2.2?

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Published on June 7, 2008

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Alfresco 2.2 Update : Alfresco 2.2 Update Dr. Ian Howells, Alfresco CMO Alfresco Mike Farman Director ECM Products, ECM www.alfresco.com Agenda : Agenda Alfresco Focus on Real Users Architecture Release History Market Drivers New in Alfresco 2.2 Fit Within the User’s EnvironmentInnovate Through Simplicity : Fit Within the User’s EnvironmentInnovate Through Simplicity Shared Drive Interface Email Interface Multi- Channel Web Access Web Form Interface Fit Within the User’s EnvironmentInnovate Through Architecture : Fit Within the User’s EnvironmentInnovate Through Architecture Web Form Interface Massive Web 2.0Replication Scalability High-Availability Cluster Staging Deploy Replicate WebSite WebSite SearchVersion Audit Workflow Shared Drive Interface Email Interface Rapid InnovationIn Open Source Time : Rapid InnovationIn Open Source Time 01/2005 Former Documentum Team Start from Scratch 06/2005 Preview Release – Repository and Web Client 10/2005 Release 1.0 – Document Management & CIFS 12/2005 Release 1.1 – Enterprise Security 02/2006 Release 1.2 – Developer - JSR-170, Templating & PHP Former Interwoven Team Start WCM from Scratch 06/2006 Release 1.3 – Platform for ECM Apps – Scripting & Scalability 09/2006 Release 1.4 – Business Process – jBPM & Records Mgmt, Kofax Integration 01/2007 Release 2.0 – GPL, OpenSearch, WCM 07/2007 Release 2.1 – Web Scripts and Next-Gen Office Integration REST Driven Web 2.0 Integration : REST Driven Web 2.0 Integration Users rate services, and view aggregate ratings from other users. Ajax interface means no need to refresh entire page Site communicates the availability of new services to existing Swisscom Mobile users Downloads are made available directly within the site for users to evaluate. WCM Market Requirements : WCM Market Requirements Very High, Low Cost, Commoditized Scalability Rich Media Support User Generated Content Integration of Web 2.0 Components and Frameworks Consistent Branding Rapid Content Update Cycle ECM Market Requirements : ECM Market Requirements Email Integration and Storage Email Collaboration Systems Management and Server Administration New in 2.2 : New in 2.2 Alfresco 2.1 Completion of Core Services Deployment Lifecycle Management - Launch/Expiration Links Management Site Regeneration JavaScript API Support REST Support WCM 2.2 Web Farm Deployment Web Application Preview and Test Site Templating and Branching Asset Reuse ECM 2.2 Email Archival Email Collaboration JMX Support Web Farm Deployment3 Tier Partitioning and Replication : Web Farm Deployment3 Tier Partitioning and Replication To File-Servers and Repositories Transactional Change Set Publishing Single to 3-tier Architecture Static Rich Media assets to remote web servers Code assets to dedicated app servers Content and metadata to remote repos To single or multiple servers Across multiple data centres Via defined pools of remote test servers Separate User Generated Content : Separate User Generated Content Separate User Generated Content Hybrid Replication and Clustering UGC Corporate User Generated Content Hybrid Architecture Web Application Preview and Test : Web Application Preview and Test Integrated Site virtualization Any Site version Any Site Type Pools of Remote Test Servers PHP Ruby .Net Groovy JSF/Lucene Tiles Struts Site Templating and BranchingSimple Website Creation : Site Templating and BranchingSimple Website Creation Rapid Site Update Site Creation via Branching Full New site Virtualization Rapid Site Creation Templates Managed as Web projects Pre-Defined Site and Projects Templates Asset Reuse : Asset Reuse Cross-Repository Asset Reuse Virtual Files and Folders Transparent Reuse across Micro-Sites Cross-repository synchronization Transactional, incremental, parallel Support for rollback, reporting, history AuthoringSandbox WorkflowSandbox StagingSandbox Deployment Change Sets Change Sets Web Project Search : Web Project Search Web Client Search Sandbox – Staging and User Full Set of Actions Because only content checked-in and snapshotted in Staging is indexed for searching, search within a user sandbox returns just those items currently available in Staging, filtering out any items a user may have deleted within their sandbox Inbound Email Server : Inbound Email Server Embedded SMTP Email Server Can run in Process (Same JVM) or Remote (via RMI)‏ Email In Space - Content Document - Discussion Forum – New Topic Topic - Post Email Archival Email Attached Files Metadata Extraction – Sender, Subject, To, CC Alfresco JMX Support Overview : Alfresco JMX Support Overview JSR-160 Support Change log4j levels e.g. turn debug on/off Manage FTP/CIFS/NFS Enable/Disable Read-only mode Single-user mode Server max user limit Inc. disable further logins User sessions Ticket Count Ticket Invalidation JMX Integration Benefits : JMX Integration Benefits High Availability Avoid server restarts Application Development and Troubleshooting No server restart – e.g. changing log levels Assist support in debugging running system Remote Administration Don’t need a console session on remote server Application Usage Monitoring Facilities are JMX Console Specific Control Resource Usage Based on Available Hardware Max Users Road Map : Road Map Continue to Invest in Document Management, WCM and Repository Enterprise Social Computing Rich Internet Applications Interfaces Enterprise Performance and Scalability New APIs and Interfaces Call To Action : Call To Action Prepare for 3.0 Community release Stay abreast of project documentation and timelines via our Wiki Stay tuned for project updates at key milestones via Support newsletter Get upgraded to latest 2.x enterprise offering Get well-versed in Web Scripts Get familiar with our future mash-up capabilities Get well-versed in Alfresco WCM Get familiar in Alfresco's new Dynamic Website Community add-on Current Community offering to be updated based on 3.0 framework Get familiar with pending 3.0 capabilities Review JIRA issues filed against Project Slingshot (3.0) Comment as needed on criticality, usefulness for key capabilities Alfresco Moves ECM Forward : Alfresco Moves ECM Forward Open Source model evolves faster Extend open source components into ECM Scalable systems from open development Social Computing requires new models Merge inside and outside data models Lightweight programming speeds development Mashable architecture uses the best of both worlds Enterprise fit for purpose Scalable, Multi-tenant and Robust Fits enterprise standards of OS, DBMS, and Development What you can do today : What you can do today Why You Should Upgrade Today to 2.2 or 2.1.1 2.2 is Foundation for Collaboration Web Scripts, Enterprise, AVM permissions, Deployment enhancements, E-mail integration, Admin Move off 1.4 or earlier Architects should experiment with 2.9 for potential application and collaboration soon Prepare for Alfresco 3.0 knowledge worker infrastructure in production in the Enterprise in mid-year 2008 is the Year of the Knowledge Worker Slide 23: Learn Developer Webinar Series “Built in 60 Minutes” Try New Content Community Code Samples Develop Developer Guide and Resources Contribute Over 50 Contributed Win iPod Touch Get Started Now with Web Scripts Alfresco 2.2 : Alfresco 2.2 Dr. Ian Howells, Alfresco CMO Alfresco www.alfresco.com

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