What’s New About the latest Penguin Update

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Information about What’s New About the latest Penguin Update

Published on October 21, 2016

Author: anthonyscoble

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: What’s New About the latest Penguin Update Google makes more than 500 changes to their ranking algorithms every year. Many of these changes are very minor and almost invisible for a person but occasionally Google makes major algorithm updates that have a major impact on rankings and even can cause a well-ranking site to vanish from the top search engine results and vice-versa. The most recent change Google has made is about the Penguin update which has sparked the massive discussion and debate among the SEOs and webmasters. Because Penguin seems to be mostly target to the certain backlink strategies it has given rise to new issues about the possible dangers related to negative SEO. Penguin 4.0 is the last Penguin update done on September 23 2016. There is no other update till date. Some important points about the latest update are:  Whether the Google Penguin update is having a positive or negative signal it is now recalculated on the crawl.  Google Penguin now not only affects the whole site but also it has impact on all levels like domain pages and folders and also on keywords keyword groups. So anything that goes into the natural and slide 2: organic rankings will now be affected by the latest update of Penguin algorithm on a fine level.  Because of the above point it will be much harder to diagnose "small Penguin penalties" in many cases.  Since Google Penguin will be more granular it mean that an aggressively SEO part of a website jumps over the Penguin filter while other parts are ranking fine. This will helps in doing a competitive research for every main topic a site covers including title description keywords and more importantly to understand different standards of risk level.  Because of the latest feature it will become one of the most popular update to diagnose and fix previous Penguin based ranking issues.  The latest Penguin update feature will be very helpful for analysing the risk per groups of keywords groups of source domains countries types of links and many more. iMedia Designs |Toronto based SEO Company which is an IT consulting firm offering strategy for Web Design and Development services to support ecommerce infrastructure.

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