What's more important to you, savings or privacy?

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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: andersonlaw

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Some car insurance companies will give you a discount if you allow them to track your driving. Make sure you think about the ramifications before you agree to that though.

DO YOU PREFER SAVINGS OR PRIVACY? By Anderson Law www.andersonlawwa.com

SAVINGS OR PRIVACY? The Wall Street Journal published an online article about new devices insurance companies are using to monitor drivers. These devices have been available for years, but, like just like the exponential improvement of the transistor, they are becoming more reliable and less expensive every year. This has resulted in increased use by insurance companies. www.andersonlawwa.com

SAVINGS OR PRIVACY? www.andersonlawwa.com In the car insurance business, a tracking device that records your driving habits is akin to the insurance company saying, "We will insure you if you let us drive with you." Do you value your privacy so little that you want your agent or adjuster driving around town with you? Or, do you really want your adjuster asking why you slammed on your brakes? When the insurance company says they'll give you a discount if they can install a tracking device in your car, ask yourself why it's needed and whether it is worth the cost. And think about the next logical step: homeowners insurance telling you they will give you a discount if they install sensors and cameras in your home, especially in high-mold areas.

SAVINGS OR PRIVACY? Facebook users are a prime privacy target and probably don't really recognize that fact. Facebook users either have a very low expectation of privacy or they don't think about it and they should. Why? Almost daily, I see information from Facebook used in the employment context and in lawsuits, often against the interest of the Facebook user. So, be careful what kind of information you put on Facebook and become familiar with your privacy settings. www.andersonlawwa.com

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