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Published on August 3, 2007

Author: owaief

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  What Ruins a Presentation ooi yat fai make seet may tan jen hong Slide2:  Dreadful power point slides Slide3:  Fancy Backgrounds - hard to read - distracting Slide4:  Wrong color coordination - too many different colors in one slide mismatched colors Slide5:  Sample Slide So nice and distracting By the time all these animations finish loading Everyone would be dead I can’t believe you are actually reading this Annoying animations and sounds - too distracting looks childish - irritating-can’t read the slides Slide6:  Small words - hard to read - have to squint our eyes to read Slide7:  Too much information in a slide - insert too many information in a slide - people will get bored - put people off Slide8:  The Presenter Slide9:  Bad Speaking skills speak too fast or too slow - cant understand - very boring speak softly or too loud - very hard to hear - very annoying Slide10:  unattractive presenter - no eye candy most people only pay attention when an attractive person is presenting Slide11:  How to know that your presentation is boring your audience to death Slide12:  When the audience starts to talk talking with each other like nobody’s business Slide13:  When everyone is busy playing with their hand phones - playing games - sending sms Slide14:  When the audiences are looking at you… but with one hand on the computer mouse Not really paying attention…just trying to be polite Slide15:  Audiences look frustrated - looking at their watches repeatedly - rolling eyes - started packing up - letting out sighs Slide16:  When the audiences are sleeping clearly shows that your presentation is dull Slide17:  The End

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