What Recession? Test Relentlessly to Win in a Down Economy

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Information about What Recession? Test Relentlessly to Win in a Down Economy

Published on November 17, 2008

Author: offmadisonave

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Test relentlessly to win at marketing in a down economy.

There's no shortage of places to put your marketing dollars. In fact, there's been an utter explosion of opportunities, as ever surface, airwave, game, and device can and does carry advertising messages now. Which will be effective for your company? It's impossible to say without rigorous testing and tracking. Especially in this economy, where consumers aren't exactly tripping over one another to spend money, testing and optimizing your marketing to generate maximum return on investment isn't just smart, it's required.

This Webinar shows tons of examples of how to test online and offline marketing, including print ads, home pages, banner ads, search marketing, email marketing and more. You'll find at least three things you can implement in your business today, or we'll give you your money back on this free Webinar.

What Recession? Test Relentlessly to Win at Marketing in a Down Economy October 24, 2008

That’s Me Jason Baer Director, Strategy & Ideas Twitter: @jaybaer

Jason Baer


Strategy & Ideas

Twitter: @jaybaer

Much of Marketing is Off Target

Not a Good Time to Waste Marketing $

Your Job = Steady, Incremental Improvement

Use Tracking Phone Numbers and URLs

Real-Time Data Shows What’s Working Unique Numbers Can Be Inserted on Web Site to Capture Secondary Data

Test Messaging with Banner Ads

Pictures of People Always Works

Test Retargeting to Your Web Audience

Test Search Ads

Major Difference in Results

Measure PPC by TERM

Test Specific Landing Pages

Test Specific Landing Pages

Advanced Landing Page Testing

Advanced Landing Page Testing 49% More Leads

Test What People See

Test EVERY Email You Send

Test EVERY Email You Send Subject line – From line – Time of day – Day of week - Layout

Testing Improves Marketing Results. Start Today.

Questions? Jason Baer Director, Strategy & Ideas [email_address] Twitter: @jaybaer Blog: http://www.offmadisonave.com

Jason Baer


Strategy & Ideas


Twitter: @jaybaer

Blog: http://www.offmadisonave.com

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